Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crucial Factors for Benefit

There are two crucial factors for benefiting from People of Allah-to have confidence in them and love for them.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

From Remembrance to Recitation

If you indulge in Remembrance of Allah then it shall lead to an interest in Recitation of the Holy Qur'an.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Sources of Freshness and Tedium

If you'll indulge in Remembrance of Allah then your soul shall receive freshness. In useless talk and sins you'll start yawning.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Searching for Solitude

However expert be a Shaikh he shall be looking for solitude. That is when they get their communication done with Allah Most High.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Follow the Doctrine

Wherever the Doctrine (Shariat) has asked to raise your hands then do so and if forbidden then stop. These are the things that you learn from the People of Allah.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Sittings and Sermons

A sermon can be of two hours but sittings (majalis) are of twenty five to thirty or forty minutes.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Inviting Wrath of Allah

To commit atrocity on someone is like giving invitation to wrath of Allah Almighty. The higher level thing is that none is troubled by you.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Strengthen the Relationship with Shaikh

If you establish a relationship with a Shaikh then strengthen it. Why do you establish a relationship? It because you want the hereafter to be taken care of. So strengthen you relationship with your mentor. There was a person from an innovative family. He established relationship with Ali Miyan (RA). After some time he started declaring that I have broken my relationship with Shaikh. Why did he establish the relationship at all in the first place? Was it for getting gifts and all?

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Exit State of Believer

The glory of a believer is that when he leaves this world he does so with the name of Allah on his tongue. This is what happened with my Shaikh (RA). He left this world with the name of Allah on his lips. There was so much of charm on his face that it is difficult to describe. The beard looked as if pearls will start scattering around from it.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

The Cubicles

The monasteries (khanqahs) of people of Allah used to have very small rooms in which the seekers will spend their time during their reformation process.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Recitation of Personal Name

Masha-ikh cultivate the habit of recitation of Personal Name of God (Allah) to the extent that even in inattentive moments the same name will come out of tongue.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Diverting the Resources

Today we use our tongue in this and that. From this we might get the immediate benefit but in the hereafter it has sever disadvantages.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Aspects of Remembrance

The current topic of discussion is Remembrance-its benefits and the harms of giving it up.

(Sitting (majlis) Wednesday, April 27, 2011AC)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

His Decision

This is up to Allah Most High as to whom He gives and whom He deprives. No one can object.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Transfer of Effect

If you'll indulge in Remembrance of Allah (by tongue) then the effect will soon reach your heart.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Most Dangerous

Hypocrite community is most dangerous.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Self Directed

If you'll follow you own ideas then you'll be misguided. All false sects started in this way. The people who started them were sincere but followed their own ideas. (One has to submit once ideas too to Allah.)

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

See to It

Your hand and tongue should not harm anybody.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

All of Them Are Gone

The people who were very smart in their own times are gone.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Have Shame From Allah

Allah has provided so many things that it is His right that we be shy of Him.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Palace and Skyscrapers

There is no report that any Companion (RA) had built a Palace. So whenever you see a grand house then recite the Supplication O Lord there is no luxury but of hereafter (Allahumma la'aisha illa 'aishul aakhirah.) (We) got the opportunity to see the Falaknuma ( sky high) Palace. Those who built it have all gone.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

A Little Thing

Tongue is a little organ but (Imam Ghazali (RA) says that) it has twenty harms.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Knowledge Not Useful

Beloved Prophet (PBUH) has asked for protection from that knowledge that does not benefit.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

A Non-Muslim

(Story shared with Hazrat Shaikh (DB).) Wife of a non-Muslim said that she wants to do a job. He asked her whether she was facing financial hardship in the house. She said no. He said that then I shall not allow you to do a job. I can not see that today my wife is entertaining one clerk and tomorrow another one. Even a non-Muslim has so much of decency (Haya). Today we are doing the opposite. Both husband and wife are Professors and there is competition between them.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Why is Help Discontinued?

We indulge in waywardness in this world that is why Allah Most High has with held His help. We are populating the clubs (and abandoning Religion.)

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

A Promise in This World

Even in this world Allah has a promise, He has told us that He'll increase His blessings if we thank Him (Exalted is He.)

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Millions Deprived

Allah has given the priceless blessing of faith. Millions are deprived of it.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

The Relaxation

(Those who indulge in this world to them Allah says:) Eat and drink and drown yourself in the worldly luxuries but one day you shall have to return to me. We are so engrossed in this world that we spend our twenty four hours on this.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Curioser and Curioser

What is happening in the university? What is happening in that Department? What is the use of this fruitless talk?

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Obsessed with This world

The worldly fame is merely for few days.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Two Types of People

There are two types of slaves, servants. One class is of those who indulge in obedience, worship and submission. The other type are those who resort to revolt.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Have You Read Qur'an With Understanding?

(Above is the question usually asked by neo-mujtahids (Revivers). Usualy such people have little practical Islam in their life.)  If you have studied theory and have not done the practical then you'll never succeed.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

Wannabe Mujtahids - 1

People see the English translation of a few Traditions (ahadees) ( and start thinking that they know Islam in-depth). In raelity you have not even learned the ABC.

(Sitting (majlis) Tuesday, April 26, 2011AC)

A Grand Old Man (DB)

Muhi-us-Sunnah Hazrat Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahab Haqqi (RA) was the last lamp of Bazm-e-Ashraf, the nursery of Hazrat Aqdas Hakim-ul-Ummat Mujaddid-e-Millat Ashraf Ali Thanwi Sahab (NM). After him Hakim Shah Muhammed Akhtar Sahab (DB) is one of the grand old men of that stream of sweet drink. It is not uncommon to hear his name in the sittings (majalis) being reported here. It seems as if he is not living across the border but across the street, may be Pahsu House (that is adjacent to Anona House.) The world, the baser self and Satan the cursed can give you excruciating pain. In such circumstances one ends up crying before Shaikh. What happens then? Well those who have been blessed by Allah Most High will discover that you get the best in spite of the fact that you were feeling as if you were in the worst situation. To observe it personally put yourself in the mood when you realized that you had ended up committing a big mistake. Now listen to was Hakim Akhtar Sahab (DB) says to you here at Ashrafia.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life of Companions - Part I

Allah Most High has made a promise to protect the Holy Qur-an. That is well known. Another thing that is well known is that Allah Most High made extraordinary arrangements to protect Traditions. And Islam in general. The edifice of Religion is built on reverence of pious predecessors. After the Prophet(AS) the Companions (RA) are the most venerable among the rows of the pious. Our Elders realized that we are not that familiar with the life of the Companions as we should be. To fulfill this gap was written the now famous book called The Life of Companions (Hayat-us-Sahaba) by Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Sahab Kandhalwi (RA). It has a preface by Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (RA). The original book is in Arabic and the Urdu translation was done by Maulana Ahsan-ul-Haq Sahab (DB).

The five Chapters of Volume I are:
(1) Invitation and Call (Dawah)
(2) Migration (Hijrah)
(3) Support (Nusrat)
(4) Striving (Mujahidah)
(5) Bravery of Companions (RA)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Will You Kill Yourself If They Don't Believe?

Belief is a personal decision for which every person is responsible in this world and the hereafter. Still the world is full of people who do not believe. They there are people who believe but not completely. Those who concern themselves with call and invitation will tell us the situation in which beloved Prophet (PBUH) used to find himself is not uncommon even today. Believers would like their brothers outside the fold of Islam to believe. And this worry puts them in the same situation as beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pir Zulfiqar Sahab (DB)'s Programme

Location : Melvisharam, Tamilnadu

19th April -- 11:00 AM -- For Ladies -- at : K.H Girls High School
19th April -- 06:45 PM -- Madrasa Miftahul-Uloom

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka

20th April -- 05:30 PM -- Palace ground
21st April -- 11:00 AM -- (For Ladies ) Eidgah-e-Qudoos, Haj Camp
21st April -- 05:30 PM -- Masjid-e Qadriya, Haj Camp

Live Streaming :  (1) (2)

Source : Sunni Forum (one,  two)

Go Spread Islam in India

Recently a scholar came to India. He got a visitation (by beloved Prophet (PBUH)) in dream to spread Religion.

(Sitting (majlis) Monday, April 18, 2011AC)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Personal Opinion

Through a post at Ashrafia we learn that a cardinal defect in translation is the intrusion of translator's presence and and preconceived idea.  On the face of it is a matter of fact information but in some situations it can ring the alarm bells. For example if it is personal in the sense that you are entrusted with reporting the sayings of your Shaikh. Islamic tradition of reporting is very robust. Narrator will not correct even the obvious mistakes of language while reporting. This is a tough act to follow. The situation is compounded if the Urdu sayings have to be reported into English. We seek refuge with Lord Most High from machinations of baser self and Satan the cursed.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

'Tis Your Favour, O Morning Breeze

Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi Sahab (DB) many times quotes the couplet:

Kahan mein aur kahan ye nikhat-e-gul,
Naseem-e-subah, teri meherbaani!

Look at me and look at this flowers' fragrance!
'Tis your favour, O the morning breeze!

He is a great believer of nisbet (connection). And this connection works even for those that are even remotely connected with him. All these people get the same feeling as he is trying to convey by using above couplet.

Preliminary attempts  by Abdul Baqi Sahab through Maulana Salahuddin to get Aligarh included in the circuit of Pir Sahab (DB)'s visit did not bring fruit. Even personal visit to Deoband during the announced programme could not be availed be some of the people.

Then Roznama Rashtriya Sahara (Urdu) reported that Maulana Salman Hasani Nadwi Sahab (DB) will be the chief guest at the annual function of Jamia Shah Waliullah at Phulat run by Hazrat M.M.Kaleem Siddiqui Sahab (DB). Some associates of Hazrat Maulana quickly organized a trip to attend the function. And thus began a memorable trip. Just like the trips described by Pir Sahab (DB) or Taqi Usmani Sahab (DB). Even a distant nisbet can work wonders and that is what happened.

Though it was not a Tablighi Jama-'at but Allah Most High gave the taufiq (ability, opportunity) to chose a leader and begin the journey with a Supplication. After reaching Bulandshahr by Grand Trunk road the Meerut road was taken. At one third of this patch is the town of Gulaothi that has the Madarsa Mumba-ul-Uloom. It is among the Madrasas inaugurated by Hujjat-ul-Islam Maulana Qasim Nanotwi (RA). At two third you have Madarsa Khadim-ul-Quran at Hapur and just before you enter Meerut you have the Madarsa Mehmoodiya run by Mufti Farooq Khan Sahab a caliph of Mufti Mehmood Hasan Sahab. No need to introduce Meerut which has a Qasmi nisbet too. From there an excellent high way begins. Phulat is two kilometers from the town of Khatauli (khitta-e-wali) that is around 35 km from Meerut. As described in another post this route has the famous Cheetal Grand motel just out side Khatauli.  Shariq-Wasiq Pathan brothers  run this establishment. Latter is a disciple of Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab (DB). Latter's son Engineer Osama Khan was in the present contingent that can be named Aligarh Contingent. Very soon the contingent became Wasiq Khan's guest. Wasiq immediately acknowledged the Anona House nisbet too. Professional hospitality combined with Islamic blessings raised to the heights of nisbet can give very strange feelings. Read the beginning couplet to get a feeling of it all. The brand new high way has moved a km away from Cheetal Grand and since there is no short-cut route the distance is effectively two km compounded by the fact that the approach is not in the line of sight from the high. Pathan brothers should soon be creating a facility close to the high way. May Lord Most High be with them. It can be repeated, just like an earlier post, that the ambiance in their establishment is such that within few meters of the (old) high way one feels as if one has laded in Europe.

On way to Phulat one got the glimpse of a vehicle whose driver what Janab Saleem, driver of Hazrat M.M.Kaleem Siddiqui Sahab (DB). On arrival at Phulat it got confirmed that Hazrat had left for Deoband and shall be arriving in the late afternoon. It turned out that on that day Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed Sahab (DB) had the Saharanpur programme that had to be canceled because of visa problems. So he was in Deoband still. The brain wave the occurred in the Aligarh Contingent was that Deoband journey is highly advisable. The Contingent could pile on with Hazrat Maulana(DB)'s appointment with Hazrat Maulana (DB).  The Contingent soon hit the high way again and withing one hour driver Qamaruddin, who was getting used to this bunch of pecks of dust of the Elders' feet, parked the vehicle in Azmi building. Soon Janab Arif Siddiqui Sahab, publisher of Qanz-ul-Ummal by Ali Muttaqi (RA) and Naseem-e-Hidayat ke Jhonke (both Urdu and Hindi versions) and other significant books, joined the contingent. Pir Sahab (DB) was in Dar-ul-Uloom guest house (mehmankhana) and the Contingent soon reached their. Aligarh Contingent reached the guest house gate from out side and Pir Sahab (DB) from inside-he was just leaving. Hazrat Maulana Kaleem Sidiqui Sahab (DB) followed him. The associates of Pir Sahab (DB) were advising against attempts to shake hand. It was learned that crowds make Pir Sahab (DB) uneasy and thus he was ushered into the standing vehicle. But it was a Gracious opportunity from Allah Most High to see him in person. He also waved to the brief crowed that has started increasing so the vehicle moved on. It was learned that he was staying with Maulana Mehmood Madani Sahab (DB). Pir Sahab (DB) is traveling with family and he had gone to be with them. A word was sent about the arrival of and desire to meet by the Aligarh Contingent.

Deoband mosques have a very wide spread in Prayer times, when permissible. The last Zuhar Prayer was to be in Masjid-e-Rasheed and soon the time for that arrived and the contingent headed for the mosque. After returning from the Prayer it was learned that as soon as the contingent left for the mosque the green word had come from inside for a meeting. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

And who is a better planner than our Lord Most High? It was decided that it was lunch time and the contingent enjoyed a very lavish lunch at the residence of Janab Arif Siddiqui Sahab. This hospitality in the town of Qasim Nanotwi (RA)? Read the couplet in the beginning again. Maulana Qasim Nanotwi sahab (RA) would walk bare foot in Madinah, the radiant. When asked the reason he said that it is the right of this city that you walk on your face. For sinners like us it is the right of Deoband that we walk on our face.

All thanks to you oh Lord, we did not deserve it.

After departure of Pir Sahab (DB) from Dar-ul-Uloom guest house it was impressed by Hazrat M.M.Kaleem Siddiqui Sahab (DB) that the contingent should skip the Phulat programme and instead attend Pir Sahab (DB)'s sermon in Dar-ul-Uloom (Waqf) after Maghrib Prayers. Insides of Masjid-e-Rasheed were full during Asr Prayers, perhaps with the expectation of Pir Sahab(DB)'s presence. It was clear that crowd management is not possible so easily at thus he did not arrive there. After the Asr Prayers the crowed made its way to Dar-ul-Uloom (Waqf). Maghrib Prayers were done there. The compound, park and mosque of this run by two illustrious sons Hazraat Maulanas Salim and Aslam Qasmis of Qari Taiyyab Sahab (RA) were all crowded during prayers. Because of the crowd the Optional Prayers were out of question.

With little bit of delay Pir Sahab (DB) made his way to the stage. Balconies and roofs of the compound were all occupied and then nearly an hour long sermon began. Focus was on students and the urge to get knowledge and its excellence. Stories of old students were narrated. Then the stories of relatively new students. Poor students, rich students. Male students, female students. It was a long roller coaster ride. Only an Elder of high stature can hold a crowd of about ten thousand for such an analytical talk. Background of the present host institution was smoothly woven into the talk. It was a live experience of so many of the things that have become so familiar from his books. It is apparent that Pir Sahab (DB) is not a regular visitor to this place but any stranger will conclude from the current event that the speaker is a local resident. Both Pir Sahab (DB) and the Deoband nisbet were palpable by their action.

Before the sermon there was a marriage ceremony and after it a Pledge ceremony. after that there was muraqbah (visual imagination). This took the meeting to a new high level and there was more to come. Some things do not become clear from books and muraqbah is one of them. At the time of writing these words Pir Sahab (DB) is already in Hyderabad and another programme should be underway but the programme under consideration was one that was very exhausting. Only divine help can make it possible to accomplish the fete of doing such things.

After muraqbah it was Supplication time. And one does not come across such supplications everyday. It was based on Excellent Names (Asma-ul-Husnah) of Allah (SWT). Here you can listen to the sermon so we'll spare you any further elaboration. After the Supplication the organizers got busy with making a human ring to cover the honourable guest and Aligarh Contingent made its way to Masjid-e-Rasheed in spite of the fact that there would be a Congregation there itself in ten minutes and in Masjid-e-Rasheed Isha Prayers would be long over. Reason being the near impossibility of Ablution in the crowd. In Masjid-e-Rasheed it was a different scene. There were small groups of Congregational Prayers. There were two units (travelers) and four units groups but one could not make out without joining.

After Prayers the contingent again hit the high way, en route Phulat. Reaching there it was silence of the night that greeted the contingent. Hazrat M.M.Kaleem Siddiqui Sahab (DB)'s brother Advocate Salim Sahab was now with the contingent and as usual Hazrat had fixed hospitality over the telephone. Familiar faces greeted the contingent and late night meal was served. The meal was much simpler than the other two meals of the day but its lights (nooraniat) has still not left the soul at the time of typing these thoughts. What seems more remarkable, when one thinks back about it, that in the environment there was no indication that the Annual Function of Jamia took place just a few hours ago. This should be taken as an example of abundance in the life of people related with deen. On !6 April, 2011 Urdu Roznama Rashtriya Sahara would report on p.5 the one of the statements made by the Chief Guest Maulana Salman Hasni Nadwi Sahab (DB):
Khatauli:  Every age has such a group of Scholars that, apart from removing the foreign elements from religion, present an action plan free from exaggeration, modification and excess, keeps a stern eye on the machinations of the followers of false hood, explanations of Qur'an and Hadess free from mistakes of less literate people and presents the true picture of religion to the people.
 This too was an overwhelming experience so read the beginning couplet again.

The forward journey  was taken up in the night itself. Even so late in the night frequently vehicles will take over ours carrying people that were returning from  Pir Sahab (DB)'s programme. Allah (SWT) was moving the earth for his favoured servant. But the people who felt the movement were still a minority as compared to the ones that either ignored it all or have no clue as to what is happening.

Annual Function Taamer-e-Millat

Annual function of Madarsa Arabia Taameer-e-Millat and Taameer-e-Millat Islamia High School will be held on Sunday April 17, 2011AC in two sessions. Morning Session will be held from 10 AM to 12 Noon and will include educational demonstration by students and the speech by Chief Guest. The evening session will be held after Maghrib Prayers and will include Turban Tying as well as addresses by the guests. The guest speakers include Hazrat Maulana Abdul Khaliq Sahab Sambhali (DB), Deputy Rector Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband, Qari Shafiq-ur-Rehman Sahab, Recitation Department, Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband, Hazrat maulana Syed Muhammed Shahid Sahab, Ami-e-Aam, Mazahir-ul-Uloom, Saharanpur and Professor Saud Alam Qasmi of Department of Theology, AMU, Aligarh.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Matab (Dispensary)

Patient (Lady) : I have palpitations, this problem, that problem.
Hazrat Shaikh (DB) : You have to make some promises, then I'll give you the prescription.
Patient: Er, I promise.
Hazrat Shaikh (DB) : Say it with firm determination.
Patient: I promise.
Hazrat Shaikh (DB): (1) Regular Prayers, (2) Covering the front, (3) Covering of hands up to wrist and (4) hair inside.

(Wednesday, April 13, 2011AC)

Back to Illness

Hazrat Shaikh (DB)'s supplication at the time of a short bout of illness day before yesterday was that o Allah let there be no diminishing of what (routine incantations) you have provided. Hazrat Shaikh (DB) remarked that there were many good things in the house to eat but nothing could have been eaten because of the condition. Allah decides whether we can benefit from His blessings.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC) 

The Burial Bungling

At the time of a burial there were many scholars present. Some when said to the person who was managing the things inside the grave that just turn the face and not the whole body towards Qiblah. (This is wrong. For one the body becomes stiff after sometime and the maneuvering of body is not possible. But more importantly the point of doctrine is that the position should be sleeping position for the dead body. Remember that after initial questioning of the soul the final words from the angels to a virtuous soul are the go to sleep like a bride.) If body is not stable after turning on its side them just put its back to the wall for support. The Scholars were present but they did not say anything (perhaps going by the common practice.)  This was the time when Hazrat Shaikh said in the raised voice to do the needful.  (To have knowledge is one the but to act on it is quite another.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Virtuous Son, Daughter

To have a virtuous son or a virtuous (nek)  daughter is also a matter of good fortune.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

What Did the Guests Do?

By the Grace of Allah Most High all the guests that came benefited regarding their Qur'anic Recitation (tajweed) from Qari (Ilyas) Sahab.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Waiting for Funeral

Before burial of a deceased person people make long wait for this relative and that relative. This is not the right thing. (The burial should not be delayed for long after a person breaths his last.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

The Deluge

There is a flood of an ideology in present times that, riding the western intellectual juggernaut, is polluting the Islamic mind, a sort of new Mutazila. A deviant, being what he is, is not committed to the teachings of Islam. Hence he is also has freed from the requirement of adhering to the truth. Spreading lies does not weigh much on his conscience. He also has a mistaken notion of his intellectual invincibility.

Shaikh Latif-ur-Rehman Qasmi Behraichi has compiled a three volume compendium of the Traditions (ahadees) transmitted by Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa (RA). has posted the preface to this compendium by Shaikh Abdul Hafiz Makki translated by Maulana Ismaeel Nakhuda. This should be an eye opener to the neo-mutazila calumny that Imam-e-Azam was weak in Traditions ( may Allah forgive us for repeating their falsehood).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Injunctions Regarding Dead Body

The first thing one must do after somebody's death is that give a bath to the dead body. Let it be in the old clothes. Do not wait for funeral cloths and do not wait for the digging of the grave. Traditionally people insist on giving bath to a dead body only just before starting the last journey. Hazrat-o-Ala (RA) waited only for one train after the death of his son for the relatives to arrive. There was an incident in Delhi where a person wanted to give bath to the body of his dead father immediately after death but family will not budge. He said that then I made a call to a Mufti in Deoband. I got the instructions for giving bath immediately. He said that after that I just got up and did the needful.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Just a Simple Movement of Tongue

A physician casually remarked to a patient that you have gone down. These words got stuck in the heart of this man. "I have become down", he thought. No amount of cheering up will lift this feeling.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Ahmed Kabir Rifai (RA)

Ahmed Kabir Rifai (RA) was Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA)'s brother. He is not as famous as his brother but was an Elder of very high stature. (The coming story has occurred earlier too.) Once a man approached Shaikh Jilani (RA) for help but latter told him that you are doomed (shaqi)-do not come to me. This shattered this man. In his state of gloom he was passing by the monastery of Hazrat Rifai (RA). Hazrat said that so you are doomed-well so am I. Since both of us are doomed therefore let us sit down together. After that Hazrat Rifai (RA) made supplications for this man. Sometime later Allah's Grace so turned that his doom was lifted. This is purely a blessing from Allah Most High. This man got completely cured. He later on met Shaikh Jilani (RA). Latter told him that doom is a disease that I am not capable of treating. I knew you shall land up with Ahmed.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Extremism of Sins

Both apostasy and polytheism are extremities.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Obvious but Unfamiliar

Remember one thing that each and every sin is voluntary. You do not do them under inducement or pressure. there is no compulsion in that, you commit a sin on your on volition. There is compulsion of baser self only.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

The Thanwi Tack

Hazrat Thanwi (RA) got 82 years of age. His like was of utmost organization and discipline. There are two words among his teachings: either work or take rest.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Helplessness of Man

If you ask a person with paralysis to try to do something then what will he say, if he could at all? He'll say that how can I try at all-my organs are not obeying me. That is why it is said that value health before illness.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Pain of Illness

When the matter inside stomach get condensed then it creates the condition of constipation. A person can not even pass bad air, he just keeps changing sides. Some times it is even fatal.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Prayer of Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham (NM)

O Allah turn me from the disgrace of sins to the honour of obedience.

Source : Ashrafia (Urdu)

After a Short Bout of Illness

There are various circumstances associated with man. You can not predict as to when illness is going to strike. There has been discovered no instrument that can tell you that. This has been proved by observation. Yesterday (I) worked till Asr Prayers but after that a feeling of illness came and just kept increasing and (I) did not recover. Some times you desire for a belching but you do not get that. It comes only in small bouts that do not give much relief. Some times even a hick-up can be fatal. This tells us as to how helpless we really are.  But when man has power he becomes arrogant.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)

Guest Sermon

(Maulana Mehmood-ul-Hasan Darbhangwi)

The actions are connected with the intentions behind them. Hazrat keeps telling us that we should purify our intentions before attending the sittings of the Elders.

Even illiterate people accept that company has its effects. That is why they do not want their children to adopt a bad company. Maulana Rum said that good company makes you good and bad company makes you bad. He also told that till he remained away from god people he remained distant from good deeds. Initially Maulana Rum used to hide himself. But he says that a drunkard may hide the smell of liquor by perfume but what can he do about the obvious intoxication in his eyes? Consequently he too was exposed (to be man of Allah).

Those people who diminish themselves in the path of Allah then Allah (SWT) makes them His beloved. then He declares to the Angels that this person is my beloved you also make him your beloved. And Allah (SWT) grants acceptability to such a person in the world.

When you remove the curtain of ego then you shall cease to be and He and He only shall remain (couplet.)

Beloved Prophet (PBUH) was completely forgiven but even then see the type of Supplications he was making. O Allah do not leave me at the mercy of my baser self even for a moment. O Allah save me from the machinations of women. Why this all? This was because of his concern for the Generation.

When I sacrificed myself for Him only then the Garden got its spring (part of couplet.)

It is difficult to cajole your parents but it is very easy to cajole Allah Most High. His Mercy looks out of flimsiest excuses to excuse us. So Repent before Him in the first opportunity.

And that is the end of my invitation by the Praise of Lord of the Worlds.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday,  April 11, 2011AC)

May Lord Reward You

Sunni Forum has been following the India visit programme of Hazrat Maulana Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed sahab Naqshbandi (DB) here ( go to the last page of the thread). Various options have been provided by the associates to listen to live Sermons. But some time such things do not work out for you. The player at some place was showing around eighty users logged in. That is not large but still the streaming was completely erratic. Window Media Player and the Real Player too did not work out at others sites. What worked? Students of Mufti Muhammed Usama (ZM) and others. So may Allah Most High reward Dawood and Hamzah. And Arif Siddiqui Sahab. And Abdul Baqi Sahab for all they did. And apologies for all the inconvenience caused to all of you.

So was did the beloved Elder say? Well it belongs to listening. The associates are expected to upload the Sermon soon somewhere. Some things are best said in mother tongue and this Sermon was one of them. Who knows in what dark allies we would have been wandering if it was not for Deoband? May Allah accept this institution for future too.

Accept O Lord merely by your Mercy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Maulana Mehmood-ul-Hasan Darbhangwi (DB)

Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB) left for Hardoi today morning after Fajr Prayers. The crowd in the sitting (majlis) in the evening, thus, was considerably thin. Moreover Hazrat Shaikh (DB) did not attend to the sitting. Hazrat Mualana Mehmood-ul-Hasan Sahab of Darbhanga conducted the sitting. Maulana is a caliph of Hazrat Shah Muhammed Ahmed Sahab Pratapgarhi (RA).

There are Always New Learners

The Qur'anic text on websites should be in the most readable format. Not many people keep this in mind. There is always the possibility that a new comer might be reading the text.

Dear Followers

Two of the followers of Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh have used their photographs as their (so called) avatars. They were requested to remove them but no action took place. As a final step it has been decided to remove the Followers gadget. Apologies to those for whom is creates inconvenience.

Show Me God

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))

It was summer. A Hindu boy came to Mufti Mehmood Hasan Sahab (RA). "Show me God", the boy requested. Mufti Sahab (RA) took him out into the scorching heat and asked him to look at the sun. The boy said that it is dazzling and he can not do this. Mufti Sahab (RA) told him that if you can not look at His creation then how can you bear to look at the creator?

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

Potter or the Pot?

(Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB))
 A man of Allah was not very handsome loking. He went to meet the King of the times. Seeing him the King could not control his laugh. At this this elder asked the King whether he was laughing at the potter (Allah Most High) of the pot (His creation, this Elder)?

Allah Most High does not look at our faces. He looks at our deeds.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

The Rotten Thoughts

Nowadays we get too many obnoxious thoughts. In Recitation we get bad thoughts. We fold our hands for Prayer and we start getting dirty thoughts. Because of this it has been said that recite Ta'awwuz and Tasmia before Recitation. Also when you lie on bad, in day time or in night, then after reciting the Darood eleven times in the beginning and after recite Ya Mumeet twenty one times. Because of the blessing of this recitation bad thoughts will stop bothering you, this is verified by experience.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)


Allah in Your Heart

We got an opportunity to visit Cuttack. A story was heard there. An RSS type of doctor (physician) was talking to a Muslim doctor. Latter told him that there is Allah in your heart. He opened the chapter on blood circulation in the physiology book and showed him that look at these main arteries and you have Allah written in Arabic. You have Allah in your heart and therefore you should have that on your tongue too. This physician soon declared his belief and faith. (From a later saying it is apparent that, perhaps at a later time, other physicians too entered the fold of Islam.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

An Example of Carelessness

People so many times use the word faithful (eemandar) (to Allah) for non-believers. A Mufti corrected it. He said that we shall use the word trustworthy (amanatdar) for such a person. The word faithful is specific for a believer.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

Effects of Remembrance

Because of Remembrance of Allah Most High we are inclined to His obedience and we also start hating sins.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

What They Keep Saying?

People of Allah keep reminding us that indulge in the Remembrance of Allah and you shall get light in your heart.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

The Status Quo and the Future

Now we do have a party that demands good (the hint perhaps is towards Tablighi Jama-'at, Allah (SWT) knows better) but there should also be a party that forbids the bad deeds.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

A Godly Injunction

Lord Most High has commanded that amongst us there should be a party that demands good deeds from others and forbids bad deeds.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

A Kind Advice

As much as you can manage participate in the sittings (majalis) of the People of Allah.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)


Get submerged in the Remembrance of Allah!

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

Easy Way to Have Lord With You

Allah Most High has made it clear to us that if you'll indulge in His Remembrance then He shall be with you.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

Quote of the Day (April 11, 2011AC)

Remembering death never hurts.

A brother with userid FususAlHikam in a blog post on Sunni Forum.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to be Close to Allah?

Those of you who have been following Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh will remember that just few posts ago we had given the gist of the last Friday Sermon by Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi Sahab (DB). The object of that sermon can be summarized by the title of the present post.

Thus you know at least a way to be close to Allah.

An-Noor has a saying of Hakim  Shah Muhammed Akhtar Sahab (DB) that states the gist of above gist in even fewer words. To quote:
Jab Shaykh mana’ kare kisi cheez se, to jaan de do magar Shaykh ke hukm ke khilaaf mat karo, phir paajaoge Allah ko!
In English, “When the Shaykh prohibits something, then die if you must, but do not go against the command of the Shaykh.  As a result, you will attain Allah!”

Crying Before Lord Most High

(Qari Amir Hasan sahab (DB))
The Grand Shaikh (Bade Pir Sahab, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA) )once entered the sanctuary of the Holy Kaaba. He saw that no one is indulging in one of the acts of supplication. That is supplication with lots of begging. He decided to do it himself. After that he supplicated with crying in such a way that whole of the sanctuary got reverberated.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Adjusting Your Intentions

(Qari Amir Hasan sahab (DB))
The intention while listening to the admonitions that are delivered should be that I want to remove the shortcomings that I have. The is a fact that all of us have shortcomings.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Current Sufism

Now-a-days there is some unwanted inducement for Seeking (piri-muridi). Come and have Pledge with me (some so called Sufis ask). There are mass Pledges. People have reduced the process of Self-Correction to a game.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Those Who Remember Allah

The people who indulge in remembrance of Allah Most High do not seek other people's shortcomings. They try to hide other's shortcomings.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Agreement and Not

All of us agree that we are surrounded by problems and troubles. But even then we do not ponder as to why that is so.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Sunni, Sunni

We are Sunni in name only. So many of Sunnah are being trampled upon but we still call ourselves Sunni. People of Allah say that do not be Sunni in name only but be Sunni by action.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Do We Realize This?

Allah Most High if oft forgiving. From morning till evening we indulge in so many sins but He keeps forgiving so many of them.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

A New Topic

In this journey Allah Most High opened up a new topic in the heart. Milk is a drink as well food. (Apart from other things) we get curd, cheese and kho(w)a from it. All three of them have different nature though all of them are produced from milk. Similarly all the Rounds of Incantation (waza-if and azkar) are derived from the Holy Qur'an they all have different nature.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

A Concerned Mufti

A Mufti has communicated that though my other routines are alright but not the Recitation. I do not get to do the Recitation. Now this is a praiseworthy thing that he is accepting his shortcoming. He was advised to recite at least one Paragraph (ruku'a). Recite more if you can but do not miss the Recitation of one Paragraph.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

How Does Religion Spread?

For your personal correction (reformation) go to the people of Allah. That is how religion spreads.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Etiquette of Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB)

Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB) was returning from the mosque to the sitting (majlis) room. One of the associates was waiting on the way. Qari Sahab (DB) himself wished him Assalamualaikum though he was much junior and Qari Sahab (DB) is not only very senior but a Shaikh of dizzying proportions.

(Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Our Prayers Calls and Recitation

Wherever we got the opportunity to visit it was fouond that our Prayer Call is of third class and our Recitation is of third class. We have Qari's but who is called a Qari (the Reciter) today? The one who indulges in the tricks of pitch and voice. Actually a Qari is one who recites the Holy Qur'an properly.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Three Plus Three

The current topic of discussion concerns the Recitation of the Holy Qur'an. Its learning, Recitation and to act on it all three are compulsory. To these three add three more. These are to learn correctly, to recite properly and to act properly (on its teachings and demands).

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

The Environment Today

Some of the Scholars and Masha-ikh that came with Hazrat Shaikh (DB) and Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB) had left yesterday. Today more Scholars and Masha-ikh were seen in Anona House. Environment was just like Friday evening. Some of these people must have been waiting during the period when Hazrat Shaikh (DB) was traveling. It is understandable that the urge to see, consult or be in the company of the Elders is there. Life so often present unsolvable conundrums. What is surprising that so few of the people turn to Allah (by turning to His friends) for one thing is definite that problems are faced by all.

(Sunday,  April 10, 2011AC)

Four Books of Imam Ghazali (RA)

At-Tahawi has uploaded four books of Imam Ghazali (RA) in English courtesy S. ( most probably Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh follower Sadia) Behzad.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Gist of It All

Wherever (we) got to go the complaint heard was the same: we are in unease, problems, trouble. Why is that so? The reason is that we have angered our Lord. We do not ponder as to why He is angry. We are indulging in sins.

(Sitting (majlis) on Friday,  April 8, 2011AC)

(Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB) and several other Scholars and Masha-ikh  are around today and the gathering looked as if it was shining like moons and suns. All Praise for that is for Lord Most High, Lord of Honour, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.)

A Sermon by Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed Sahab (DB)

The magicians asked Fir'aun as what will they get if they won the competition with Hazrat Musa (AS)?
Fir'aun said that you shall become close to me.
It shows that there is no blessing better than closeness.
How to be close to Allah Most High?
There are seven steps to that.
(1) First : Etiquette (adab)
(2) Second: Useful Knowledge (Ilm-e-nafe'a). Useful knowledge is that after receiving it you do not get the solace unless you act upon it. You receive useful knowledge by etiquette (adab).
(3) Third: Good deeds (amal-e-swaleh). Useful knowledge leads you to good deeds. Whenever you'll get useful knowledge you'll get the opportunity (taufiq) to act, you'll not be at rest without doing good deed.
(4) Fourth: Wisdom (hikmat). When a servant indulges in good deeds then Allah Lord of Honour grants him another blessing. That blessing is wisdom. Man's thoughts reach those places where others can't even fly.
A man who has received wisdom has understood the reality of this world and then he receives detachment from this world.
(5) Detachment from This World (Zuhad Fiddunya). He who has known Allah will not remain from getting attached to Him and one who comes to know the reality of this world will not bear to be attached to it. A person who is detached from this world he receives many other blessings of Allah.
(6) Inclination Towards Allah : (Anabat, rajoo-il-Allah). A man detached from this word is inclined towards Allah.
(7) Closeness to Allah (Qurb-il-Allah). A man who is living a life of inclination towards Allah is granted His closeness by Allah Most High.

Source: Sunni Forum, Friday Sermon by Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed Sahab Naqshbandi (DB)

A Sitting at Last

Today evening there should be sitting (majlis) after the return of Hazrat Shaikh (DB) to Anona House. It is a peculiar feeling. It is indeed surprising, as the beloved Prophet (PBUH) had said, that people are so much oblivious to the achievement of the Heavens and to the avoidance of Hell. Poets say to the beloved Prophet (PBUH) to hide them in his blanket. People have similar feelings towards the Masha-ikh. A complementary thing is that around any Shaikh there is a spot of light of guidance and hence you feel good in their presence. It must be very difficult for the people living away from their Shaikh. Please supplicate for resumption of reportings from sittings (majalis) and for clearance of the backlog.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Nice Comment

The comment is from Ashrafia (Main). It comes with the post Essential Advice for Salik. It is about the cute little book Taleem-ud-Deen by Hazrat Thanvi (RA) and says:
The edition by Maktaba e Rehmania, Lahore is the best currently available. It has explanation and translation of all Arabic and Persian quotes in footnotes.
Now these explanations and translations are sometimes extremely essential. Such things are clear to the Masha-ikh but they will not know whether their word has reached us or not. Many times the meaning remains obscure owing to a single word. In such cases the notes mentioned above come in handy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shades and Fonts from Blogger (Test Post)

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda

 Assalamu Ala Manitabaul Huda


Sunday, April 3, 2011

To Hide or to Publicize?

To hide or publicize is the question. Some people are so desperate to get publicized that they end up doing the most awesome (used in the negative sense here) things. Guinness Book of Records comes to mind. Then there are people of Allah, our protectors against love of fame-by the Grace of Allah Most High. Dr Nadir Ali Khan Sahab (DB)'s name found a mention in a magazine. When he was told about it he asked as to why his name is being publicized while he wants to remain unknown? The finer point here is that in its written form the Urdu word for  
hiding and publicizing ( ) is the same, only pronunciation clears the meaning.

Earnest Supplication for Forgiveness

This post is place holder for the link to a thread on supplications at the Sunni Forum. For a sample a user called azhar123 posted there the Earnest Supplication for Forgiveness (Sayyid-al-Astaghfar). The Arabic Calligraphy is given below:
The Latin transliteration and English translation is here:

Allahumma anta rabbee la ilaha illa anta,
O Allah, You are my Lord, none has the right to be worshiped except You,
khalaqtanee wa-ana ‘abduka,
You created me and I am Your servant
wa-ana ‘alaa ‘ahdika wawa’dika mas-tata’tu,
and I abide to Your covenant and promise [to honor it] as best I can,
a’oothu bika min sharri ma sana’tu,
I take refuge in You from the evil of which I committed
aboo-o laka bini’matika ‘alaya,
I acknowledge Your favor upon me
wa-aboo-o bizambee, faghfir lee
and I acknowledge my sin, so forgive me,
fa-innahu la yaghfiruz-zunooba illa ant.
for verily none can forgive sins except You.
And the excellence and source is here:
"If somebody recites it during the day with firm faith in it and dies on the same day before the evening,
he will be from the people of Paradise and if somebody recites it at night with firm faith in it and
dies before the morning he will be from the people of Paradise."

Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 75, Number 318
The posting there also has an audio link.

When one thinks about it the usual calligraphy above is the best to read Arabic on the net. Allah Most High knows better.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Shaikh and the Boy

There is a very inspiring story of a boy and a Shaikh at Haq Islam.