Sunday, October 31, 2010

Give Up Laxity

After the demise of a Shaikh the disciples must contact another Shaikh at the earliest. Don't the Elders have to leave this world? Remember the case of the person who came to realize that Allah Most High is watching? He gave up eating and attending to his clinic. If he had not contacted Hazrat Thanwi (RA) then he would have been in serious trouble.

 (Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 28, 2010)

Qasmi, Qasmi

Our Elders never wrote the titles like Qasmi and Mazahiri for themselves. Maulana Wasiullah Sahab (RA), Maulana Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri (RA), Maulana Masihullah Khan Sahab (RA) were all Qasmi. But they did not write these things.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 28, 2010)

Like a Tweet, If You Wish

For informing your Shaikh about your spiritual condition even a few words are sufficient.

(Tea time on Saturday, October 30, 2010)

Two Words

Hazrat Thanwi (RA) said that on the face of it these are just two words when you accept a women as your wife but then it includes everything that follows as a consequence. Particularly to be patient at the barbs of your wife is one of them.

(Tea time on Saturday, October 30, 2010)

Thus Spake Hazrat Ali (RA)

Hazrat Ali (RA) said that it is peak of Obedience (luck, sa-adat) if you get a congenial wife and pleasant children.

(Tea time on Saturday, October 30, 2010)

Where to Look?

If your wife or your children are giving you tough time then know it that there might be some  sins of yours for which you have not shown repentance.

(Tea time on Saturday, October 30, 2010)

A Crafty Women

A woman said to an person who was a Friend of Allah Most High that if you marry me then I shall repent from my beliefs. She was Ahl-e-Tashee. The Elder married her. After the marriage when he went to her quarters then she did not open the door. He waited till morning. In the morning he said that all praise is for Lord Most High that I have done my duty. This is how he lived. He did not complain and did not create a fuss.

(Tea time on Saturday, October 30, 2010)

Between Thirty and Thirty Two

The women of the Heavens will permanently be at the age between thirty and thirty two. This is the peak of youth.

(Tea time on Saturday, October 30, 2010)

Avoid Objection

Do not go to the People of Allah with objections in your mind.

(Tea time on Saturday, October 30, 2010)

None Ordinary

Consider none of the friends of Allah as ordinary.

(Tea time on Saturday, October 30, 2010)

All Honourable

Doctrine (shariat) does not degrade anybody. Even the lowest (from the worldly aspects) person is very honourable in Doctrine (shariat). A believer is preferred person.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 28, 2010)

Heart in Haram

In Hardoi a wall clock was set to show Haram Time.

(Tea time on Sunday, October 31, 2010)

Soft and Hard

There are different kind of things. It was softness at the place of Maulana Wasiullah Sahab (RA). He said that I feel suffocated by things but what can I do? I am helpless because of my nature. Same is true for Qari Sahab (Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB)), he too does not express his uneasiness. At the place of Shah Hardoi (RA) the things were different. There you were informed about your lapses at an early opportunity.

(Tea time on Sunday, October 31, 2010)

Supervision of Shaikh

When Maulana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi (RA) and Maulana Khalil Ahmed Saharanpuri (RA) went to Makkah then Haji Sahab (QS) told them that you shall find many things there that are against the Doctrine. Just observe them and do not rush into correcting them.

(Tea time on Sunday, October 31, 2010)

Finally Not Wasted

There was a mathematician. He used to clean his room himself. One day he looked at one of the papers that he had consigned to dust bin. He thought over it again and sat down on the table to jot down the ideas. He ended up writing a paper on it. This was published in a journal of the London Mathematical Society.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

Fearing and Doing

There are two things. One is fearing and another is doing. (Normally they might be taken as exclusive: a fearful man will do nothing and a man of action is considered fearless.) Keep fearing and keep doing.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

Wonders of Allah

Allah most High gave us two irises. These are so small but they tell us all the colours. To recognize Allah Most High observes your own selves (fi anfusakum.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

Watch the Things

Watch the things in the world and ponder over them. Such scientists will get a lot of reward (from Lord Most High.) But science has taken a bit unexpected direction. Earlier people were killed by knifing but today we have completely different inventions to kill human beings.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

He Who Clashes With Us!

Just because somebody will not agree to our demands it is not permissible to resort to damage of property or chaos creation.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

To Gennah or Gehennah, Via Actions

To help some one to give them something is the road to the Heavens. To slap somebody or shoot someone is the road to the Hell.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

The Non-Arab Shaikh

A non-Arab Tradition Expert (Muhaddis) one day declared that today the sitting (majlis) will be in Arabic. Now, though the Tradition Experts read and teach in Arabic but speaking that language is entirely different thing. The sitting was over in twenty minutes. A helper asked why the Shaikh did that. He replied that I used to include many unnecessary things in the oration. In Arabic I could not have indulged in that luxury. Thus I have saved myself and others from useless talk.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

Up and Up

If you indulge in excessive remembrance of Allah Most High then the amount of obedience in your life will keep increasing.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

Changed Attitudes

Today we do not indulge in hiding the weaknesses of others, on the contrary we are very curious about their shortcomings.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

"This is Common Sense"

That is what the People of Allah tell us. They are not discovering new things.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

Time and Baser Self

You do not know when your time in this world will be up. You never know when our base self will attack us.
(Prepare and be ready for death. Be always on alert about your base self.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

Yes, It Is That Simple!

When you wear a new cloth and say that all praise is for Allah Most High (alhumdulillah) then you have thanked Him.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

Spilling Time

Our heart gets enjoyment in guffawing but not in Recitation of the Holy Qura'n.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

The Wonders of the World

Have we thanked our Lord Most High for the eyes that we use to see the wonders of the world? Just think of those people who can not see.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

The Real Power

Allah Most High  makes soft whomsoever He wishes and He makes hard of heart whosoever He wishes.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

The Route to Gnostism

Allah Lord of Honour says that if you ponder over the wonders of nature then you'll recognize him. All the treasures, silver and gold, are produced by the same Earth. Even the different body parts of living beings are produced by the same Earth.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thus Spake Shah Hardoi (RA)

“Try to sit as close as possible to the Shaikh in the gathering of the Shaikh.  Those who sit the closest benefit the most.  If there is a fire burning somewhere, it can be seen from afar, but the warmth will only be felt by those that are in close proximity.  This point was made by my Shaikh, Hazrat Maulana Abrar ul Haq Sahib (RA)”

 Altaaf-e-Rabbaani pg. 18

Narrated by Hazrat Hakim Muhammed Akhtar Sahab (DB)
Posted by Shaikh Nabeel Ahmed Khan Sahab (DB)

Site : An-Noor

The "Joy" of Sin

There is some enjoyment in sin. (That is why people indulge in them.) After some time even this hideous joy  is lost (and the person commits the sin by force of habit. This is called joyless sinning (gunah belazzat).) Hazrat Thanwi (RA) said that a person thinks that I shall scratch only once and then I shall stop. So is the case of sinning.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010) 

Two Couplets

What the world knows about the happening in the heart?
The heart has concealed it all behind a smile.

(Jo dil pe guzarti hai ye dunya us ko kya jaane,
Ye dil to tabassum ke parde mein chhipa hai)

What is the character of love? That is the character of fire!
One is from heart to heart, the other from house to house.

(Jo ishq ki khaasiat wo aag ki khaasiat,
Ek seena ba seena hai, ek khana ba khana)

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Bow to the Doctrine

When it comes to Doctrine then bow yourself. Today we bow but to the worldly powers.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Difference of Prayers

Prayers of the People of Allah are different. It has Presence and Fulfillment (khushoo and khuzoo) in it. There attention is on Who is in front of them,  not on who is behind them.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

A Wali with Goats

There was a friend of Allah who used to take his goats inside home in the night. But these goats will go out in the night for relieving them. They did not defaecate or urinate inside the house.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Showing Respect for Word of Allah

A person who was a friend of Allah got a piece of paper on which were the verses of the Holy Book. He took it home, cleaned it and put scent on it.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

They Revered It

Earlier people used to listen to the Holy Qura'n and they used to kiss it with love.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Very Strange Attitude

People anger Allah Most High for the sake of the world. And if some one reminds them about it then they say that lets us see this man first!

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

On Visiting the People of Allah

Visiting the People of Allah is contained among encouraged (mustahab) actions.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Place of Books

Hazrat Shah Hardoi (RA)was very particular about not keeping the books or study material on the foot side of the bad. Now, if this was the case for worldly books then just imagine the matter of the Holy Qura'n.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Viewing the Holy Qura'n

There are manners for viewing the Holy Qura'n. It is a significant blessing. We should thank Allah Most High whenever we get an opportunity to visit the Holy Book.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

"I Want Fame"

We write books because we want fame. What is the use of that? Remember there are very well known good books whose authors are not known to us.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Stoning the Satan, the Cursed

During the stoning the Satan, the cursed he is so much injured that, though we do not see it, he does not get shelter anywhere except in the sea.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Danger, High Voltage

On high tension electric lines you have danger signs. It means that even though the high voltage is high up there but even then you must be careful. Similarly what is the danger that a believer faces? These are the sins. If a believer ends up committing a sin then the Satan the cursed is pleased. If you recite Power of Allah Most High then he starts wailing.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Dress Code

Tie you loin cloth (lungi) above belly button. It is like the convention that much before the actual Army camp the barricades of hedges are in place.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Quicky, Quicky

People do not have patience or forbearance. Even in very insignificant matters they end up uttering words to the effect of divorce. And then they keep repent.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Praise Misplaced

When somebody indulges in praise of an errant person (faasiq) or a sinner (faajir) then the throne of Allah Almighty is shaken.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Attend to That Too

People keep an eye on worldly actions (How much benefit I shall get out of this thing?). Similarly keep an eye on religious actions too. For example find out the benefits of a particular Surah.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Rights of Believers

(1) If a believer is sick then visit him.

(2) If a believer invites for a meal then accept his invitation.

(3) If a believer dies then participate in his burial.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

He Does Not Recognize Allah Most High

Suppose there is a person who is constantly chanting the name of Allah Most High but his heart is wandering over other things then this man does not recognize Allah Most High. You'll understand such things when you visit people of Allah.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

A Different Stature

Hazrat Shah Muhammed Ahmed Pratapgarhi used to say that there are some friends of Allah Most High such that even if they go sleep Allah Most High says that I like his sleeping.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Twenty Magnificent

Hazrat Syed Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi, may Allah Most High fill his tomb with light, had a unique way of writing. Most of his books were dictated in Arabic to disciples and near and dear ones. But this is not the uniqueness we are talking about. His books were written by living the subject matter. This had serious implications. For one it is one of the things that made him Ali Miyan (RA). Secondly his books are not for light reading. There is signature of life well dedicated to Islam in each piece of writing. This style of writing by living the subject matter is what brought out the Islamic sciences out of the eclipse caused by colonialism and orientalism.

There might be, and there should be as well as there must be, other writers who adopted this approach. This post is about a book that has been written in a similar way. That is Maulana Abdul Qaiyyum Haqqani's book Twenty Magnificent (Bees Bade Auliya). Twenty Magnificent is our translation of the title of the book.

This is a book which is referred to as being unique by some very respectable people. And it is. The author writes about twenty significant friends of Allah Most High but none of the chapters is a biography. It is not a book of biographies. The author takes on a peculiar journey of spiritual nature and presents the benefits of the company of these Auliya. The company can be imaginary only because all of the Auliya are long gone (or martyred). But the journey is indeed significant in each case. The people included in the book are as follows.

  1.  Hujjat-ul-Islam Imam Ghazali (b. 450AH)(RA)
  2.  Allama Abdur Rehman Ibn-e-Jauzi (b. 508AH)(RA)
  3. Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Sanjari (b. 528AH)(RA)
  4. Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (b. 505AH)(RA)
  5. Imam Ibn-e-Taimiyya (b. 661AH)(RA)
  6. Hazrat Shaikh Abdur Rehman Jami (b. 817AH)(RA)
  7. Shaikh Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dehlwi (b. 958AH)
  8. Hazrat Mujaddid-e-Alf-e-Sani (b. 971AH)(RA)
  9. Shah Waliullah Muhaddis Dehlwi (b. 1114AH)
  10. Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dehlwi (b. 1159)(RA)
  11. Syed Ahmed Shaheed (b. 1201AH)(RA)
  12. Hazrat Maulana Muhammed Qasim Nanotwi (b. 1248AH)
  13. Hakim-ul-Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (b. 1280AH)(RA)
  14. Allama Anwar Shah Kashmiri (b. 1292AH)(RA)
  15. Shaikh-ul-Islam Maulana Syed Husain Ahmed Madani (b. 1296AH)(RA)
  16. Maulana Muhammed Ilyas (b. 1302AH)(RA)
  17. Shaikh-ut-Tafsir Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori (b. 1304AH)(RA)
  18. Amir-e-Shariat Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari (b. 1310AH)
  19. Shaikh-ul-Hadis Maulana Muhammed Zakaria (b. 1315AH)(RA)
  20. Syed Muhammed Yusuf Binnori (b. 1324AH)(RA)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thought of the Day

This should give you the jitters, make you nervous and anxious.

This is the diet served to young impressionable minds, in schools. Thought of the day. Child upbringing  is parents duty. It includes a supervision of what is being taught to them. Handing over them to convent seems to be the one stroke solution to the upbringing problem, or responsibility. And these thoughts of the day are part of that package.

After absorbing these thoughts for more or less two decades the person is ready to reject any other idea. And belief. And faith. Including Islam. "Do not pester me you Mullah".

"God helps those who help themselves." That is a day a thought of the day, to give an example.

That is not what Lord Most High has told us. He says that He helps those who help Him.

The two things are not quite the same. They are far apart.

Let us get another headline out of the way. Lord Most High does not need our help. We are in deed helpless. It is His very subtle gesture that he gives an opportunity to help Him. Exalted is He. He is Most High. Everybody needs His help. He needs nobody's help.

So the doctrinal thing is that God helps those who help Him. And the other thing that is perpetuated is a falsehood.

And it is not a matter of  minor change of words. It is a serious thing. Lord Most High does not like deviation in the least bit.

Only if we'll take heed!

And this is just one example of the thought of the day. There are many more. In fact there is a constant supply of them. A person who has absorbed a critical amount of these thoughts will need at least five years even in the company of an Expert (kamil) Shaikh to come out of this daze. This will happen only if the person realizes his mistake.

Only if we'll take heed!

And Allah Most High knows the best.

After Sixty

Those of us who have crossed sixty years of age must focus on the following couplet (of Hazrat Shah Muhammed Ahmed Sahab Pratapgarhi (RA)):

Saw the land of rising sun, and saw the land of sunset too
Now it is hereafter that worries, this world has been seen enough.

(Waqt-e-tulu dekha, waqt-e-ghuroob dekha,
Ab fike-e-aakhirat hai, dunia ko khoob dekha)

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 29, 2010) 

It Should Be Told

I knew it not at all as to what is your pain,
Learned it from your lovers to die at your door.

(Mujhe kuchh khabar nahin thi tera dard kya hai ya Rab!
Tere aashiqon se seekha tere sang-e-dar pe marna)

Hazrat Hakim Muhammed Akhtar Sahab Damatbarkatuhum

We Supplicate

May Allah Most High grant a speedy recovery and complete and permanent health to Hazrat Mufti Muhammed Taqi Usmani Sahab Damatbarkatuhum. May He provide us the shadow of Mufti Sahab (DB) for a long time to come. Accept oh Lord merely by your unbound Mercy.

Ref : Ashrafia

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caring for Them All

There may be children with different attitude in the family but father deals with them appropriately every evening. Similarly there will be different kinds of associates whom the Shaikh takes with him on spiritual journey, all together. Now just imagine the collective of all human beings. Allah Most High cherishes and sustains them all. And these include the unbelievers, the polytheists and the sinners.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 28, 2010) 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buying Disgrace

Today our condition is such that it looks as if we have bought ignominy.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 27, 2010) 

Satanic Machinations

Satan the cursed tries to mislead us by showing false grandeur and other such things. If you end up following his advise then you end up being disgraced. Moreover on the Judgment he'll flatly say that I did not force you to do anything, you did it yourself. Allah Most High has very kindly informed us about his things, that his suggestions are but very feeble and week. And if you recite the declaration of power of Allah Most High (La haula wa la qoowwata illa billah) then he simply runs away.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Monday News

On Monday Evening, October 25, 2010 Hazrat Qari Ilyas Sahab (DB) read an article from September 2010 issue of the monthly Nida-e-Shahi published by Jamia Qasmia Madarsa Shahi, Muradabad. The article was about avoiding and forbidding bad things. An authentic Prophetic (PBUH) Tradition (hadis) from that article should appear here, Allah Most High willing. Syedi-o-Murshidi-o-Maulai-Hazrat-o-Aala Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab Damatbarkatuhum was away for the evening.

( Monday, October 25, 2010)

Glad Tidings - One

If you manage to avoid sins then you have succeeded.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Nasik and Gulbarga

There were some guests from Gulbarga, one of whom works in Nasik. The latter one told a couplet that goes like this:

When the name of Muhammed comes (PBUH) you go into ecstasy,
When the action of Muhammed (PBUH) comes you turn away.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

A Subtle Difference

There is complain and then there is back biting. They might look similar but in the former the object is correction of a person while in later to the object is to defame.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Turn to Patience

If you can not stop something then the other option for believers is to bear the things with patience. To harm others, or worse yourself, would be a grave sin.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

The Way of Agitation

It is not part of the Doctrine (shariat) to indulge in agitation type movements and shouting of slogans. If you tell this to the people they will say that do not listen to them.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

A Recapitulation

(1) Mujaddid-e-Alaf-Sani Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi (RA) prayed for life of Sunnah and a death on Sunnah.

(2) We call ourselves Sunni. But who is a Sunni? A Sunni is one who acts upon Sunnah. Are we doing that.

(3) People say that the Doctrine (shariat) is different and the Method (tareeqat) is different. This is a mistake.

(4) Who is God fearing? This is a person who avoids sins. A sinner can not be a God fearing person.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

The Engine and the Compartment

The compartment will reach the same place as the engine. The only condition is the strong bonding between them. This is the parable for the Shaikh and the Seeker.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Oiling Your Head

It is pleasant thing to oil your hair. But if you do it in Sunnah way then that itself becomes an act of worship.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

On Science and Its Uses Again

Science in its character is a very good thing but we use it for destructive purpose only, as if constructive things are strange for us.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Some Tidbits

(1) The whole of the Generation is bent upon revolt.

(2) Whatever you do must be within the limits set by the Doctrine (shariat).

(3) Try to be aware of death.

(4) If the age is more than sixty then make earnest attempt to turn towards Allah Most High. Why this urge to do another job?

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Armughan, July-August, 2005

Armughan-e-Shah Waliullah

Muhi-us-Sunnah Number, July-August, 2005

Jamiat-e-Shah Waliullah, Phulat, Muzaffar Nagar, Up, India

1.    Editorial : Muhi-us-Sunnah Encircled by Divine Mercy, Presented in Prophetic Presence
- Maulana Wasi Sulaiman Nadwi 
2.    Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah: Some Memories, Some Impressions : Maulana Muhammed Kalim Siddiqui
3.    Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Haqqi (RA) –Hazrat Hakim Kalimullah Madazillahu, Successor Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah
4.    Ah Muhi-us-Sunnah Hazrat Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahab Haqqi (RA) – Hazrat Maulana Syed Muhammed Rabey Nadvi
5.  Muhi-us-Sunnah Shah Hardoi (NM) :   Ideas and Religious Service – Mufti Mohd Shafqatullah Sahab, Sadar Mufti, Madarsa Ashraful Madaris, Hardoi
6.    To Whom to Relate the Pain of Heart? – Maulana Muzammil Naved, Madarsa Anwar-ul-Uloom, Janchak, District – Yamuna Nagar, Harayana, India
7.    The Stars of the End of Night Sacrificed on You Oh Sun! – Maulana Syed Rashid Ali Qasmi, Muballigh Darul-Uloom, Deoband
8.    The Last Lamp of the Ashrafia Galaxy: Hazrat Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahab Hardoi – Maulana Qari Abdul Hasan Azmi, Teacher, Department of Recitation, Darul Uloom, Deoband
9.    A Tribute of Reverence (Poem) : Hafiz Muhammed Qasim Al-Wasifi Mazahiri
10.    So Long Oh Muhi-us-Sunnah : Maulana Muhammed Nazir Nadvi
11.    The Last Lamp of the Ashrafia Galaxy : Maulana Muhammed Muawiya Sa-adi Mazahiri
12.    Ah Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Haqqi – Maulana Umair Siddique Daryabadi
13.    The Last Lamp is Silenced – Professor Nafis Ahmad, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
14.    Fragrant Memories – Maulana Najm-ul-Hasan Thanwi, Manager Khanqah Imdadia Ashrafia, Thana Bhawan
15.    Correcting the Experts of Recitation – Muhammed Owais Siddiqui Nanotwi, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
16.    Hazrat Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahab (RA): Some Memories, Some Impressions – Maulana Dr. Muhammed Naeem Siddiqui
17.    A Reverent Offering (Poem) – Dr. Kaif Rizwi, Masroor Memorial School, Thakur Ganj, Lucknow
18.    Fountain Unforgettable – Mufti Muhammed Aashiq Siddiqui Phulati, Darul Ifta, Jamia Imam Waliullah, Phulat
19.    Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahab (RA): The Doctrine & the Method Unified – Hazrat Maulana Qamar-ud-din, Teacher Hadis & Exegesis, Darul Uloom, Deoband
20.    Hazrat Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahab: Who Dedicated His Life to Sunnah and Correction of the Generation – Mustafa Kamal, Student Hadis Round, Darul Uloom, Deoband
21.    Letters (i) Javed Alam Nadvi, Maler Kotla, Punjab, India (ii) Muhammed Taiyyab Qasimi, Bahraich, Up, India  (iii) Maulana Muhammed Imran Mazahiri, Phulat, Muzaffar Nagar, UP, India

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tie a Knot

When beloved Prophet (PBUH) was leaving this world he said that I am leaving two things behind me, Quran and Sunnah.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Checking Our Preferances

It is encouraged to make visits for worldly relations but it is mandatory to make visits for spiritual relations. Today we focus on the former and forget to visit Shaikh. Remember the time you spend with the Shaikh is the time for which you are saved from sins, to say the least. In worldly visits you never know which disease you'll catch and when.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Treatment of Guests

Hazrat Shah Muhammed Ahmed Pratapgarhi (RA) used to offer refreshments too. This too is a Sunnah. Today we do not understand the meaning of treating your guests in a proper way.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

A Way to Escape from Calamity

To escape from calamities adopt silence.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

A Pair of Cause and Effect

(1) If you indulge in remembrance of Lord then you'll get affinity with religion.
(2) If you remember death you'll start valuing time.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Professor with Ablution

There is a university professor who comes frequently. He always keeps himself in a state of ablution.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Wasted Supplications

To damage somebody's property is a grave sin. We are supplicating but these are not getting heard. Why? Because we are bent upon on revolt. We have angered our Lord. We are determined to get our way, push our way through. Bad mouthing is not the Islamic approach.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

There is Doctrine

The slogan shouting, long live and down with are not part of Islam. We are adopting the manners and methods of the other people. How badly the community of Musa (AS) was treated? Even then Lord Most High ordered them to adopt patience.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Ponder Over Annihilation

Find some time to ponder over your annihilation. Fix a time and sit down and then think.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

The Toppers

We are obsessed with topping the class in part one and part two. We do not worry about the hereafter. Whatever worldly sciences are there acquire knowledge of them all but keep religion on priority.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Dead For a Score of Years

Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janan (RA) is a significant Seer. For twenty years he had this realization that he is dead. He would be surprised when people will salute him on the way. Two of his disciples also shined in the spiritual matters. One of them was Qazi Sanaullah Panipati (RA). He wrote a well known exegesis of the Holy Qura'n called Tafseer-e-Mazhari, named after his Shaikh.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

Parting Shots Today

Whatever happens to heart, what the world knows about it?
The whole of the pain is packed in the curtain of a smile.

(Jo dil pe guzarti hai dunya usey kya jaane,
Ye dard to tabassum ke parde mein chhupa hai)

Whatever is the character of love, that is the character of fire!
One consumes hearts after hearts, the latter house after house.

(Jo ishq ki khasiat wo aag ki khasiat wo aag ki khasiat,
Ek seena ba seena hai, ek khana ba khana)

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 26, 2010)

Think of This Deal

Even if you have five minutes before Prayer in the Mosque then take Part in your hands. That is why Parts are published. It is heavy to hold the whole Qura'n in hand but the Parts are light. Even if you recite two pages you shall get ten thousand rewards for there are five thousand units of reward on a single page. The trouble is that we do not even try.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

Encouraged and Mandatory

You do not become a culprit for leaving the Encouraged Deeds (mustahab) but for leaving the mandatory (wajib) deeds you become a culprit.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

Newspaper Again

People read newspaper for entertainment. This is matter of mistake. Newspapers should be read to receive admonition. Just think in the following way. There is so much of favour of Allah Most High on me that he gave me the knowledge to read it. Suppose my time is over then what will I tell him?

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

The Gain and the Gain

When you make intentions of Sunnah then everything becomes Obedience and Worship including eating, drinking and sleeping.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

That is Effective

It is alright even if you accept only one advice in a sitting, but then stick to it.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

Is It a Minor Point?

Apart from other things act upon the advice given by the People of Allah only then you shall receive the blessings and benefits.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

The Milk Supplier in London

There is an associate of Qari Sahab (DB) in London. He is milk merchant. One day a man came to the shop and asked for milk. This person said that there is milk but it is mixed with water.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

The Percolation Effect

By the company of People of Allah a person avoids sins. A milk merchant became suspicious about the milk supplied by a milkman. He gave full money to the milkman but later on spilled his milk on ground. He did not pass it to the customers.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

The Decoit Who Would Be the Shaikh

The Shaikh of Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Adham (RA) was Hazrat Fuzail Bin Ayaz (RA). Latter was a robber and he made true repentance. After repentance he thought of paying old debts. In this connection he visited a Jewish merchant and told him that I owe you so much of money and I shall return it to you but it will take time. This person was a bit crafty. He decided to put this believer to shame. He gave a pouch to Hazrat Fuzail Bin Ayaz (RA) to be kept as a trust. He had put some pebbles in it. After some time he demanded his trust.. The pouch was brought in public. The merchant declared that I had give a pouch of gems to Fuzail. Here are the gems. He opened and emptied the pouch. The floor got a spread f gems on it. The merchant was stunned. The merchant repented.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

Self Praise at Correctional Relationship

Some people indulge in self praise even for the Correctional relationship. They shall utter their Shaikh's name with pride.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

An Associate of Qari Sahab (DB)

There is an associate of Qari Sahab (DB). The brothers were not ready to give sisters share from the inheritance. This associate said that I shall compensate her from my share.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

A Trick of Baser Self

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))
Every sin is voluntary. Hazrat Thanwi (RA) said that people say that sin took place by me. This is a trick of the baser self.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

Be Inclusive

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))
Our External (zahiri) state and Internal (batini) sate both should be in good shape. Take a machine that is beautiful. Its external state is good. If the machine is defunct then it is of no use in spite of its beauty.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

The Purpose of Coming to This World

Man has not come to this world to get name and fame (jaah). He has been sent to be obedient. To spread the word of Lord Almighty.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Flamboyant Scholar

A scholar was lecturing to a crowed. There was lots of excitement, bonhomie and praise for the scholar. Then it was the turn of Shah Muhammed Ahmed Pratapgarhi (RA) to speak. He said that just now I heard a lots of cries of excitement (wah-wah). If we realize our spiritual state then these shrieks will change into shrieks of pain (aah-aah).

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

The Scholar and the Common Man

Hazrat Shah Muhammed Ahmed Pratapgarhi (RA) used to say that we scholars wind up with nine units of prayer at the time of Isha Prayers while the common man completes full seventeen units.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

Neither This Nor That

The whole Generation is developing neither love nor fear of Allah Most High. These are our failings but we do not realize them. An advantage of visiting the People of Allah is that we discover our failings.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

The Character of the Writings of People of Allah

The writing of the People of Allah has a unique magnetic character. A professor of English has just finished the translation of Hazrat's book One Minute's Seminary. He said that I have done translation work earlier too but this was a unique experience.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, October 23, 2010)

Djinn and Man

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))
Lord Most High has told the purpose of creation of djinn and man. This is to Worship (aabidoon). The experts of exegeses tell us that the meaning of Worship (aabidoon) here is to Recognize (aarifoon). The meaning of Recognition, according to Shah Muhammed Ahmed Pratapgarhi (RA) is to completely surrender our desires and wishes to the wishes of Allah Most High. This is the right way of life as taught by the beloved Prophet (PBUH).

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

Make It the Way of Life

Go to the People of Allah and do every deed after consulting them.

(It is practical. It is possible. It is voluntary. It is completely up to us. And it is difficult because, perhaps, we would like to prove ourselves. In reality the only thing that we have to prove is whether we are obedient to Lord Most High or not. This has to be taken care of before we indulge in action. After we have done something and it turns out to be an act of disobedience then we have no way of returning it.

Just to round it up it should be mentioned that the Remainder of the Pious Hazrat Maulana Qari Amir Hasan Sahab Damatbarkatuhum does not take even a single step on his own.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

In Praise of Regularity

Make Recitation of the Holy Qura'n a regular habit. Even if it is two pages. We have a different attitude. When we are in a mood we shall simply finish it fast but in other cases we'll ignore it for long. This is not correct. There must adherence to some routine, even if it is small.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

Just Think of It!

The worldly friendship is such that a friend who is ready to give his life today for you will be ready to take your life tomorrow.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

Overheard, Lawfully

(Painful, as it is, it nevertheless must be told.) This happened many years back. Somebody died away from home. This was to be conveyed to Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA). But the people knew that if he came to know of the death he would advice, and that too firmly, burial at the same place. They consulted a Scholar. This Scholar is of considerable repute. He advised that start on your way with the dead body and then inform him (Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA)) in the middle of the journey.

This how we act.

(Not a saying. The incident was narrated by a person during a journey.)

Relegating Doctrine to Background

A (Hazrat Shaikh (DB)'s) near one died in South India, away from home. The family insisted on bringing the body home. According to the Doctrine (shariat) the burial should have taken place in south only. For preserving the body during transportation the doctors used such chemicals that it was not possible to give the body a bath. Even Mufti Muhammed Usama was consulted. (Burial took place after a taiyummum.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

Clean Life, Clean Death

Beloved Prophet (PBUH) had supplicated for clean life and clean death.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

How to Cultivate Fear of Allah?

Go and ask the People of Allah to cultivate fear of Allah in your heart.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

Value Time

Value whatever time you get. Qari Sahab (DB) keeps reminding us the value free time before you become busy. We were just waiting for Friday but in few moments it will pass. Just a little while ago we were saying that Ramadan is about to come but it came and went by. Eid-ul-Fitr too passed. In a blink the other Eid too will come and go.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

The Times, As They Are

In present times people indulge in such deeds that it is so difficult to protect our faith.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

Come to Think of It

It is a Grace of Lord Most High that he bestowed faith on us.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

A Muhaddis of Delhi

There was an expert of Prophetic Traditions (muhaddis) in Delhi. He was caught in a Court case related to his house. He was in the right but law was against his case. He consulted legal experts. The lawyers understood the situation and told him that Maulana you are in the right but it will requre to prove that two and two are five in the Court of law. And two and two are four only. Never five. That is the law.

The Tradition Expert mentioned his worry to Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Sahab (RA) in the Jama-at Head Quarters in Nizamuddin. Hazrat Yusuf (RA) heard the admonition that two and two are four only and not five. He was in a state of Presence (haal). He told the Tradition Expert that go to your lawyer and tell him that two and two can be five too. The Muhaddis did as he was told. The lawyer approached the Court with some trepidation. But then he won the case.

How did this happen? This happened because these people worked hard to please Lord Most High.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

The Laws

What we consider to be laws they too get modified when Allah Most High so wishes.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

Where to Find Time

Suppose you have fixed five hours for daily studies. Take five minutes out of that for remembering Allah Most High. (It will be well the time invested.) Many times it has happened that very studious people went blank on the actual spot.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

On Receiving a Gift

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))

If someone gives a present then thank Allah Most High in the following way. "Oh Allah it was you only who put this idea into his heart otherwise he did not have any such capacity to give this present. Only as a Mercy from you he got the idea that by giving me this gift his earnings will receive abundance."

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

The Task Assigned

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))

We have come from some where. We are going some where. For that we have to make preparation. That must be done here and now.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

Even in Matters Involving Money

Today we beg people but no one gives us alms. As far as People of Allah are concerned they go to none but people come to them with money. They do so willingly. Even the bribery that people give for getting their work done is given with lots of dismay. To People of Allah people offer presents with pleasure.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

Convey My Salam

As we have in earlier posts, here and here, a regular attendee of the sitting (majlis), who is a disciple of Hakim Muhammed Akhtar Sahab (Damatbarkatuhum), visited his Shaikh recently for an extended duration. That is the first thing he did after his retirement. An attempt was made to extract some tidbits from him with minimal results. Reason is not difficult to see. It was a journey of love. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (QS) said that the state of love is such that the lover is unaware of himself. That much we understand. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (QS) told another thing also about the state of love, that in the state of love the lover is unaware on the surroundings. This perhaps we understand much better. Finally the venerable Shaikh also told that in the state of love the lover is unaware of the beloved too. This is bit strange. But then let us remember that it comes from the personality who had his foot on the necks of the other Shaikhs!

So is it surprising that our friend who has spent a month with his Shaikh can not tell much about it? But again here are some more crumbs for us. Because of advance age, as wished by Lord Most High, Hakim Sahab is rather frail and hence spends most of the time on bed. Except for sitting (majlis) times.

"Did he recognize you?", another attendee of sitting (majlis) inquired. "Yes, yes. And he'll say again and again that convey my salam to Hakim Sahab (Hazrat Shaikh (DB))."

This has a few lessons for us. Periodic out burst of "conver my salam" tells us as to what remains important after a life well spent in this perishable world. It shows the longing for old associates. Also Salam-salam are the only words that will be heard in Gennah. It seems that Gennah is a reality for these people just like the presence of the associates.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Observation

We are indulging in non-rewarding deeds. As a result our children are revolting and our troubles are multiplying.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

Our Orientation

Give us a chance to talk about the worldly things and we wont get tired. As far as remembrance of Allah Most High is concerned we find it difficult to main a routine of single round (tasbeeh).

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

The Gold Medalist

There used to be an engineer in Jeddah. He can be called an Allama (learned man). He used to show a large number of medals that he had gathered over the years. By that time they were of no use. He used to say that a jeweler might buy them. He used to say that with regrets. That is the value of worldly achievements.

This same man was a bit out spoken too. Once he asked Shah Hardoi (RA) why he was performing Haj again and again, every year. Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA) asked him why he smoked again and again. This amn was a chain smoker.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

A Futile Wish

There was a lawyer who used to say that I want to go above with gusto, I do not want to be old. Later on he became weak. We should value youth before old age.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

Looking for a Universal Medicine?

Even a tonic becomes like a poison in some cases.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

On Self Medication

However good is a medicine we take it only after consulting a physician.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA) in Haram

Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB) to Hazrat Shaikh (DB): You used to be with him (Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah (NM)). Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah (NM) used to reach the House of Lord at Asr and will return after Isha Prayers. About Madinah he used to say that how can I show my face there, I get a shivering in my body.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

The Journey of Love

There is so much of scramble in Haj that one really gets the feeling that it is a journey of love.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

The Smart Man

There was a man who conducted himself like an extra smart person. Once, in Muzdalfa, the same person took four hours to reach his tent.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

What is Your Programme

(People inquire a lot about Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB)'s travel plans.) Hazrat Thanwi (RA) said that people pester about my plans. This is rather painful. Any thing that gives pain to others is forbidden (haram).

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

In Case You Care

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))
(Some people are bent upon having earning wives.) Hazrat used to say that if your wife is an earning woman then neither she will follow you nor have much regard.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

Only If We Realize

We are indulging in the sins of eyes, ears and tongue. If we realize the severity of our destination then we'll loose all interest in this world.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

You Push Now, They'll Push Then

The children whom we are pushing into Convent Schools now will declare on the day of Judgment that their parents be given double punishment for not teaching then religion (deen).

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

A Chatter

A person was used to internet chatting. He was advised to avoid it. When the desire overcame him even then he did not succumb to it.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

The State in Which We Are

(1) We have friendship with the worldly people but not the people of Allah.
(2) We talk a lot about factory but not about Allah Most High.
(3) We already had television but have now added internet in our houses.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

The Silent Seeker

There was a person who sought spiritual gains in the company of Shah Fazl-ur-Rehman Ganj Muradabadi for thirty five years!

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

Ignoring Self Correction

We make a Pledge with the Shaikh and then that is all. What is the use if our dealings do not change. Hazrat Shah Hardoi (RA) said that we should regularly write to our Shaikh.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, October 24, 2010)

The Game of Civilaztion

There is a computer game called the civilization. Basically the problem in this game is to develop a stable civilization using the natural resources and circumstances provided by the program. Like many of the computer games it is rather addictive. A person said that he was addicted to this game. He reported his addiction to his Shaikh. After some time this person came out of this obsession. Addicted to the so called modern way of thinking, as we are, we might conclude that this person just grow up or it was just a phase that passed. In reality the Shaikh must have made earnest supplications in the background that resulted in freeing this person from that bondage (which our western guides call freedom). We dirty people do not see or perceive such actions.

Encyclopedia of Spiritual Diseases

A disciple wrote to his Shaikh that I can not locate any of my spiritual diseases. The Shaikh replied that you just write this itself that you don have any spiritual disease. After that the Shaikh might have made supplications. When this disciple wrote again he said that it seems as if am an encyclopedia of spiritual diseases.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Precaution of the Healer of Generation

Hazrat Thanwi (RA) said that whenever I treat a spiritual disease then I first check whether I myself have it.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

Pink of Health

Welcome to the new look. We had at least one recommendation for it. In the original design template the watermark part of the design was blocking some of the features. That element of design is missing from the present template. The problem of missing features has, on the other hand, become more severe. Moreover the second search box has disappeared! But the watermark colour that forced lots of design experimentation is behind us. All praise to Lord Most High. We'd have preferred a clean, like the present one, design and less flamboyant colour but we had no choice. We shall not indulge in the colour manipulation. At least for the time being.

Astrophysics and Cosmology

Astrophysics is the study of physics of the stars and other stellar structures. This is a theoretical enterprise. science is about experimental observations. The observational input for astrophysics is provided by astronomy.
The latter is the science of measurement of the phenomena happening in the universe, in stars, galaxies and in between.

There is another related science. It is called cosmology. This is the study of the birth, evolution and fate of the universe. The word science has been italicized. Science is about experimental truth. The truth you ascertain by experimentation. Can you do experiments with the universe? Like saying, wind up and start again. Obviously not. Scientists know this. But still find some profound things to say about it.

To complete the scenario it can be noted that even astrophysics, based as it is on astronomy, is not experimental science. It is merely observations science. We do not have any control over the stars to manipulate them experimentally.

Apparently we are living in the golden age of astrophysics and cosmology. The peculiar thing about golden ages is that we do not realize that we are living in a golden age till it is passed. At least till now this was the case. And lo and behold we are in a golden age. Golden age of astronomy and cosmology.

This is because of around fourteen expensive observatories. You have heard of the names like Chandra Observatory, Hubble Telescope. These observatories are in the space. These are satellites and not the observatories on the ground. Then there are others.

How expensive are these? Lets us take a future observatory called JWST. James Webb Space telescope.
Its present cost is five billion dollars and it is rising. For comparison the cost of XIX Commonwealth Games (excluding infra structure development) was half of this cost.

(See here for more)

Another Couplet

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))

Till your baser self is cleansed, there is clear and present danger,
Satanic thoughts and machinations, now and forever!

(Na tazkiya ho jab tak, khatra hi khatra hai,
Ghere rahain ge umr bhar afkar-e-shaitani)

(After tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

All Are Not Equal

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))

One of the Mothers of the Faithful (RA) asked beloved Prophet (PBUH) about some incantations to be adopted for her daily routine. Beloved Prophet (PBUH) started telling her that recite Alhumdulillah hundred times, Sub-hanallah hundred times, Allahu Akbar hundred times and such. Another Mother of the Faithful, Umm-i-Salma (RA) too was present. She said that oh Prophet (PBUH) of Allah I have lots of work to finish on daily basis how can I do that? Beloved Prophet (PBUH)  said that you do the same but only ten times.

(Muhi-us-Sunnah Shah Hardoi (RA) had advised that when you are in a hurry, for example you have to catch a train, then reduce your routine incantation to one tenth and then compensate for it in the first opportunity.)

(After tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

The Ant in Haj

(A long time associate came with a man from Thana Bhawan. He has considerable openness with Qari Sahab (DB) that following two couplets were extracted from him (Qari Sahab (DB).)

An ant got the desire to do Haj. Allah Almighty accepted it. How can an ant cross all the mountains, the rivers and the deserts? Well in the field around her the pigeons of Haram were picking up grains. She clung to the feather of one of them. The pigeon did not even notice the weight of the ant. In moments the Haram was there in front of her, in full view. This is what is implied in the back of the following couplet.

Like an ant, I am weak, And then I am fond of Haram!
Oh my good luck! I watch the foots of the pigeon!

(Misl-e-mor natwan hun, us pe shoq-e-haram,
Eh zah-e-qismat ki pa-e-kabootar dekhte hain!)

He has not tasted the taste of living,
Who has never seen the company of lovers!

(Lutf geene ka use hasil hi nahin,
Jisne dekhi hi nahin bazm-e-aashiqan!)

(After tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

From and To Riyadh

(Son-in-law of a person came from Riyadh and requested for some admonition.) Hazrat Shaikh (DB) said that change your thinking in the following direction. Think that you are not in Riyadh to earn a living but your there because you are close to the Harmain Sharifain. (The person made a call from the train to his father-in-law and said that he is clinging to that admonition!)

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

A Wrong Notion

We are slaves of our baser self with the notion that Allah Almighty forgives. (He indeed forgives and may forgive without assigning reason but what are we ourselves doing to be counted among the forgiven?)

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Adopting Indifference

Today our visits to the Elders is waning. Qari Sahab (DB) keeps telling us that none of us were here hundred years ago and none of us will be there hundred years later. (When will we visit the Shaikhs in such a short span?)

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Kinds of Fear

Fear is of two kind. One is natural, the way we fear a mad dog, a lion or the police inspector. There is not questioning on that on the Day of Judgment. Then there is of created things. A believer does not fear them. In reality a believer fears Allah Almighty only.

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Representative of Lord

Hazrat Musa (AS) was sent by Lord Most High as His representative to Pharaoh. But the Prophet (AS) was advised to be soft with the king.

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

That is the Question!

(To be or not to be soft is the question.) Beloved Prophet (PBUH) adopted the posture that was required in a given situation. In some situations he (PBUH) adopted a soft attitude but later toughened.

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

The Impending Waqia

Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab (DB) and Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB), Lord Most High willing, will soon leave for Haj. The programme is not known to us but we do expect the journey.

This means a few things. One of them is that no fresh sayings can be reported. The break will be, of necessity, of long duration. The present blog has enough pending things to occupy us and that is what we should expect. Another idea that came to heart was that somebody should report the happenings in the company of Hazrat Shaikh (DB) from Harmain Sharifain. But it is rather silly. Who'll sacrifice his journey of love (aashiqana safar) for mundane reporting?

Even if we have to report the older things the fact remains that freshness of the things will not wane for these are the things that belong to the religion of Lord Most High.

And the ability/capability/opportunity (taufiq) is from Allah Most High only.

Wahabi, Wahabi

Healer of the Generation, Reviver of the Muslim Nation, Hazrat Aqdas Maulana Shah Muhammed Ashraf Ali Thanwi, may Allah Most High sanctify his inner self, may Allah Most High fill his tomb with light, may Allah Almighty have mercy on him, said that it is strange that these innovative people call us Wahabi. We do not have biological lineage with him. We are not in his spiritual lineage. We are not from Najd, the area to which Muhammed ibn Abdul Wahhab belonged. Wahhab is an attribute of Allah Most High and that will make every believer a Wahabi because he must believe in that attribute.

(Tea time on Friday, October 22, 2010)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Yes They Are In Deed Hearing!

The people of Makkah taunted the Prophet (PBUH). It was very painful for him but could not have done anything. Allah Most High sent a verse of assurance. Do not worry and be not sad you shall triumph if you are the believers. When Abu Jahl was killed beloved Prophet (PBUH) reminded about the taunts. Companions (RA) asked whether he was listening. Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said that he is hearing everything.

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Determined on Islam

A person was suspended from his job for keeping a beard. He pursued the case regularly. After one and half a year he was restored. He also got the salary for the suspension period.

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Lack of Courage

Today we suffer from lack of courage. The reason is that we do not go to the people who give us courage, who have it.

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Winding Up Time?

Our dealings have become such that one gets the impression that Allah Mighty have decided to wind up Islam. When we eat you do not find the spread sheet (dastarkhwan) in homes. If you ask people they will retort that it is no sin to have no spread sheet.

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

We Shall Trample Upon It

You get comfort when you sit on ground on a carpet. The west saw it. They said that we shall trample upon your carpets and they did create a culture where you walk on carpets.

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Three Women

(1) A women said, "Hazrat pray that my husband keeps a beard."

(2) At some action of her husband a women started worrying that if I live with him then I shall be a sinner.

(3) A women, not a Muslim, filed a complain that I shall not wear a skirt because it is not allowed in my religion.

(Tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Upbringing of Offspring

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))

It is Allah Most High who makes our children pious but it is our duty to work on that.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

The Finishing Touch

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))
Imam Bukhari (RA) has finished his book with the the supplication: Sub-han Allahi wa Bihumdihi, Sub-han Allahil Azeem. This is easy on tongue and rather heavy in the Balance of the Judgment Day. (The Tradition is very rhythmic and soothing.)  Hazrat Shaikh (DB) has explained the things very clearly. Value these things. These are no light things.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Status of Jacket

A jacket (sadri) was stitched for Shah Hardoi (RA). Before he got possession the jacket it was time for division of inheritance in the family. Hazrat Shah Hardoi (RA) included in the undivided inheritance.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

A God Fearing Man

A man of piety became suspicious something that he got inheritance, whether it was pious (halal) or not. He donated money equal to its value in charity (sadqa). If it was not pure then it became now. If it was already pure then he'll get additional reward.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Worth Worrying About

Worry about pious (halal) livelihood.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Godown of Fragrance

Go to the Shaikhs. If you enter the store room of fragrance then the only thing you shall return with is fragrance.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Study Science

Study science but also thank Allah Most High for opening up such knowledges to you.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday, October 22, 2010)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Self and All

Implement these things in your life and motivate others too to implement them. Even if few people are trained in this manner then very soon the whole society will get reformed.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, October 21, 2010)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


All Praise is for Lord Most High that we are reading the thousandth post.

Delicate Gestures of Lord

Just now it was being discussed with Qari Sahab (DB) that both of us were not feeling like conducting the sitting (majlis) but because of your company the heart became very light and cheerful.

(Qari Sahab (DB) was back yesterday.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

Tease Them Not

Do not indulge in jeering of People of Allah. This is very dangerous. Just think that a lion may ignore it if you tease him but tease a lion cub and the lion will react in a fearsome manner.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

A Regrettable State

We get easily bored with religious service.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Blessings of Remembering Allah Most High

The blessings of indulging in the remembrance of Lord Almighty will manifest in our being inclined towards worship and obedience.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

We and They

There are examples of people who did not indulge in sins, small or big. Our matter is entirely different. We do not spend a moment without committing a grave sin.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Right Time for Service to Allah Most High

Allah Most High likes the obedience and worship of youth.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Waking Up For Thesis

We put our extreme efforts in perishable things. For writing thesis we shall not differentiate between day and night. What is its reality? After retirement nobody worries about dissertations and Gold Medals of yours.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Doctrine Says So

An associate sent a monetary gift of considerable value to Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA). After sending the gift the sender expired and the news of his demise reached Hazrat before the gift. Hazrat returned the money to be included in the inheritance.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Inner and Outer Sunnah

External Sunnah are for the common people. The inner Sunnah are for the the special people.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday, October 18, 2010)

A Surprizing and Humorous Incident

Two Britishers fought each other publicly and the matter ended with the police. Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri happened to be an eye witness of the incident. He was asked about the incident by the officer. He said that I do not know who was at fault because I could not their language but I can tell you the dialogue that they were having with each other. Then he produced their conversation verbatim. This indeed lead to solution of the case.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday, October 18, 2010)

A Supplication Ignored

When we come out of the Mosque then we are completely bathed in Lights. This is the time where Satan the Cursed will try to attack. Thus there is supplication that is special for the occasion when we are out of the Mosque and are walking away from it. It says that oh my Lord I seek your your refuge from Iblis and his army.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday, October 18, 2010)

The Judge and Juma'

A Judge told that on Fridays he'll pray the Compulsory (Farz) units and leave for the Court. Usually people think that today is Friday and the Judge is a Muslim so he shall be late for the afternoon session. He said that he never gave chance to prove this hypothesis to be right.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday, October 18, 2010)

Amount of Efforts

When it comes to worldly affairs we shall work through the night easily, with lots of interest. On the other hand as far as the matters of the hereafter are concerned we simply ignore them.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday, October 18, 2010)

Excellences and Technicalities

Excellences (faza-il) motivate us to do good deeds while technicalities (masa-il) make the journey comfortable. These things are told by the Elders. That is why people go to the Masha-ikh. Nowadays people have started saying that there is no need to visit the Elders. This is regretful. These people will be themselves deprived and will deprive others by their words. The way you have experts about various technical things you have experts about spiritual things. You have experts who help in self correction. If you leave this world without self correction then there is the danger of being caught.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday, October 18, 2010)

Being Affected by the Nation's Conditions

The Seeker : Because of the country’s condition and current affairs my heart is affected; it remains in a constricted state.

The Seer : This disposition is a sign of belief (Iman).

Courtesy : Ashrafia

How Far is Allah from Us?

Allah, All-Pure and Exalted says that I am closer to you than your breath, closer than your central vein.

(An earlier sitting (majlis))

Unto Him is Our Return

Allah Most High said that we have to live in this world for a limited period only. After that we have to return to him. Nowadays we accept verbally that one day we have to leave the present world but our actions speak entirely different things. We keep doing such things that betray the attitude as if we shall live here forever.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday, October 18, 2010)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Insha Allah, Masha Allah

Misappropriation of trust (khayanat) is becoming common today. We are eating impious diet. To top it all we blurt out words like Insha Allah and Masha Allah, as if it compensates for impious earnings. Remember that this will be of no use in such matters.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)

Some Local Geography

Delhi is towards north-west of Aligarh.

Thus you can go to Delhi by road, from Aligarh, in two ways. Either you move towards North first and then towards West. Thus you shall encounter Khurja, Bulandshahar, Sikandarabad, Dadri (or Greater Noida if you branch further), Ghaziabad (or Noida, in the other route) and Delhi.

In the other route you'll move West ward first. Thus you shall encounter Khair, Jattari, Tappal, Palwal, Faridabad and then Delhi. Palwal and Faridabad are in the state of Haryana. The rest of the route is in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

If you reverse the journey then by the second route you will encounter first Faridabad and then Palwal.

The later is the original place to which the family of Muhi-us-Sunnah Shah Hardoi (RA) belonged.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

He, Who Visited Hakim Akhtar Sahab (DB)

Tell us what you did, what you heard and what you saw.

"The only thing that I did was to stare at Hazrat-o-Aala. I'll sit at place during the sitting (majlis) from which I had his clear view. After the sitting I shall present myself in the services of the Shaikh, near his bed. I'll hold his shoulder. There will be others also in the service, sometimes several of them pressing a single foot. They will come and go but I wont budge, unless Hazrat asked me to leave."

Forgetting the Duties

We have the habit of forgetting the duties and indulging visibly in optional religious services. Whenever Prayer is mentioned in the Holy Qura'n then Charity (zakat) too is mentioned at most of the places. It is a duty to act upon that. We must act upon that but we do not bother about that. Thus whosoever qualifies for it must pay it. Earlier people used to be rather particular about it. If we do that then it protects our property. Beloved mother used to say that if you get hundred rupees then spare two rupees fifty paise immediately. Assume that you got only ninety seven rupees and fifty paise only. In other cases whenever money is involved then inquire with a scholar about Charity status of that earning. Today we are not getting motivated for good deeds because dirty diet is entering our stomach. It is our responsibility that our Charity (zakat) reaches the deserving. We are getting distracted from acts of obedience. We are turning towards sins. This is because of unholy diet entering our body. When we miss a fast in Ramadan then we become complacent, happy and pleased by paying an indemnity for that. This is ignorance. If we can fast then we must replace a fast by a fast. Indemnity is not sufficient for that. Discharge your duties first. Be it fasting or Prayers and then indulge in the Optional good deeds.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday, October 18, 2010)


Today we stop at acquiring education. We get knowledge but bother not about implementing it. This is not sufficient. Knowledge must be followed by its applications. This is leading to the decline of the Seminaries (madaris). You feel like crying over the state of the seminaries. A bad effect of this state of affairs is that the statement of a Scholar does not become an argument for the Doctrine.

(After tea time on Sunday, October 17, 2010)

Born : Daughter of Daughter of Daughter

Of Ali Miyan (RA). Her name has been proposed to be Amat-ur-Rehman by Hazrat Qari Sahab Damatbarkatuhum. (Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB) has left Aligarh.) Date of birth of the young one, May Allah Most High make her a pious Muslimah, will be October 17. Interestingly that is also the date of birth of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (RA). And of Mufti Muhammed Usama. More interestingly he too became a father of a daughter yesterday, on October 17. And her name too is Amat-ur-Rehman. She too was named by Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB).

Alright we are talking about the same bundle of joy.

Aamader Shaikh Ekti Kotha Bolechhe

Aamader=our (with respect)
Kotha=katha=thing, story, anecdote, saying
Bolechhe=spake, err ... spoke, said.

As to what Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA) said that will be told by our brothers from Bangladesh but a curious fact is the one that has precipitated this post. Twenty two percent of the caliphs of Shah Hardoi (RA) are from Bangladesh. Since most of them are either from or around Dhaka therefore it will make Dhaka a sort of the actual kingdom of the king, that is Shah, that was Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA).

Signs of Allah : Mandelbrot Set

BenoƮt B. Mandelbrot was a mathematician born in Poland in 1924 and expired last week on October 14, 2010 in United States of America. He had French and American citizenship. He became famous for his work on fractal geometry. Apart from his research work he put considerable work into popularizing it. He held positions, among other famous places of mathematical research, at the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, USA and the National Center for Scientific Research, France. A remarkable thing that he investigated and popularized is called the Mandelbrot Set. Mathematically it is a rather simple thing to introduce. One is just talking about complex quadratic maps. Complex means that we are talking about complex numbers that have a real and an imaginary part. Quadratic is even simpler concept. We are just talking about multiplying the number with itself. Plus adding another constant complex number to it. Finally some suitable computer is needed to do a bit large amount of computation and graphics. Here is what you get.
 Isn't it beautiful! Verily our Lord is beautiful and he loves beauty. Now let us magnify the area around the joining of the sideways heart and the smaller circular part. This is how it looks. Again beautiful and intricate!
 If we further magnify above picture then this is what we get. Certainly it looks like a border design that will put an expert designer to shame.
 Let us now further magnify one of the leaves above.
 This has an intricate design of its own that is exquisite too. In case we decide to magnify the upper curvy tendril.
 We see the same (and at the same time different) intricate and exquisite design! Let us further magnify one of the links of this tendril.
 Doesn't our gaze return to us, dazzled, aweary? Now if we look carefully then we see that two of the links above are just touching each other, rather delicately, with their respective tendrils. Let us focus on that and magnify that part. This is what we get:
 What do we see? Looks as if Allah Most High has asked an expert Persian carpet designer to get down to work! Let us see what has been put by Lord Most High at the center of above picture.
 Well it looks as if the whole Mandelbrot Set has been fitted in there, at an angle!Let us again focus on the heart joining circle area.
 Yes it is just like earlier joint. But may be not quite. Let us magnify further. This is what we see this time.
It looks similar but different too.

And when a fruit will be given to them to eat they will say," But we ate the same just a few moments ago?"
But when they will eat it they will find that it has,  in deed, a different taste.

We have used our microscope only ten times to view the design of Al-Lateef. Exalted is He. If we prepare an animation of it then it will be over in a few seconds. How long does it continue? Well infinitely. A fifteen minutes animation is easily available.

When it was told to people that on the Day of Judgment our words will be reproduced letter by letter byte by byte on that day then it was very difficult to believe it. Once a sound is made it dissipates and how can you recreate it?

Allah Most High told the story of Hazrat Uzair (AS). His hundred years sleep. His waking up. Recreation of his donkey. Just in front of his eyes. Is it difficult to recreate a thing? Particularly for the Exalted Being of Lord Most High? But then we took them to be stories of old people.

When audio recording came we knew that sound can be reproduced. But soon we switched to another sophisticated thinking. We started taking it for granted.

We did the same thing about video recording and a demonstration of the fact that our other actions too can be reproduced exactly.

Then our Scholars told us that Allah Most High, on the Day of Judgment will call the Scholars for a special meeting. In that He will open up such knowledge's to them that they will be left amazed.

For we illiterate people Allah Most High has given a glimpse into that.

Verily there are Signs of Allah in the creation around us for those who see.

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