Friday, December 10, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings - 25

(27) Sin is fatal poison. Take utmost care to avoid it. To avoid sins and to act upon Sunnah,  make these things must for you. People of Allah make lots of effort to avoid sins. Indeed they avoid sins in the same way as man keeps away from wild beasts. Then let alone sins they make repentance even for the occurrence of whisperings for sins. They worry as to why any whispering arose? What was its reason? They ponder over it and then they repent for it and they ask Lord's forgiveness for that. Now as far as  avoidance of sins is concerned then I request the following: take the body part that is going to be used to commit sin- think about its loss and benefits. Think that Allah Most High has given us very many blessings through that body part. For example if there is an urge of evil glances then think that what a wonderful blessing our eyes are. With them we see the Holy Qur'an. We see the blessings on the earth and in the sky, we get pleasure of seeing our parents and children. How could I indulge in disobedience of Allah using this blessing of eyes? How can we set our sights upon forbidden things? Similarly if there is an urge to listen to behind the back talk and any other forbidden thing then ponder about the benefits of ears and their blessings that you receive from them. Think as to how can I use this great blessing in disobedience of Lord? If you tell to a deaf person that a Qari has wonderful recitation and he reads in beautiful pitch and you too listen to it then with what longing he would say that I am devoid of this blessing! Similarly at the urge to sins of tongue think that the Pure Name of Lord Most High is recited with this tongue, Recitation of Holy Qur'an is done by it, so many beautiful things are said with it. Ask the value of this tongue to a dumb person who is deprived of this blessing. Now how shameless it is that I use this same beneficial thing in the disobedience of Allah Most High. Lord willing this type of thinking and pondering over the urges to sin will help a lot in avoiding them.