Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ahmed Kabir Rifai (RA)

Ahmed Kabir Rifai (RA) was Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA)'s brother. He is not as famous as his brother but was an Elder of very high stature. (The coming story has occurred earlier too.) Once a man approached Shaikh Jilani (RA) for help but latter told him that you are doomed (shaqi)-do not come to me. This shattered this man. In his state of gloom he was passing by the monastery of Hazrat Rifai (RA). Hazrat said that so you are doomed-well so am I. Since both of us are doomed therefore let us sit down together. After that Hazrat Rifai (RA) made supplications for this man. Sometime later Allah's Grace so turned that his doom was lifted. This is purely a blessing from Allah Most High. This man got completely cured. He later on met Shaikh Jilani (RA). Latter told him that doom is a disease that I am not capable of treating. I knew you shall land up with Ahmed.

(Sitting (majlis) on Tuesday,  April 12, 2011AC)