Thursday, September 30, 2010

Solace for Hearts in Agony

Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB) usually tells some couplets in place of admonitions or as a way of admonition. He usually also tells the poets name. One of the couplets that is many times recited by him is

He is the solace of disturbed hearts, he is the light of the eyes,
He is the destination of lovers, that is the glory of honourable one.

(Bechain dil ke chain hain, ankhon ke noor hain,
Manzil hain aashiqon ki, ye shan-e-huzoor hai.)

The couplet is about beloved Prophet (PBUH) but the poet was not mentioned. It is Maulana Badar Alam (RA).
(Courtesy : Ashrafia. For Urdu version see here.)