Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings - 16

(18)    When you go to a Scholar or an Elder then go with the correct intentions. Hazrat-o-Aala used to say that if you go to any scholar, to any Elder then do so with proper intentions. Hazrat-o-Aala used to say,  and he said this to me too, that if you go to the People of Allah and the Scholars completely empty then you will return completely filled. Thus if you will go to them with empty mind and heart clean of misgiving against them then these (the heart and the mind) can be filled with the blessings of their knowledge and light (anwarat). Thus go with correct intentions. What intentions will you make? He is a Scholar or Man of Allah I am going to visit him because his breast is full of the light of knowledge (of Allah). A student went to a Traditionist (Muhaddis). He said that I went to him with the intention that his breast is full of traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) and therefore I am going to visit him and to benefit from him. Thus when he reached this Traditionist the heart of the latter opened up because of the former's intentions and there was lots of enrichment. Indeed the heart opens up as a blessing of the presence of genuine listeners and Seekers. Once I went to Maulana Ali Miyan (RA) and told him that I have come to you with the intention of my self correction. He immediately said, "My dear I myself deserve correction." Now he was a great scholar and he was a Shaikh too but this was his humility. People of Allah Always think themselves to be worthy of self correction. I visited Maulana Muhammed Sahab (RA) for twenty one years. But after reaching there I was concerned with Hazrat only - no concern about who was coming and who was going. One of his sons was without a beard (who later kept a beard by the permission of Allah). Never gave a thought about it. Never allowed any whispering to pollute my heart - for visiting people of Allah with misgivings and whispering is of no benefit. On the contrary it is a sign of deprivation.