Sunday, September 26, 2010

Light and Darkness, Continued

The running topic is visible light, internal light, visible darkness and internal darkness. Both of these properties have to be looked at. One has to be adopted another to be given up. That is what is called cleansing of the baser self. How to reform those of our habits that have gone wrong? How to groom them. This is necessary. Otherwise we are in danger. Even a single blame worthy moral trait remaining means that we are in danger. We should ask for protection from entry of even a single blame worthy moral train inside us. We should try. Because of that Lord Most High will cleanse us. But the it is the duty of the servants to try for self correction. Different conditions are faced in life. Sometimes of happiness, other times of sadness. What should every believer do? Keep your sight on the fact that without Lord's permission even a leaf can not move. The problems and troubles that come think about as to where they are coming from. And then what is the steps to face them. The expositors of Islam themselves have told us as to what action to take for a given situation. Today we have adopted materialistic things. On top of that we insist on continuing with that. In actuality this is a rather superficial thing. The materialistic things can provide you with no protection. Allah Most High is the Creator and Lord. We should  turn towards him. We should approach Him. This is why people approached (the Elders ) for Correctional Agreement. How to correct my habits, they would ponder. How to correct my actions. That is purpose of Correctional Agreement. We have trivialized it. We are not trying to benefit from it. We look at the books also but still we do not benefit because we do not listen with an intention to act upon the admonitions. We got the thought of a blame worthy moral trait-anger. It is a natural tendency. But the Doctrine (shariat) has imposed limits on that. How much you can be angry and how much is out of bound. That is decided. We can not decide it for ourselves. Then there are its other aspects, including excellence. Allah Most High likes that gulp when a person gulps the anger down. It is normal that you'll face situations against the preference and liking but you controlled yourself, you act neither verbally nor physically, by hand. You just went through it. Allah Most High likes it a lot. How lovely gulp is this one! Lovable to Allah Most High. There are two types of angers. They are different. One is Doctrinal (of shariah) anger and another is the anger of baser self. When the Doctrine demands you to be angry there you must be angry otherwise you'll be a culprit. They are two things applicable at the same time. One anger is the path to the Heavens, the other anger is the path to the Hell. Now we have to inquire about it. Where does the Doctrine (shariah) demand us  to be angry? And where we must avoid anger. Allah Most High has asked about those who overcome there anger? What does it mean? A situation against liking was encountered and then they overcame the anger. That is what the People of Allah do. The gulp down bitter gulps. It is natural that anger will present itself. So many things come to the mind and sometimes to the tongue too. That is when you can see the depth of the character of a person. When in anger a person goes out of control. That is where Allah Most High has asked to take bitter gulps. This Allah Most High likes a lot.

(These are first five minutes out of total 35 minutes. Please come back to this post later for a complete version.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, September 26, 2010)