Thursday, December 16, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings - 30

(32) (Water was asked in the middle of the conversation. The talking resumed after drinking water.) Some people complain about gas and flatulence problems. A simple treatment for this is that water should be drank by sucking and not by gulping. Drink it in three, five or seven sips. Drinking by sucking does not allow air to be inhaled. Another thing is that eat the food by chewing a lot. Chew every mouthful thirty two times. (It was added with a smile that you have to appease all the 32 teeth.) And do not drink water at least for two hours after food. If you wish then drink during eating. It is not harmful to drink during eating. After half of the food a glass or a glass and half of water can be drank. But after food a long period is necessary. If these two things are observed in eating and drinking then gas problem in stomach and flatulence will be spared. (Remember that Hazrat Hakim Sahab, may Lord provide us his shadow, apart from a Shaikh of Method is also a Consulting Physician.) (By the Grace of Allah in this sitting of quarter to an hour after Maghrib Prayers many beneficial things were said. The writer had noted down them at that time and there were organized and refined in the night. Next day, in Gulberga, these were presented to Hazrat-o-Aala and permission for their publication was obtained.) And all thanks are due to Allah for these blessings and peace and blessings on the Prophet Muhammed and his descendants and Companions.

Muhammed Abdul Qawi, may he be forgiven. April 4, 2007 AC.

(All Praise is due to our Lord Most High only that posting of the content of that small book let that adores the title of this series has been posted in its completeness today. For a man of Allah it was a work of a single night, for us it got spread over two months. There is sign of blessings of Allah Most High in this. This process, all Praise to Lord Most High, opened up many new aspects of the sayings that were hidden from us so far. By the Grace of Lord Most High it has been a great learning experience.  May Lord Most High reward the compiler from His bounty as well as those who have helped in its presentation here. Ameen )