Friday, December 3, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings - 18

(20)  A person said that my age has reached 85. My children do not consult me nor do they obey me. This creates a feeling of suffocation. I requested and reminded him the Prophetic (PBUH) observation that the ages in his Generation will be between 60 and 70. By the Grace of Allah you are 85. Now you think like this : I died in the age of 70 and I am dead for 15 years. Who will consult a dead man? Your consternation will go away. Some elders said that after seventy years we thought of ourselves dead, if someone will make Peace salutations (salam) then I will think I am in my tomb and people are saluting my tomb. To rephrase what is the need to get involved in these worldly affairs in this age? What ever time is available that should be taken as a bonus and must be spent in the pursuit of hereafter and to get pleasure of our Lord. This has solace and this has profit.