Thursday, September 30, 2010

Solace for Hearts in Agony

Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB) usually tells some couplets in place of admonitions or as a way of admonition. He usually also tells the poets name. One of the couplets that is many times recited by him is

He is the solace of disturbed hearts, he is the light of the eyes,
He is the destination of lovers, that is the glory of honourable one.

(Bechain dil ke chain hain, ankhon ke noor hain,
Manzil hain aashiqon ki, ye shan-e-huzoor hai.)

The couplet is about beloved Prophet (PBUH) but the poet was not mentioned. It is Maulana Badar Alam (RA).
(Courtesy : Ashrafia. For Urdu version see here.)

The Specter

People have created a specter. What will happen on September 30, 2010? Ask protection from Allah Most High from His wrath. When we ask He accepts. But we indulge in different kind of behaviour. We go for stocking of rations. When Allah Most High takes action our preparations are reduced to insignificant things.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, September 29, 2010)

Your Children

You are the up-bringer of your children and not their ruler. Admonish then rather than resorting to hitting them.
The thing to focus upon is that we have to leave this world one day.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, September 29, 2010)

While There is Still Time

On the Day of Judgment husband will run away from wife and wife will runaway from husband. Father will runaway from son and son will runaway. Less the other takes away their good deeds. The better thing to do is to clear your account with others in this world. It is much cheaper to do that here. Ask your wife and others in case you have done them any wrong. Get it forgiven or settle the matter in some way. That is what Hazrat Thanwi (RA) had said in one of his couplets. He said that if I have done anything wrong to any body or owe anybody anything then take it from me today, so that I do not get disgraced on the Day of Judgment. Some people say that we shall see on the Day of Judgment. What can you see on that day?

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, September 29, 2010)

People With No Dress

It is said in some of the traditions that people will be raised without clothes on the Day of Judgment. Hazrat Ayesha (RA) asked about this situation. Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said that people will be so confounded on that Day that they will not notice others. Everyone will be worried as to what will happen to him. We see the same thing in the present world too. When people are in trouble they do not notice the good or bad state of others.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, September 29, 2010)

The Continuing Topic

The continuing topic is internal and external lights; internal and external darkness. It is obligatory on all believers to acquire the first one and to get rid of the latter. Its value will become apparent on the Day of Judgment.

(Sitting (majlis) on Wednesday, September 29, 2010)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


What is the capacity of a mosquito? Its sting is even smaller. You shall need many baskets of mosquitoes to get the weight of a man. But when it bites a man then a single bight is sufficient for it to deliver enough infection that can kill a man. Such things are a very short route to recognize Lord Almighty.

(Tea Time on Wednesday, September 29, 2010)

Palace in the Heavens

A palace in the Heavens is build for a person reciting Surah Ikhlas ten times. That is why it has been included in the Brief Round (Wazifah).

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

Afternoon Nap

Afternoon nap of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Companions (RA) used to be very brief. Lie down on this side and then on the other side and they were done. That is all.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

Intensive Care Unit

There are many people who are in ICU. Isn't is a big favour of Lord Most High that we are outside of it? Even then we indulge in sinning. (With lots of pain) That is why it is said that we must value health before sickness.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

The Sleep

It is obligatory to render thanks to Allah Most high if you are one of those who get sleep peacefully. A person came and said that give me medicine, I am not getting sleep. (Hazrat Shaikh (DB) is a physician of Greek medicine.) Once it so happened that Hazrat Thanwi (NM) did not get sleep for eleven nights. We shall not be able to go through it for so long. Some Associates and other seniors came and asked for delivering some admonitions. He said that I have not slept for eleven nights. Pray for my sleep. They prayed and after some time he went to sleep. He woke up after half an hour. I have slept a lot, he said. Then he made vary effective sermon.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

On Urination, Defacation and All That

(Beginning a set of sayings that are rather unsettling)

We are urinate normally. There are people who have trouble with that. Did we thank Allah Most High for the ease of this motion? Our latrine does not have pain of passing, it does not have blood in it, in does not have pus in it. Did we indulge in thanks giving for that? There is girl who isn't having a motion. Laxatives have been given. Even we have given laxatives to her but even then it is difficult. How much can you resort to enema? That has its own disadvantages and harm. If you'll think of such things then you'll get knowledge and awareness (ma-arifat) of Allah Most High. Same is the case of flatulence. Ask those who do not have it. Similarly too much of falulence too is a problem. Thank Allah Most High for normal occurrence of all three of them.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

Natural Actions

Adopt purity on intent in all actions. Some actions are natural like eating, drinking and going to toilet. Adopt purity of intent in them too and you'll get reward for indulging in natural acts too.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

On Shortcomigs

Allah Most High hides our shortcomings. Today we do not hide the shortcomings of others. We advertise them immediately.

On the other hand it is sometime necessary to publicize a thing, to save the people from harm and damage. This type of thing is done in intelligence  gathering.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

Recommendation with Precaution

A person made recommendation in favour of someone else to Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA). Hazrat (RA) asked this person that do you know that the person whom you are advocating for is culprit of committing a serious act? You must make thorough investigations before making recommendations.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

Meaning of Spake

It means spoke.

It is a verb and the past tense of speak. This form of the verb is archaic, that is, older form. It has been used to give a conservative touch to the blog title. For us it is just the next one in the series: Qalallah (Allah Most High Said), QalaRasullah (Prophet (PBUH) Said) and UnAbuHuraira (Narrated by Abu Huraira (RA)) and resonates well with the subject matter.
The word spake has puzzled some of our readers. Why should we use an archaic word? One reason has been given above. Apart from that this word is not uncommon to find in current writing. There are already many blogs that are using a similar title. Then there is some historical relevance also. There was a famous nineteenth century German thinker who wrote a very famous book whose title begins with words Also sprach, in German. Its famous English translation begins with the words Thus Spake. In all probability the translation of above book is responsible for the current use of the word spake. It is mostly used in the context of wise sayings.

Here is a very recent use of this word, from a few days back.

Those with lexicographic appetite may cater to their palate here.
And yes, the dictionary gadget on the left margin will be banished, Lord Most High willing,  for it spake not of spake.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA) and the Young Man

A young man asked Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA) for some admonition. The Seer took his chin in fingers and asked where is the light of your face my dear? Next day the young man disappeared from the sitting. Hazrat Shah Hardoi (RA) observed that the bread has been put on the semi-hot plate. Flour has been wasted. But after two years the young man sprout a goatee. Shah Hardoi (RA) still said that my dear the beard must be full length. Finally the young man obeyed that too.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

The Doctrine is Beautiful

The Doctrine (shariat) prefers the beautiful. Take the beard. You'll see some people having beards flowing upto navel. Doctrine has asked only for a fistful.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

In Turkey, In Jama't

There was a person in the sitting (majlis) yesterday who came back from Turkey where he was in (Tablighi) Jama't. He had association with Shah Hardoi (RA). Shah Hardoi (RA) used to advise that apart from inviting people towards good one must also indulge in forbidding the bad.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

About the Desire to Sin

There is sin and then there is desire to sin. First one is a sin and the second one is not. You are not a sinner just because you got an urge to commit a sin. Then there are the God fearing people. They fear even the occurrence of the desire to sin. Why did it come to my heart, they ask.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

Obligatory for All Believers

The continuing topic is internal and external lights; internal and external darkness. It is obligatory on all believers to acquire the first one and to get rid of the latter.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

Before it Gets Burried

(1) It was very reassuring to note, before starting the present blog, that there are already people who are doing similar things and, so to say, have already prepared the ground and paved the way. Links to some of them are there on the main panel of the blog and many others on the our links page.

(2) It is also gratifying when similar ideas or common things appear at those places. In the context of self-correction, and indeed in general, among the most enjoyable, reliable, effective and touching things are the answers by the Elders, in the letters written to them by the Seekers. Bringing Up the Seeker (Tarbiat-us-Salik) by Hazrat Thanwi (NM) and Upbringing the Seekers (Tarbiat-us-Salikeen) by Hazrat Maulana Muhammed Zakaria (RA) are two multi-volume books that contain such letters and answers.

(3) Right at hand is a post at Ashrafia in which the blogger brother presents excerpts about his father's letters to Hazrat Arifi (RA) and the answers. Have a look at that before it gets burried in the posts. That post is in Urdu.

One Minute's Seminary

One Minute's Seminary (Ek Minute Ka Madrsa) is a compilation of the benefits of Muhi-us-Sunnah Hazrat Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahab Rahmatullah Alaihi by Hakim Muhammed Akhtar Sahab Damatbarkatuhum in AC1989 and reorganized by Maulana Abdul Rauf Sahab Sansarpuri Damatbarkatuhum in AH 1411 (AC 1991). This is a course that is supposed to be covered in three months taking just one minute per day, after either Fajr Prayers or Asr Prayers. The points that are presented daily are
  1. Translation of the wordings of Prayers
  2. Sunnah of Prayers
  3. A Grave Sin
  4. Harms of Sins in the Present World
  5. Benefits of Obedience in This World
 The Mosques that are either implementing this routine or have done it earlier include the Anona House Mosque, the Nabi Karim Mosque, the Jama (Kirmani) Mosque, the Madinah Mosque, all in Hamdard Nagar B, the Rabia Mosque, Maulana Azad Nagar and the New Guest House Mosque of AMU. There might be others also. The book also contains:
  1. Duties in Prayer (7)(Fara-iz-e-Namaz)
  2. Obligations in Prayer (18)(Wajibat-e-Namaz)
  3. Spoilers of Prayer (60) (Mufsidat-e-Namaz)
  4. Undesirables in Prayer (66)(Makroohat-e-Namaz)
The daily reading is covered in a single printed page. A trust from Mumbai has published a book called Only Five Minutes Seminary (Sirf Panch Minute Ka Madrsa). That contains ten items to be covered daily and these occupy two printed pages. The publishers do not divulge further information about them but the material is considered by the scholars to be authentic. And Lord Almighty knows the best.

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings 
(Al-Nafa' Al-A'mim fi Aqwal Al-Kalim)
This is a booklet compiled by Maulana Muhammed Abdul Qawi Sahab (DB) and contains sayings of  Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab (DB) during his visit to Hyderabad (Deccan). Former wrote a letter to Hazrat Shaikh (DB) seeking permission to publish his sayings and, as is usual for the Elders in Imdadia Order, Hazrat Shaikh (DB) replied in the margin of the same letter. This letter, including the marginal reply by Hazrat Shaikh (DB) is published on the back cover of the booklet. This is what has been posted as a specimen of Hazrat Shaikh (DB)'s hand writing in the previous post. This letter, including the marginal reply by Hazrat Shaikh (DB), the Preface by the compiler Maulana Abdul Qawi, Forward by compiler's brother Maulana Abdul Mughni (DB) together with the text of the booklet should appear here later, Lord Most High willing. This is relevant in two ways. The obvious one is that it is natural addition to the present blog. The other reason  is that this booklet is one of the many sources that has influenced the present blog and in fact has decided part of the style (asloob). May Lord Most High compensate these contributors from His bounties.

(See (1) Permission)

Hand Writing of Hazrat Shaikh (DB)

Here is a specimen of the handwriting of Hazrat Shaikh (DB). The context itself is of interest for the blog.  That will be presented in a subsequent post, Lord Most High willing.

A close up is here.

See the context here in the next post and the text should appear later on, Lord Most High willing. 

(See (1) Permission

Only Six Months

Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said that the average age of my Generation is between sixty and seventy years. Two friends are talking to each other. If you say your Prayers and avoid sins then you are a complete worshiper. That is your whole life will be counted as a life of worship and obedience. Actual Prayer time for a life time comes out to be around six months. That is all. Anyway one third of life is spent is sleeping. If we indulge in healthy entertainment apart from our work then combined with the fact that lots of our time is spend in education then we realize that the time left to commit sins is rather small. How do we manage to destroy ourselves by committing sins in such a brief time?

Articles in Dawat-ul-Haq Monthly

There are two articles in Dawat-ul-Haq monthly that are relevant, as is every thing in that periodical, that should appear here on the blog in future, Lord Most High willing.

(1) Those Who Sold the Medicine for Heart (Woh Jo Bechte The Dawa-e-Dil) by Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab Damatbarkatuhum himself in Vol. 1, No. 3, P. 11 on passing away of Muhi-us-Sunnah Hazrat Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Haqqi Hardoi Nawwarallu Markadhu.

(2) Ah Our Dear Mommy (Ah Hamari Ammi Jaan), Vol. 6, No. 8, P.24 by Maulana Abdul Qawi Sahad (DB) about passing away of wife of Shah Hardoi (QS), who will be Dadi Jaan (Elder Mommy) for the younger associates of Hazrat Shaikh (DB).

Sayings in Dawat-ul-Haq Monthly

Sayings of the Healer of the Generation (Tabib-ul-Ummat Ke Malfoozat)

That is a column in the monthly Dawat-ul-Haq published from Pernambut, Tamil Nadu, India. This is the column that contains the sayings of Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Kalimullah Sahab Damatbarkatuhum. Following is a list of articles in that column prepared from the issues available with Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh.

(1) Vol 3., No. 2, P. 23, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(2) Vol 3., No. 3, P. 20, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(3) Vol 3., No. 4, P. 24, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(4) Vol 3., No. 5, P. 14, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(5) Vol 3., No. 6, P. 22, Compiler Maulana Abdul Qawi Sahab (DB)
(6) Vol 3., No. 7, P. 18, Compiler Maulana Abdul Qawi Sahab (DB)
(7) Vol 3., No. 8, P. 18, Compiler Maulana Abdul Qawi Sahab (DB)
(8) Vol 3., No. 10, P. 17, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(9) Vol 3., No. 11, P. 16, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(10) Vol 3., No. 12, P. 17, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(11) Vol 4., No. 7, P. 19, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(12) Vol 4., No. 8, P. 22, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(13) Vol 5., No. 11, P. 23, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(14) Vol 6., No. 1, P. 18, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(15) Vol 6., No. 2, P. 17, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(16) Vol 6., No. 3, P. 15, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(17) Vol 6., No. 4, P. 19, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(18) Vol 6., No. 5, P. 20, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(19) Vol 6., No. 6, P. 19, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(20) Vol 6., No. 7, P. 17, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(21) Vol 6., No. 12, P. 16, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(22) Vol 7., No. 1, P. 17, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(23) Vol 7., No. 4, P. 17, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(24) Vol 7., No. 5, P. 20, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)
(25) Vol 7., No. 6, P. 20, Compiler Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib (DB)

The English version of these should appear here in time, Lord Most High Willing.

Following issues are not available with Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh. These too might contain some sayings of Hazrat Shaikh (DB).

(1) Vol. 1, Nos. 1, 4, 9
(2) Vol. 2, Nos. 2, 5, 10
(3) Vol. 4,  Nos. 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12
(4) Vol. 5, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12
(5) Vol. 7, Nos. 2, 3

Monday, September 27, 2010

Premature Folding of Hands

Before the Compulsory (Farz) Congregation Prayers some people will stand with folded hands. This is not preferable. Thus many times following announcement is sometime heard in the Anona House Mosque.

"At the time of standing for Congregational Prayers is not allowed to stand with folded hands in the beginning, that is, before making intentions [cf. Shami]. One should stand with freely hanging hands. Do not fold your hands before the Prayer leader (the Imam) folds his hands after making intentions.

In the Standing Position (qiyam) it is Sunnah that the toes point towards the Qiblah. Toes pointing sideways is against Sunnah."

(Courtesy Qari Ilyas Sahab (DB))

Worst of Creatures

Asif Khan Sahab, whom we have seen earlier, left today early in the morning, even before Morning Prayers. Few days back, at tea time, he said something to Hazrat Shaikh (DB). In response Hazrat Shaikh (DB) said some very cajoling and kind words. He must have said some thing heart touching thing. Next day, just after the sitting, he said to one of the people that I am worst of the creatures. It will be very nice if Allah provides me place in your feet in Gennah! That is it. How very humble and touchy. ( Monday, September 27, 2010)

The Complete Generation Warned

Maulana Wasiullah Sahab (RA) said that if the Complete Generation (ummat-e-muslimah) will indulge in sinning then it will invite Wrath of Allah Most High.

(Sitting on Monday, September 27, 2010)

Make Your Worship Attractive

Today we are rather particular about Optional Prayers but ignore the Compulsory and Obligatory (wajib). The Doctrine (shariat) wants your worship to be beautiful. The Compulsory Prayers (faraiz) are completed by the Optinal Prayers (nawafil). The latter are not substitutes of the former. Having said the Morning Prayers wait for sunrise and then say the four units Awwabin Prayers. Sometime later you can say the Chasht Prayers, four or six units, in fact the number may go up to twelve.

Similarly if you have missed your fasts then there is a chance through out the year to compensate for that. Each month has got some special fasting occasions that can be availed.

(Sitting on Monday, September 27, 2010)

Uses of Excellences

Excellences (faza-il) are told the those people who are new.

(Sitting on Monday, September 27, 2010)

No Optional Prayer Times

There are no optional (nawafil) Prayers after break of dawn and the sunrise. Two units of Sunnah Prayers before the Morning Prayers will also fetch you the reward of In-Mosque (tahat-ul-masjid) Prayers.Similarly there are no Optional Prayers after Asr Prayers.

(Sitting on Monday, September 27, 2010)

Ever Ready to Question

Once it so happened that by the time the Morning Prayer came to an end it was already the sunrise time. There were some people who wanted repetition of the Prayers. People do not know the matters but are quick to question and do not worry to ask the scholars. Allah Most high has told that in case do not know some matter then inquire with the scholars.

(Sitting on Monday, September 27, 2010)

On Fajar Prayer Times

You have taken rest in the night so Lord Most High says that now recite some long and detailed Verses (tawaal-e-mufassal) in the Morning Prayers. It takes around 17 minutes to do that. Thus the Morning Prayer time should be kept around 35 minutes before the sunrise. Thus is there is a need for repetition then that too can be managed in time.

(Sitting on Monday, September 27, 2010)

Responsibility of Health

Personal health is a rather high priority. If you must go for a walk then do so for the sake of health even though it might be a time to sit in the Mosque. Of course if the baser self wants to move around then be tough with it.

(Sitting on Monday, September 27, 2010)

Life Style of Elders

People of Allah indulge in worship of Lord in the night. They please and placate Him. On the other hand we keep flattering others for petty gains. Remember if you agree with others in matters of sin then that too is a sin.

(Sitting on Monday, September 27, 2010)

What a Lovely Address!

Lord Most High addresses in a very delicate fashion, "O the son of Adam! Pray four units for me in the beginning of the day."

Also if you recite Surah Yasin in the beginning of the day then your tasks through out the day will be easy.

(Sitting on Monday, September 27, 2010)

Another Sunday Evening Scene

As you approach Anona House to attend the sitting (majlis) you see Jama'at people making the round (gasht). This time these are rather senior functionaries who have come to Anona House Mosque. Professor Hakim Abdul Mannan and Professor Hakim Obaidullah Sahab are two of them. Technically it is just wall crossing for them because they both are from Ajmal Khan Tibbia College of AMU. In reality they have come from the far end of Civil Lines, where they live. When dirty people look at their own actions they can get solace only from the actions of the people like these ones. These people put enormous amount of their time in this work. By the Grace of Allah Most High the effects of their efforts are there for all to see.

There was a new guest in the sitting. He is from Sarai Mir, Azamgarh. He has put lots of time in the company of two Elders. Hazrat Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri (RA) and Hazrat Shah Abrar-ul-Haq (RA), Hazrat Shaikh (DB) informs. This is interesting. That is also the route taken by Hakim Akhtar Sahab (DB).

When you come to the Mosque after the sitting then you see few very young children playing there. Sounds of Maghrib Prayer calls starts emanating from different Mosques. In two minutes Anona House Mosque too will follow suit. One of the children says that let us go to Prayer. Prayer is a good thing, he adds. This is not said to please the people going to the Mosque. The children are still running around and are completely oblivious to the presence of the elders.

Mention this fact to Hakim Obaidullah and he says that this is the effect of environment. When hard work is put into religion this is what happens. When Prophetic (PBUH) Companions (RA) worked hard on religion then even wild beast started showing the route to the believers and the idols told the unbelievers to be believers. This later story is from the Life of Companions (Hayat-us-Sahaba), he said. Maulana Umar Palanpuri used to read the corresponding Arabic Couplet with abandon, he further adds.

After the Prayers there was the Sermon by Professor Hakim Abdul Mannan Sahab. The topic wanders to the effect of the hard work put into religious tasks. Forty years ago there were not many religious seminaries where children could learn even reading of the Holy Qura'n. There was only one in M.M Hall organized by Dr Nadir Ali Khan. He will make rounds to collect money so that the Arabic teacher can be paid his salary in the madarsa. Now there are so many seminaries (madaris). A small colony called Wadi-e-Ismaeel had more than ten places where the Taraweeh Prayers were organized. A boy even went to a nearby village to lead Taraweeh Prayers. On the last day he got lots of money as gift. He donated it all to the same seminary where he lead the Prayers and came back.

Hakim Sahab told another example of the effects of this hard work. This time it is the story of a locality in Ranchi, the capital of the state of Jharkhand. There six furnaces for extracting alcohol have been abandoned. Three movie halls have closed down.

And there are examples where people have abandoned interest based lending as a source of their livelihood.

And all Praise is for Allah Most High for all this.

Karen Armstrong Returns

The book Mohammed : A Prophet for Our Times returned to uncle. Not the lady author. Neither uncle nor the nephew know her personally.

Uncle is a voracious reader. Nephew knows it for he sometimes helps is gathering books for uncle's insatiable appetite. But uncle will not read books on fiction. That takes some time to sink in. Uncle will not also read books on social movements, earth shaking ideas and mind boggling theories. The worst category of books that uncle will allow to be thrust into his hands are the ones on the topics of the type Islam-and-West. And these too disappear faster than they appear. Of course some of them are returned after reading first few pages.

So what kind of books does uncle read? "Give me the stories of the Elders."

And why did the nephew return Karen Armstrong to uncle? Because nephew has become like uncle, in matters of books. The nephew finds it difficult to read books on Islam by western authors. Even those authors, like Karen Armstrong, who do do not adopt offensive attitude.

And how does the process of changing preferences take place? It looks rather out of ordinary. The short of the long answer is that this happens because of the company of the People of Allah. And here we are talking about Hazrat Shaikh (DB).

All Praise is for Lord Most High.

But then isn't  the Holy Prophet (PBUH)  the Elder after Lord, as is often quoted? This should qualify the present book to be eminently readable. Why was it returned after reading first half of the first chapter?

With no offense intended to the decent author it can be said that when a westerner looks at Muslims, or Islam, or even the Elders then, though she or he might get an enormous amount of truth in their analysis, they miss that crucial element that you will call heart warming for lack of better description. The author indeed eminently qualifies to be among those who have taken a positive attitude towards Islam. This is no mean feat considering the history of calumny hurled at Islam by the west. But even then there is a long distance to be covered by those who want to understand Islam. And that includes Karen Armstrong. Of course there are others too. We shall not speak, at least for the time being, for the other type of authors.

Message to them? Say there is no god but God, you will succeed.

And that is the end of invitation by the Praise to Lord Sustainer of the worlds.

Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Barbados

Did not know that there is a country called Saint Lucia. Their arrival on Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh, therefore, was a pleasant surprise. Welcome to all the new arrivals. We suppose nearly all the visitors to the blog are someway already connected to Kalimia-Abraria-Ashrafia-Imdadia order. Being human beings and being duty bound it can only increase the pleasure if there are some visitors who are just discovering, via Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh, some new aspects of the religion preferred by Lord Most High. May Lord Most High fulfill this wish of we dirty people and more.

Arrival of Sri Lanka too was a very heart warming event. And only Lord Most High knows why that was so.

Arrival of Serbia nearly lead to tears. Their tough examination by Lord Most High is still fresh in memory. May Lord Most High reward them from His bounties for their patience.

And those of you who are in Barbados, may Lord Most High make you the instrument of spread of His Word in that region.

And all Praise is for Lord Most High who is burning the flame of his love in our hearts, whether we are near home or far away from it. And your distance only makes the heart itch for you. And all Praise if for Lord Most High for that too.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ad Break

(1) Earlier few sayings are the ones that were caught at the fag end of the sitting (majlis) today on Sunday, Septemeber 26, 2010.

(2) We shall try to report the full text from audio recording. Today's duration is of around thirty five minutes. Preparation of transcript will take little bit of time. Initially the incomplete transcript will be posted so as not to make the valuable readers wait.

(3) Reporting of the fag end of the sitting from transcript compared with above posted sayings might give some idea of accuracy of reporting here, even if the two reportings are by the same sources.

(4) Latest twitching in the backgrounds have been done in response to an internal suggestion.

Bitter Gulps

Allah Most High likes when we take bitter gulps. For example to gulp down the anger.

(Sitting on Sunday, September 26, 2010)

Angry Mufti

A Mufti told that he had the disease of anger. He would impulsively resort to hitting. Now his hand is not out of control at all. How did it happen? His advisor told him that display a board in your room that "I have the disease of anger". His wife said that people will think ill of you with such a display. He said that my advisor has said so and that is why I am doing this. Let people think what they want. Those brothers who have done wrong to their wifes must apologize quickly. You still have time.

(Sitting on Sunday, September 26, 2010)

A Precaution

When you have to attend a Funeral Prayer and you are without Ablution then resort to  Proxy Ablution (tayammum) otherwise it quite possible that you'll miss it.

(Sitting on Sunday, September 26, 2010)

Manners of Sitting (Majlis) Again

When you go to a sitting (majlis) then do not look here and there.

(Sitting on Sunday, September 26, 2010)

Taste of Recitation

Shah Fazl-ur-Rehman Sahab (RA) said that the joy I get in recitation, if get even a hint of that, then you'll run away to the jungle, you'll tear off your clothes.

(Sitting on Sunday, September 26, 2010)

Light and Darkness, Continued

The running topic is visible light, internal light, visible darkness and internal darkness. Both of these properties have to be looked at. One has to be adopted another to be given up. That is what is called cleansing of the baser self. How to reform those of our habits that have gone wrong? How to groom them. This is necessary. Otherwise we are in danger. Even a single blame worthy moral trait remaining means that we are in danger. We should ask for protection from entry of even a single blame worthy moral train inside us. We should try. Because of that Lord Most High will cleanse us. But the it is the duty of the servants to try for self correction. Different conditions are faced in life. Sometimes of happiness, other times of sadness. What should every believer do? Keep your sight on the fact that without Lord's permission even a leaf can not move. The problems and troubles that come think about as to where they are coming from. And then what is the steps to face them. The expositors of Islam themselves have told us as to what action to take for a given situation. Today we have adopted materialistic things. On top of that we insist on continuing with that. In actuality this is a rather superficial thing. The materialistic things can provide you with no protection. Allah Most High is the Creator and Lord. We should  turn towards him. We should approach Him. This is why people approached (the Elders ) for Correctional Agreement. How to correct my habits, they would ponder. How to correct my actions. That is purpose of Correctional Agreement. We have trivialized it. We are not trying to benefit from it. We look at the books also but still we do not benefit because we do not listen with an intention to act upon the admonitions. We got the thought of a blame worthy moral trait-anger. It is a natural tendency. But the Doctrine (shariat) has imposed limits on that. How much you can be angry and how much is out of bound. That is decided. We can not decide it for ourselves. Then there are its other aspects, including excellence. Allah Most High likes that gulp when a person gulps the anger down. It is normal that you'll face situations against the preference and liking but you controlled yourself, you act neither verbally nor physically, by hand. You just went through it. Allah Most High likes it a lot. How lovely gulp is this one! Lovable to Allah Most High. There are two types of angers. They are different. One is Doctrinal (of shariah) anger and another is the anger of baser self. When the Doctrine demands you to be angry there you must be angry otherwise you'll be a culprit. They are two things applicable at the same time. One anger is the path to the Heavens, the other anger is the path to the Hell. Now we have to inquire about it. Where does the Doctrine (shariah) demand us  to be angry? And where we must avoid anger. Allah Most High has asked about those who overcome there anger? What does it mean? A situation against liking was encountered and then they overcame the anger. That is what the People of Allah do. The gulp down bitter gulps. It is natural that anger will present itself. So many things come to the mind and sometimes to the tongue too. That is when you can see the depth of the character of a person. When in anger a person goes out of control. That is where Allah Most High has asked to take bitter gulps. This Allah Most High likes a lot.

(These are first five minutes out of total 35 minutes. Please come back to this post later for a complete version.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, September 26, 2010)

Not a Matter of Public Opinion

(I) Was present in a meeting. There a Verse from the Holy Qura'n was recited. After that every one was asked as what was the meaning of that Verse. Why? This will generate the exegesis of the Book, they said. This can not be the way to explain the Holy Qura'n.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

"Who Needs Supplications?"

In Surah Fatiha Lord Most High tells us as to what to supplicate for. More we ask from Him more progress we make. All Praise is for Him. You can not over praise Him, over thank him. Do some recitation of the Holy Qura'n and then ask Lord Most High with reference to this act. This is what is called intercession. Some people criticize that. Why do we approach the King with the help of the Vizier? Because he is close to the King. Hazrat Umar (RA) went for Umra. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) asked him to supplicate for him. If the Prophet (PBUH) requires supplications then who are we to ignore them?

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Will of Lord Most High

Why did the water come inside the house? All by the Will of Lord Most High. Make as many dams as you wish but when Lord wills it all becomes futile. There was a man who was an expert user of hand held village catapult (the gulel). He will hit the place where the target was. In fact it became known that the target will be there where he will aim at. He was sent to the war front. The guns were there, all loaded up. But he could not even lift his hand. All other things became futile when Lord Most High intervened.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Recognize Your Lord

Recognize Allah Most High by his attributes.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Four Aspects of the Opening

Listen to Surah Fatiha very attentively. It has mainly four different aspects.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)


A man was a regular in the sitting (majlis) of a Shaikh. After sometime the person stopped coming to the sittings. Shaikh saw him, one day, on the way. "Have you got promotion?" "Yes, yes, I have become a Professor by the acceptance of your supplications." "I realized that," said the Shaikh. "How?", the person asked. "Well you were so regular in the sittings when you needed the supplications and then you stopped. It meant only one thing. You must have got the promotion." On this the person got a bit embarrassed.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Ah Delhi!

Why do you go to Delhi? Go there not for killing time but to receive admonition. There is a person who lives in Bara Hindurao. He said that I can not look at the Red Fort. When I look at it a piercing pain runs through the heart. This is the place where the King will sit on the Peacock Throne (Takh-e-Ta-oos) and the supplicants will gather in front of him. All that is lost and gone. Why did it happen? Because of our deeds.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Kashmir, Yet Again

We saw the wondrous scenes of Kashmir. Qari Sahab (DB), Tehmeed, Yassir were there too. If you ponder over the wonders of the world then you will receive the knowledge, familiarity with and friendship of Allah Most High (ma-arifat).

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Example of Prophetic (SAW) Love

There is the story of an Elder who loved the Prophet (PBUH) from inside the core of his heart. He was no false claimer to love. He was fond of water melon. He knew that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) too ate water melon but could not found the way it was eaten by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). As a consequence he never ate water melon in his later life.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

In Love with the Prophet (SAW)? Really?

Some people make a lot of fuss about the love of beloved Prophet (PBUH). If you look at their personal life it is mostly devoid of the Prophetic (PBUH) way, the Sunnah. But still they will keep making claims about their love. A person said, in a reply to such a person, that at your place you have lots of claim of love but no evidence and no proof, at our place you have no big claims about love but lots and lots of evidence and proof.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Hold On Fast

What is the Straight Path? That is the path of Sunnah. If you hold fast to the Sunnah Way then you'll end up in the Heavens (Gennah). Today we are holding the rope of Allah by three or four fingers only.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Arabic Language

The language of the Heavens is Arabic. If the actual home of a believer is the Heaven then why do we not make efforts to learn Arabic? We make efforts to learn medical terminology, journalistic terminology, legal terminology (depending upon our vocation) but take no steps towards learning Arabic.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)


It is forbidden to criticize Arab people. That is why the title for Hijaz is Hijaz Muqaddas, Holy Hijaz. That is why we say August Sanctuaries (Harmain Sharifain).

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Reverence of Mosque

When you offer peace and salutation in (salam) then do it in such a way that those who are free can answer it but those who are busy with their Prayers are not distracted. Mufti Muhammed Shafi Sahab (RA) has written a booklet about reverence of Mosque.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Initial declaration

Be very particular about the initial declaration of Lord's Greatness (takbir-i-tehrima). There are 51 Sunnah in Prayer. If you miss initial declaration then you can avail only the rest 50. Be alert so that you do not miss it. Nowadays we indulge in optional things (nawafil) but ignore Sunnah that have higher degree of preference.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Surah Fatiha

Lord Most High said that ask from me.

He also told us as to what to ask for. And what to ask protection from.

First there is His Praise.

Then there is warning.

Then there is declaration of servitude.

Then there is the supplication and the request for protection.

(Sitting on Saturday, September 25, 2010)

"Historical Novels"

Once it was asked to Hazrat Shaikh (DB) whether the books by people like Naseem Hijazi can be read.
 The reply was like this:

"I know about them. They try to recreate the historical scenes. What is the use of that?"

Friday Evening

Today is Friday. Before sunset there is the moment of acceptance of supplications. Reach the Mosque.

(Sitting on Friday, September 24, 2010)

The Scholar

(The scholar who left his Shaikh on hearing that his philosophy is leaving his hear was mentioned to be Allama Razi.)

(Sitting on Friday, September 24, 2010)

"Religious Services are Boring"

Some people do not have their heart in worship (ibadat). The very same heart is usually quite interested in mischievous indulgences. Such people must hurry up to repent. They should worry for their faith and belief. This is a significant treasure and they should protect it.

(Sitting on Friday, September 24, 2010)

Wrong Targets

Today we write books for wrong reasons. I'll become Professor. I'll become famous. How long will it last? With retirement all will be nullified. Write to please Lord Most High. Consequently a senior person said that I have done a lot for the world, now I want to do something to please Lord Most High. He left this world with the same attitude. How did it become possible? Because of connection with the people of Allah. Before coming in their contact this person had written lots of text books at all levels. Some of them are still being used.

There is another sobering and related story. A person wrote a book refuting Lord Most High. May Lord Most High forgive us all. This book got published. Later on this person repented. This was not published. Whoever will read his book will be misguided and the punishment will be increased for this person. I had seen this person. All the time he will be saying, "Brother please supplicate for me." It was a heart rending pleading.

(Sitting on Friday, September 24, 2010)

Meaning of Karim

Karim, that is, generous is the one who gives without distinction. That is what Lord Most High is. (There is a very revealing observation in this regard. A person, who is remembered as brother Shahid,  told  Maulana Abdul Karim Pareekh (RA) that if any distinction was required to receive blessings of Lord Most High then we miserable people would have got nothing.)

(Sitting on Friday, September 24, 2010)

Real Enlightenment

Some people become proud of their shallow knowledge. In reality knowledge is a think that is associated with believers. Hazrat Thanwi (QS) said that knowledge is a light that is granted to a believer. The rest is information. It is common to all. Yahood and Nasara have a lot of that. (Perhaps it is also an explanation of the Prophetic (PBUH) Tradition that beware of discernment of a believer he looks at the things with the light of Allah.)

(Sitting on Friday, September 24, 2010)

Fear and People of Allah

Now we understand the meaning of the saying by Haji Sahab (QS) that I fear none except my baser self and Satan the cursed. People of Allah fear none. Some of them live even in jungles and fear neither the wild animals nor the dacoits. And if someone messes up with them then the consequences are rather grave. There is an example of a person dragging Shah Hardoi (QS) into the Court. The Seer was surprised but adopted complete silence. This litigant, who was a lawyer, suffered paralysis which affected his practice. This in turn lead to his undoing and ultimately he expired. The Seer told that I had not prayed against him.

(Sitting on Friday, September 24, 2010)

On Fear

Qari Sahab (DB) tells one thing about fear. We fear material things. We fear a lion but we do not think as to Who has created the lion. We fear missiles. We do not think about Who has put the missile technology into people's heart. We do not fear Him. You have to fear at least one. Either the Creator or the created. Fear is a natural instinct. It needs proper channelization. There have been incidents reported from Russia where children were playing with bombs like football and pulling tanks by tying them with shoulder cloths.

(Sitting on Friday, September 24, 2010)

Why are the Shaikhs Strict?

Shaikhs make stringent demands because they want to cleanse us of the dirt that is brimming inside us. When a person becomes unconscious then people shake him up, don't they? That is the parable for Shaikh's attitude.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

"Why Should I Follow a Human Like Me?"

If you follow your Shaikh then you shall be following the Prophet (PBUH). If you follow the Prophet (PBUH) then you shall be following Lord Most High. Shaikh is not pushing his agenda.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Put Your Trust in Lord Most High

Trust Allah only. Not even the knowledge and sciences. A storm comes and makes all technology useless.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Be On Guard

Keep supplicating for the protection of your faith. In the Holy book Lord Most High has advised us to worry about our faith. "Oh Lord do not turn away our hearts after guiding us."

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Mountain of Molehill

People have created an issue of extraordinary proportions out of a coming judgment.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

"I Too Shall Explain"

Maulana Taqi Usmani (DB) has said that the Holy Book can not be explained by looking at the dictionary. Ali Miyan (RA) when requested to write an exegesis of the Holy Qura'n said that I can not gather courage. If a single word is transposed then how will I answer on the Day of Judgment? Today you can see Exegesis Circles in every Mosque.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

The Message

Holy Prophet (SAW) delivered his message from a mountain. People rejected it, especially the Quraish. On the other hand, by now, the message has reached all over the globe. Who spread it? Only Lord Most High.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Surah Najm and Tur

In Surah Najm and Surah Tur Allah Most High reminds us about the creation. Did they, the unbelievers, create the things or Lord Most High. This is a rhetorical question which is asked at various places in the Holy Qura'n. When Hazrat Shaikh (DB) tells the sentences that Lord Most High has spoken directly to the people then, in the siting (majlis), the effect is rather mesmerizing. The words get directly transferred to  the heart. This occurs but rarely.

"Were they created by nothing, or were they themselves the creators?

Or that the unseen is with them, and they write it down? "

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Creator of Means

The order is given to Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) that declare he order to perform Haj. "Oh Lord I am alone in the midst of mountains. How can my voice reach the intended audience?" The order came that you speak. The task of transportation of your message is on Us. And it was. Tens of millions perform the pilgrimage each year. Who communicated the voice of the Prophet to the people?

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Welcome Followers

All the five followers till date, namely, Abdul Salih, Shafeeq Rahman, Amna H., Afifa Kaleemullah and Taki are hereby welcomed. It is a pleasure to welcome all the visitors from more than two dozen countries. This coming together for the sake of Lord Most High will, Lord Almighty willing, be very reassuring when assurance will be most required. May Lord Almighty accept your arrival and the effort of the contributors. Accept Oh Lord merely by your Grace.

The Tough Times

We keep hearing of the news like cloud bursting. Plane disappearing. Immediately turn to Lord Most High. Whenever a thing happens that is against our nature then it is all but natural that we will feel the pain but we must avoid to create a fuss about that. People say that wrath of Lord will not come to believers. This is a wishful thinking. If the Prophets (AS) were not exempted then who are we?

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Create No Fuss

 Water came inside the house. This was all Lord's wish. This does not warrant any fuss. When water will enter his chambers Shah Muhammed Ahmed (QS) will confine himself to a corner. No fuss. This is about a man who was Scholar of scholars.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Kashmir Again

In summer people head to hill stations. To see beautiful scenes and for good weather. If we ponder over them then that is a significant source of knowing Lord Most High. Got a chance to visit Kashmir. There we were at the bank of a river. The water was very cold. It has rained too. That is when Lord Most High put a an idea in the heart. It was suggested to the companion that let us Pray two units of optional Prayers. There is a lake in Kashmir that is eighteen miles long ans a mile deep. Just imagine how deep the oceans will be? There was a guest house at the lake where you could see different colours of water. There is a well in Haram that is accessible to selected people only. It is two hundred feet deep. After zum zum its water is second in holiness. If you ponder over these things then you'll get affinity with Lord Most High. Look at all these things with the purpose of seeking admonition.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

A Benefit of Self Cleansing

 Those who have cleansed their baser selves, to them Lord Most High grants solace of heart.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Our Predecessors

 Our predecessors used to act for Lord Most High only. Once it so happened with Shah Hardoi (RA) that after the train started moving from the station on which he has been off by the associates he realized that there is some weight in the kurta pocket. It turned out to be an envelope with significant amount. The person who slipped it in took so much of precaution that Hazrat (RA) never  knew as to when he did it. The reverse things too are known to happen. Yesterday an associate went for reservation to the station. There was not much crowd on the counter. This person is a businessman but still his mobile was flicked at the station.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Unexpected Results

 A seeker got results in the direction of darkness rather than light as a consequence of indulging in more acts of worship than his routine. It was told to him that Satans keep roaming around. Whenever they find somebody indulging in acts of worshiping they try to make it difficult for him. The flies are, after all, attracted to sweets.
When too many distracting thoughts come to the mind then address your baser self. Tell your baser self that you do your work I am doing mine.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Why Purity of Intent?

When we indulge in actions purely for the sake of  Lord Most High the He is pleased that this person has done this thing just for me. Even human beings do not like adulteration. We do not like milk mixed with water. We do not like adulteration in our regular retail shopping. remove the adulteration from acts of worship too. This will lead to peace of heart.

(Sitting on Thursday, September 23, 2010)

When You Step Out For Allah

A person decided to migrate for sake of Allah. He was an expert educationist. After migration he did not have any source of livelihood. He prepared pudding to sell on a road side cart. Somebody said that this looks like an exquisite preparation. Where did you get the recipe? He told that it was his grandmothers recipe. This lead to him being identified as a highly qualified person. He got a significant job, built a house and retired from a high post, with pension. He got this all for migrating for sake of Lord Most High.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

The Real King, Lord Most High

 Allah Most High has the full right to forgive even Satan the cursed. Not body can question Him. None can point a finger at Him.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Benefits of Fearing One

 If you fear then fear only one. Then others will fear you. A king became angry with a person who happened to be Friend of Allah. This person was thrown into the cage of a hungry Lion. Next day it was asked to check the cage. The expectation was that, of this man,  even bones will not be there to see. It was found that he was still there completely unharmed. The Lion was licking his feat. People asked him that did you not fear the Lion? He said I was too busy in pondering over the question whether after his licking it is allowed to Pray or not.People of Allah say that even if there is the fear of life we will stick to the truth.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Abdul Azeem Dabbagh (RA)

 (We have seen the case of an Elder who could tell the difference between the recitation of the Holy Qura'n, the Prophetic Traditions and the compositions of a philosopher by listening to them though he himself was illiterate.) His name was Abdul Azeem Dabbagh (RA). The people who tested him included religious scholars.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Misconstruing the Permission

When a Shaikh gives Permission to disciple, the bestowing of caliphate, it only means that you are now ready to take the task of inner correction of other people. Today people think that since I have got a Permission therefore I have become a big person. People should bring gifts to me. They should show respect for me.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Knee Jerk Reaction

When Shaikh gives some instructions we start giving excuses. Why? Is the Shaikh asking to follow his own desires? All he says is that I have benefitted by acting upon such and such a thing and I want you also to benefit.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

The Difficult Steps in Life

When Maulana Gangohi returned home after his education he found that his father is listening to qawwali. Maulana tells him that music is expressly forbidden. These were the God fearing people. The father did not debate with the son. He simply stopped listening to qawwali. In the night the son was pressing the legs of the father, as is the tradition in religious and conservative families. The son felt that the legs are a bit moistened. He told it to his father and asked as to what is the matter. The father said that when I got the urge to commune with my Lord then I will indulge in listening to qawwali. Now that you have forbidden that I am passing my moments in internal suffocation.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010) 

A Date

Let us take the date Friday, 9 Ramadan AH 1361. The internet converters from Hijri to Gregorian calendar will give a slightly different result but in reality it will correspond to 18 September, 1942 AC. The place is the village Khajoor in Tehsil Dalmau of District Raebareilly, Uttar Pradesh. So there we are. That is the date of birth of Hazrat Shaikh (DB). The archeologist who digs out such information is Muft Muhammed Usama.

Dr Mujtaba Nadwi

Dr Mujtaba is a journalist. He has worked for many many years for ETV Urdu. He was educated at Ashrafu-ul-Madaris, Hardoi, Nawatul Ulama, Lucknow and the Aligarh Muslim University. He has a doctorate in Arabic language. He has been involved in production of documentaries on Muslims. His journalistic instincts show up in pamphlets of the sayings of Hazrat Shaikh (DB), in Urdu, that he sometimes distributes in the sitting (majlis).

Hazrat Shaikh (DB) has Cast a Glance

Hazrat Shaikh (DB) has cast his glances on this blog last night. It was arranged by Dr Mujtaba Nadwi. Permission for setting it up was sought with considerable trepidation. Though some scholars are in favour of using modern means of communication for returning the trust of the people, that is the message of Islam, to them but our Elders do not approve of the internet. Those who use internet know why. (See the hint here, for example.) By the Grace of Lord Most High Hazrat Shaikh (DB) liked the blog and praised the efforts. And Lord Almighty is the Provider of all the blessings.

Nazar Kardam, Nazar Kardam, Nazar Kardam

Repetition as a device of emphasis is not used in English. In eastern societies is a norm. For example the word for a book in Malay is buku. For books it is buku-buku. Similarly in Urdu  words are repeated for accentuating the feeling. In the title of the present post Shaikh Sultan Najmuddin Kubra (RA) is reassuring, in Persian,  Hafiz Shirazi that he (the Shaikh) as cast his glances, that is spiritual attention, on Hafiz to calm down his (Hafiz's) inner turmoil.

The story can be gleamed from two booklets of Hakim Akhtar Sahab (DB). These are What is the Reality of Tasawwuf and the other is Connection with Allah. The summary is as follows. Hafiz Shirazi is one of seven sons of a businessman. Other brothers pay attention to business and Hafiz is preoccupied with spiritual matters. He is already in spiritual turmoil. He has left for jungle. Father does not like it and says that Hafiz is not worthy of being his son. Shaikh Kubra gets the inspiration to search for and mentor Hafiz in his search for Lord Most High. even the face of Hafiz is shown in a dream. The Shaikh arrives in Shiraz and the businessman is asked to call his sons to present themselves to the Shaikh. All six of them are there. The Shaikh says that I not looking for anyone of them. Is there any other son? Yes, the unworthy one. The Shaikh goes to the jungle and finds Hafiz. Next it is Hafiz's turn to speak of his state. "If my sighs have any effect, my beloved is sure to come my way." On seeing the Shaikh Hafiz cried out for casting a soothing glance on his miserable condition. And The Shaikh (RA) assures him, "I have cast a glance, I have cast a glance, I have cast a glance".

A Convention

In the present blog sometimes English words have capitalization of initial letter in the cases not warranted by the language. This is an indication that the word carries some special meaning. Such cases will be, Lord willing, collected in the page called the GLOSSARY whose link appears just blow the blog title. Since this a developing list of technical terms it will be beneficial to keep visiting that page. Acronyms too will be updated in there only.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Treatment of Prophets (AS)

The Prophets (AS) would warn the people but the people would laugh at them. At last the Prophet (AS) would say that laugh as you may but there will come a moment when you'll cry.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Get the Best Out of Friendship

If you make friendship then do so with the People of Allah. They will call you towards religion. Today we make fun of religion. Is this suitable for a Muslim?

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Even Then Look at It

I usually urge the Memorizers (huffaz)of the Holy Qura'n to recite at least once by looking at the Book. When you recite by memory you do not receive the benefits of Viewing the Holy Book. They have reported that it is quite useful.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

A Very Beneficial Good Deed

Find some time to indulge in remembrance of Lord Most High. For example recite a Paragraph (ruku'a) of the Holy Qura'n after each Prayer. Very soon you'll finish a Part of the Book. This is very useful. You'll derive the benefits of (1) Recitation, (2) Listening and (3) Viewing the Holy Qura'n.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Source of Relief

The route cause of relief is religion.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

An Effect of Remembrance of Allah Most High

Remembrance of Lord Most High sometimes lead to a state of ecstasy.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

The Real Supplication

Actual supplication is the supplication for religion. That is what will be useful.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Effect of Purifying the Intent

Reform your intentions. In a sitting (majlis) there might be hundreds of people but how many of them get the real benefit? Only those whose intentions are pure. Theses are the people who become, later on, Knowers of Allah (arifbillah).

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Effect of Sins

If you will indulge in sins then darkness will engulf you. Peace of heart will be lost.

(Sitting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

Nazra bar Qadam, Nazar bar Qadam

Qari Sahab (DB) once told that once they were at a hill station with Shah Hardoi (RA). These are the places with considerable liberty in dress code. When they came out for a stroll in that place then immediately Shah Hardoi said, "Nazar bar qadam, nazar bar qadam." (Sights on feet, sights on feet.)

Thus Spake Qari Sahab (DB)-3

Shah Hardoi (RA) used to say that when you tell about your home then say that your temporary home is in say, Kashmir but permanent one is the Heaven.

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

Thus Spake Qari Sahab (DB)-2

The preparation for the hereafter is to be done in this world. The hereafter is the place for the returns.

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

Thus Spake Qari Sahab (DB)-1

When you wake up then recite All Praise is for Lord (Alhamdulillah) three time and then the Pure Word (kalma-e-taiyyaba) three time and then the supplication for getting up. How many of us are practicing that today?

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

Valuing People of Allah

Qari Sahab (DB) lives in Hardoi but people do not approach him there. What is the use of visiting him just by the way. If you will avoid committing sins then you'll get a desire in your heart to meet the People of Allah, own your own.

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

A Simple Suggestion

Spare some time to indulge in remembrance of Lord. Go and sit in the company of People of Allah.

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

Superficial Actions

Today there is a rush to have a Correction Agreement (bayt) with the Elders. What does it accomplish? To get cured by a physician it is a not at all necessary to have a friendship with him.

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

A Weak Excuse

Every sin is the gateway of the Hell. It is obligatory to give up sinning. But just remind the people and they start giving excuses and will add, "May Allah forgive. People in the family do not agree for a simple marriage. Where will we spend if not in the marriages? These things do not happen everyday."

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

Zero Sum Game

Why are our shortcomings not getting corrected? The simple reason is that we are not worrying about our correction. Our Prayers are faulty, our Prayer Calls are faulty and so is our Recitation of the Holy Qura'n.

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

A Dead End

One who turns away his face from the Doctrine (shariat) will never succeed.

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

The Declaration of Greatness of Lord

Lord Most High has put the matter related to the declaration of Greatness of Allah in the heart (of Hazrat Shaikh (DB)). If a person realizes the meaning of this declaration then it, for sure, have an effect on him.

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

Manners of Sitting (Majlis)

Why are the sittings (majalis) held? There are some manners prescribed for sittings. Some people will sit in the gathering and will look to their and to their right. Grace of Lord Most High is raining but these people are getting deprived of that. Shah Hardoi (RA) used to be furious about this. Will anybody dare to look around in the court of a King? Same is the matter of mobile. Make it a point to switch off the mobile before entering any sitting (majlis).

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

Let us Realize

There will be a difficult moment that we shall face. We are oblivious to that. We indulge in sinning openly.

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

Do We Realize?

A believer is a special person of Lord Most High, a chosen one. Should he, then commit sins?

(Sitting on Monday, September 20, 2010)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jihad Well Placed

Jihad is valid only when it is permitted by the Doctrine (shariah). There are rules for that. Today so many Mosques are left unattended. And then so much of bloodshed for one.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

The Suggestion and the Edict

The male believers are asked to cast their glances low. then female believers are asked to cast their glances low. These are the advices gives by the Creator. He created and it He who is giving the advice. Then later on only the female and male believers are ordered to protect their private parts.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Get the Right Point of View

Mountains, rivers and all the scenery, these are the treasures and means to understand God.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Pushing Women to Limits

Today lots of strange responsibilities have been thrust upon women. Beloved Prophet(SAW) had said that a time will come when women folks will be doing this kind of things. Companions (RA) were surprised as to how that was possible. But they believed all that was told to them by the blessed Prophet (SAW). Today we are witness to those things which was a matter of faith for the Companions (RA).

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

A Strange Comparison

All the Companions are present. Beloved Prophet asks a question. The answer, given by the Companions, is completely in the affirmative.

This has a strange resonance with the scene in the beginning of the world. All the souls are present. Lord Most high asks a question. All the souls reply in the affirmative.

There yet another scene. All the angels are present. And Adam. All the angels are asked to bow before Adam. There is complete compliance. Except for Satan. That made him cursed. And he shall remain so till the end.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

A Suggestion by Muhi-us-Sunnah (QS)

Go in solitude and address your baser self. "Will you not have to go to the Field of Reckoning?" "Will you not to die one day?" "Will you not face Lord Most High one day?" If tears come to your eyes in this process then it is even better because these are the tears that will dowse the fire of Hell.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Ponder Over Human Body

Ponder over the colours of various body parts. Different skin colours. Difference in the skin of palm and the back of the hand. Bones are white and not black. These are the sciences that are meant for recognizing Lord Most High. We have dumped them all to acquire the worldly riches.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Worry, Worry, Worry

Whatever you do, do it for Allah Most High. We have wasted so much of our life. Just like that.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

E-mail Security

A person has written a software to improve email security. But who put that idea into his heart? This kind of things will be presented as evidence from Lord Almighty.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

SIM Card of Man

Brain is man's SIM card. There is patch up work in surgery for other body parts but not for the brain.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Purpose of Science

Today we study science to make money. If you study it to be familiar with Allah Most High then you will be left praising him to the highest possible levels.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)


We will be asked to account for the actions of all of our body parts. Allah Most High put the following idea in the heart that the mind is not included in that. This is such an important part but still exempted.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Secret of Success

Success depends upon good deeds.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

What is the use of my supplications?

Today we ignore supplications. Moreover people say that what is the use of my supplications I am such a sinner. This is a loss. If Lord Most High answers the supplications of the disbelievers then why should believers not supplicate?

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

What do do in Uncertain Times

People are worried about a coming event. The simple thing to do is to indulge in excess of Asking for Forgivence (astaghfar). Lord willing nothing will happen. And that is destined by Him to take place that can not be stoped by anybody.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Why did it happen?

Yesterday, during a call, there was no talking but twelve rupees got deducted from the account. Why? There must have been some failing on our part. Moreover Allah Almighty will ask as to how we spent those twelve rupees.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Road to Peaceful Life

If a man keeps himself busy in Remembrance (of Lord Most High) and Pondering (over the hereafter) then he shall live a peaceful life, Lord willing.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Importance of Leaders

So many political leaders came to the world and they are gone. This too is a class of mortal beings.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

A Possibility

On the day of judgment Allah Most High may ask that I gave you a Shaikh, how did you discharge corresponding duties?

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Hazrat Ibraheem (AS)

It is He who created Hazrat Ibraheem (AS), He gave him sustenance but then he got the title of Friend (khalil) of Allah Most. Why? The obvious answer is that Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) was subjected to a lot of extreme testing.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

A Constant Supplication

Keep supplicating for lawful livelihood.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Future Plan

Think like this: Whatever life I have left I shall spend it in remembering Allah Most High.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

A Will by Muhi-us-Sunnah (QS)

When Muhi-us-Sunnah Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Haqqi (QS) drew curtains from this perishable world Hazrat Shaikh (DB) returned to Aligarh after nearly two weeks. At that time he said that Muhi-us-Sunnah (QS) had said that my associates should recite Surah Ikhlas three times, both in the morning and evening, and transfer the reward to (eesaal-e-sawaab) me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Administrative Matter

Some of the local patrons of Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh have inquired about the lack of any contact mechanism on the present blog. Obviously they do not suffer because of this lacuna. They are being contacted by people outside Aligarh. As was hinted earlier the purpose of this blog is not to provide a discussion forum, let alone a debating ground. The main purpose is to present the sayings of Hazrat Shaikh (DB) and describe his circumstances. It is understandable that some of the kind visitors will have a strong urge to contact the blog or Hazrat Shaikh (DB) himself. As far as latter is concerned the matter below Assalamualaikum title on the left of of the first post of each display has enough indication so as to write a letter to Hazrat Shaikh (DB). The manners told by the Elders tell us to enclose a self addressed and stamped envelope to receive a reply. Because of lack of human resources we are unable to handle email communication, including Fatwa service. Audio files of Hazrat Shaikh (DB)'s sermons too will take sometime to appear. All Praise is for Lord Most High for putting the inclination towards Him in your hearts. May He reward you all from His bounties. Remember us all, including Hazrat Shaikh (DB), his family and all concerned, in your supplications.

And Lord Most High gives without accounts to whomsoever He wishes.

Tuesday Evening Scene

Because of some problems the Shatabdi Express by which Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB) was going to Lucknow came back to Aligarh from Tundala and then left via Bareilly, which is a much longer route.
The gathering after tea time got converted into a Special Sitting (khas majlis). Hazrat Shaikh (DB) said that in 1965 it was requested of Hazrat Shah Wasiullah Sahab (RA) to come to Aligarh. The Seer measured the waters. Alright convince me as to why should I visit Aligarh, he inquired. "Hazrat there is already an establishments there and thus benefits to the people will be easy to disseminate."  It is to be remembered that father of Hazrat Shaikh (DB), Hakim Ifhamullah Sahab (RA), a member of the Advisory Board (Shoora) of Darul-Uloom, Deoband,  was a Friend of Allah of high stature. A similar request was presented by the people for a visit to Mumbai (then Bombay). "Why should I visit Bombay, I have more work to do here?", he demanded in that case. "Bombay is visited by more people and hence more people will benefit by your presence," it was replied. He got convinced by both and later on said that I want to visit Aligarh and Bombay and then present myself in Prophetic Court (darbar-e-risalat) (PBUH). "I have no desire to live further and I am not scared of death", he added. He visited Aligarh in 1965 and Mumbai a year later. He left this perishable world in 1967. Verily we are for our Lord and unto Him is our return.

Shah Wasiullah Sahab (RA) was from Allahabad. Hazrat Shaikh (DB) narrated an incidence related to him. Shah Wasiullah Sahab (RA) called back all the close people, five or six of them,  immediately after a Special Sitting and repeatedly said the hypocrisy will not do, hypocrisy will not do. He must have got the premonition (kashf) that someone's intentions have got corrupted. This, in all probability, had some relevance for the current sitting (majlis) for Hazrat Shaikh (DB) added with considerable pain that his attendances at various Elders places have been in relation to his own Seeking (talab) ( and not as son of a somebody or a son-in-law of somebody). (There will always be new people reading this so it should be added that Hazrat Shaikh (DB) is son-in-law of Muhi-us-Sunnah (QS).) We dirty people keep giving trouble to our Elders. It reminds us of the Prophetic (PBUH) event in which the beloved Prophet (PBUH), after breaking the intention of a Prayer that he was leading, declared that some people attend Prayers without Ablution. May Lord Almighty endow us with high regard for our elders and a purity of our intentions. And no opportunity comes except from Lord Most High.

(Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

Special Sitting (Majlis)

The way the kings have General Court (darbar-e-aam) and Special (darbar-e-khas) similarly People of Allah have two types of sittings (majalis) : general and special. The special people do not merely have access to special sittings but the have stringer requirements too. A Vizier can not afford to commit the mistakes committed by the common people.

(A common saying)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Evening Scene

It has rained on Monday, September 20, 2010 but the roads are not flooded. All Praise to Lord Most High for  that. There are more people in the sitting (majlis) than usual. This is usual in presence of Qari Sahab (DB). Apart from chairs for Hazrat Shaikh (DB) and Qari Sahab (DB) there is also a sofa set chair already in the sitting (majlis) room today. During the sitting Sufi Zaheeruddin Ahmed (DB) comes to occupy that. Just a few years back he could be seen riding his Kinetic Honda scooter but today he looks a bit frail, though he is hefty in body constitution. Hazrat Shaikh (DB), against the usual habit, addresses him and says that he should sit in the sitting as long as he feels like doing it and then leave. The sitting, in fact, is not very long because of rains and the shortened time between the Asr and Maghrib Prayers. There is another old face in the sitting after a very long time. That is Asif Khan Sahab (DB). Few years back Hazrat Shaikh (DB) has told that he is of the same age as Hakim Akhtar Sahab (DB). Asif Khan Sahab is the son-in-law of Hazrat Masiullah Khan Sahab Jalalabadi (DB)'s brother.  He sits to the right of Hazrat Shaikh (DB) at the tea time. Why? Because Shah Hardoi (RA) told me to sit here and that is where I shall sit. Lord  is Great.

Sunday Evening Scene

On Sunday evenings Hazrat Shaikh (DB)'s clinic (matab) is closed. At tea time on Sunday, September 19, 2010 two people are planning to go to the railway station in their respective cars. These are Advocate Muhammed Yusuf and Professor Abdul Wasay Usmani. A husband-wife family and an Elder with a helper are arriving by Shatabdi Express coming from Lucknow. Yusuf Sahab seeks permission for one more person to accompany them to the station. Hazrat Shaikh(DB) gives the permission but inquires as to who will sit in which car. (Even minute details does not escape the watchful eyes of the People of Allah.) Car occupents are fixed by Hazrat Shaikh (DB). You leave Anona House and there is water every where. Inside Anona House and on roads. From Tibbia College to Clock Tower there is even more water. No possibility of reaching station by Anoop Shahar Road. Take the route from the other side of Jawahar Bhawan, the Tibbia College Hospital side.

Bye my platform ticket too, Professor Usmani shouts, I am following you. Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah (QS) had very strict instructions about platform tickets. It has rained all day and the chances are that the train might be delayed. The helper traveling with the Elder was asked, in Anona House, as to where the train was at that time. He can not identify the location. How can you? It is all cloudy and evening. You reach the station and find out that the train is on time. All Praise is for Lord Most High.

The train enters the platform half an hour late. Shatabdi's are great trains and this one is even better. Just like European trains. The hosts scramble to reach the C4 compartment gate but the guests are already on the platform by the time they reach. The Elder who has landed on the platform is the Remainder of the Pious Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB). He walks with personal support, that is, with help of some helper. One stairs up and another to stairs down is to be covered to come out of the railway station. The helper traveling with the Shaikh notices that the local person supporting the Shaikh is not used to it. He takes over as soon as the Shaikh descends from the stairs.

By the time all are in the cars it is just two minutes to Isha Prayers. In spite of flooded roads Professor Usmani plans to land the Shaikh directly in the mosque. By the time the cars reach the mosque the Congregation is already in progress and in no way it can be availed for the Shaikh has to perform Ablution too. Let us go inside the house, you have made your effort to reach the congregation.

On the way, when rains were mentioned, the Shaikh told that this is all punishment from Lord Most High. People of Allah can see that. We, the dirty people, can not. We shall get caught in the web of monsoon, cyclone, depression and erratic weather and all that. We do not, or more appropriately, can not see beyond means.

Qari Sahab (DB) will leave on Tuesday morning for Hardoi.

Completely Lost

Our children are heading to Hell but we are not concerned about that. We are worrying about their present material world only.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, September 19, 2010)

A Charisma of Qasim Nanotwi (NM)

People said to him to make a few admonitions. He made a sigh. After the praise of Allah and Darood recited a hadees and then said, "God is Great". This itself lead to the sobbing of people.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, September 19, 2010)

Not Taking Seriously

To learn correct recitation of requisite passages from the Holy Qura'n is Personal Duty (fard-e-ain). So many of our Prayers (salah) are getting wasted because of negligence in proper recitation. Even if somebody reminds people react by simply saying, "May Allah forgive me". Very few people are working in Jama't. Someone may ask as to why are they there in the field, after all Islam was completed long ago. The answer is that they are on the road so that we can identify our short comings. Others only indulge in the slogans of May Allah forgive me.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, September 19, 2010)

Pride in Sickness

Today we say with pride that we have Correctional Relationship with that Shaikh. This destroys the objective.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, September 19, 2010)

Division of Labour Again

Wherever you are working do your work with purity of intent (ikhlas). Indulge not in the game of my Shaikh, my monastery, my Jama't. The objective is our self reform, not fame.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, September 19, 2010)

You have Disgraced Yourself

Another example is of Syed Sulaiman Nadwi (RA). When he returned from his first visit to Thana Bhawan in which he had approached Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (QS) for Correctional Relationship another scholar reproached him. You have disgraced yourself, he said. The rebuke is even more pungent in Urdu. You have got your nose chopped off. You are like an ocean of knowledge. Syed Sulaiman Nadwi (RA) was patient. If you consider me to be an ocean then you consider yourself to be less than that. If that is the case then you must have visited Thana Bhawan even before me!

Later on this person understood the significance of the step taken by Syed Sulaiman Nadwi (RA) and himself approached Hazrat Thanwi (QS) for Correctional Relationship. He wrote a letter in Arabic to the Seer. Hazrat Thanwi (QS) replied that you have the ability to write in Urdu but you chose Arabic to communicate. Why? To show off your abilities? The person again realised his mistake and apologized.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, September 18, 2010)

Power of the King

When a king becomes angry he shakes up everybody. How to humour him? Please the Vizier. Who is the Vizier for us? Our beloved Prophet, may Peace and Blessings of Lord Almighty be upon him. To please him we should follow him. It should also have the purity of intent (ikhlas). Today, though we talk of it, but we do not practice it. It is like reading the words but not understanding the meaning. It is like knowing the name of the sweets but not knowing their taste. That is why Maulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi (RA) went to Haji Sahab(NM). Haji Sahab (NM) did not know the names of the sweets but he knew the taste. Our condition today mirrors that. We know the names of the sweets but do not know their taste.

(Sitting (majlis) on Saturday, September 18, 2010)

In Unpleasant Times

When faced with the conditions against their liking the People of Allah resort to patience and steadfastness. "O Lord all praise is for Thee in all circumstances", they say. Those who will be patient and steadfast in this rain the will get their reward from Lord Most High.Also why are these things occurring? The reason is that we have angered our Lord Almighty. Indulge in plenty of Repentance.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, September 19, 2010)


Meteorology is derived from Greek words. Meteoros means high in the sky and logia is for study. Basically it is about weather studies and short term predictions. The related field of climatology is concerned with time averages of weather phenomena. Both have become relevant for our blog because we are concerned with the circumstances of our beloved Shaikh (DB). Professor Abdul Wasay Usmani said that I have not seen such rains fifty years. News regarding floods in Pakistan remains painful. Just before sitting (majlis) time the scene at Anona House was strange, as it has been earlier too. Water was flowing into rather than out of Anona House. From outside you feel that you are alone to adventure inside. That is not so. Sitting (majlis) is on. There are enough people around. Who can deter the people of Lord Most High? And all praise is for Lord Almighty for that. Moreover there are two relatively senior functionaries of Jama't in the sitting (majlis). May Lord Most High provide us their blessings for all times to come. Accept O Lord merely by your Grace and Mercy.

(About Sunday Evening, September 19, 2010)

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