Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Sermon

(Maulana Mehmood-ul-Hasan Darbhangwi)

The actions are connected with the intentions behind them. Hazrat keeps telling us that we should purify our intentions before attending the sittings of the Elders.

Even illiterate people accept that company has its effects. That is why they do not want their children to adopt a bad company. Maulana Rum said that good company makes you good and bad company makes you bad. He also told that till he remained away from god people he remained distant from good deeds. Initially Maulana Rum used to hide himself. But he says that a drunkard may hide the smell of liquor by perfume but what can he do about the obvious intoxication in his eyes? Consequently he too was exposed (to be man of Allah).

Those people who diminish themselves in the path of Allah then Allah (SWT) makes them His beloved. then He declares to the Angels that this person is my beloved you also make him your beloved. And Allah (SWT) grants acceptability to such a person in the world.

When you remove the curtain of ego then you shall cease to be and He and He only shall remain (couplet.)

Beloved Prophet (PBUH) was completely forgiven but even then see the type of Supplications he was making. O Allah do not leave me at the mercy of my baser self even for a moment. O Allah save me from the machinations of women. Why this all? This was because of his concern for the Generation.

When I sacrificed myself for Him only then the Garden got its spring (part of couplet.)

It is difficult to cajole your parents but it is very easy to cajole Allah Most High. His Mercy looks out of flimsiest excuses to excuse us. So Repent before Him in the first opportunity.

And that is the end of my invitation by the Praise of Lord of the Worlds.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday,  April 11, 2011AC)