Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wrong Targets

Today we write books for wrong reasons. I'll become Professor. I'll become famous. How long will it last? With retirement all will be nullified. Write to please Lord Most High. Consequently a senior person said that I have done a lot for the world, now I want to do something to please Lord Most High. He left this world with the same attitude. How did it become possible? Because of connection with the people of Allah. Before coming in their contact this person had written lots of text books at all levels. Some of them are still being used.

There is another sobering and related story. A person wrote a book refuting Lord Most High. May Lord Most High forgive us all. This book got published. Later on this person repented. This was not published. Whoever will read his book will be misguided and the punishment will be increased for this person. I had seen this person. All the time he will be saying, "Brother please supplicate for me." It was a heart rending pleading.

(Sitting on Friday, September 24, 2010)