Friday, April 8, 2011

A Sermon by Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed Sahab (DB)

The magicians asked Fir'aun as what will they get if they won the competition with Hazrat Musa (AS)?
Fir'aun said that you shall become close to me.
It shows that there is no blessing better than closeness.
How to be close to Allah Most High?
There are seven steps to that.
(1) First : Etiquette (adab)
(2) Second: Useful Knowledge (Ilm-e-nafe'a). Useful knowledge is that after receiving it you do not get the solace unless you act upon it. You receive useful knowledge by etiquette (adab).
(3) Third: Good deeds (amal-e-swaleh). Useful knowledge leads you to good deeds. Whenever you'll get useful knowledge you'll get the opportunity (taufiq) to act, you'll not be at rest without doing good deed.
(4) Fourth: Wisdom (hikmat). When a servant indulges in good deeds then Allah Lord of Honour grants him another blessing. That blessing is wisdom. Man's thoughts reach those places where others can't even fly.
A man who has received wisdom has understood the reality of this world and then he receives detachment from this world.
(5) Detachment from This World (Zuhad Fiddunya). He who has known Allah will not remain from getting attached to Him and one who comes to know the reality of this world will not bear to be attached to it. A person who is detached from this world he receives many other blessings of Allah.
(6) Inclination Towards Allah : (Anabat, rajoo-il-Allah). A man detached from this word is inclined towards Allah.
(7) Closeness to Allah (Qurb-il-Allah). A man who is living a life of inclination towards Allah is granted His closeness by Allah Most High.

Source: Sunni Forum, Friday Sermon by Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed Sahab Naqshbandi (DB)