Monday, February 28, 2011

Factually Speaking

Greatness belongs to Allah Most High. This characteristic is not found in human beings. (By thinking about Greatness of Allah Almighty it becomes easy to give up sins.)

Hazrat Aqdas Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA).


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A Suggested Routine

Make it your routine to visit the people of Allah.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

Three Compassionate Positions

Teacher, father and Shaikh, these three are positions of compassion. Today we are fond of being fathers but we do not know how to be fathers (to be compassionate). We are fond of being teachers but we do not know how to be teachers (to be compassionate). We are fond of being Shaikhs but we do not know how to be Shaikhs (to be compassionate).

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

Times of Short Temper

Today by smallest provocation we end up taking such actions that effect whole life. An associate became fiery and angry in a monastery (khanqah) because of some mistake by some one else. The Shaikh admonished him by saying that if I do not have a patience then I shall leave this monastery. Today on the slightest mistake we start calling our wives names. For People of Allah the anger is for things related to Allah only and it is not that on a small mistake you start calling your wife mean and all that.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

Mental and Physical Concentration

Mental Concentration (khushoo) is their in the heart and the Physical Concentration (khuzoo) is in the body-body parts being at rest and a relaxed state.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

First Few Steps

This is being urged about the Holy Qur'an that first of all learn it and then act upon it. Learn it from somebody and for acting too go to the company of a man of action.
(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

Rules as a Blessing

Allah Most High has the authority to send whomsoever to Heaven and whomsoever to Hell but He has made a rule. Those who do bad deed will be consigned to Hell and who indulge in good deeds will be sent to the heaven.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

Disappearing Respect

Earlier people used to please Allah Most High. (They got respect because of that.) Today we are trying to please the creatures. How do we expect to get respect?

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

How to Insert the Holy Qur'an Inside Cloth Cover

There is one Alwi Sahab in Lucknow. He told somebody as to how to put the Holy Qur'an in its cloth covering. The opening side should go in first and the back last. When Shah Hardoi (RA) heard it he liked it a lot and asked others also to follow this method.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

A Good Deal?

This was the routine of High Hazrat (Shah Hardoi (RA)), Qari (Amir Hasan) Sahab (DB) too keeps saying and I am also repeating that  these small tutorials (makatibs) will energize the (Complete) Generation. As a consequence of sending our children to Doon school and the like they might be learning good English but the faith and belief is getting destroyed there.
(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

The Signature Etiquette

Once Hazrat Shaikh (DB) was in Saharanpur, visting some Shaikh. Hazrat Shaikh (DB) introduced himself by saying that my name is Kalimullah and I have come from Aligarh. The Shaikh said you seem to be a Thanwi! Shah Hardoi (RA) too had this as a habit. He'll introduce himself by saying that my name is Abrar-ul-Haq and I have come from Hardoi.
(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

Etiquette Belongs to Learning

Once beloved Prophet (PBUH) asked a Companion to teach a newly arrived Bedouin the etiquette of arriving.
(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

Unfathomable Ocean

Till now so many exegeses of the Holy Qur'an have been written but these are still not sufficient.

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

Going By the Visible Power

Obeying Prophet (PBUH) is like obeying Lord Most High. We obey everything told by the government but not the things demanded by Allah. (This betrays lack of faith in the unseen.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Sunday, January 16, 2011)

The Traditionist Around

Shaikh Abdul Haq Muhaddis (DB) of Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband has arrived at Anona House. He is a senior Traditionist (muhaddis) and a caliph of Hazrat Shaikh (DB). The news is that arrival of Qari Amir Hasan
Sahab (DB) is postponed for about two weeks. Verily Lord has Power over everything.
(P.S.: Later on Qari Sahab (DB) came and left.)

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Making Obedience Easy

Save yourself from sins. If you do that then you automatically will start indulging in obedience.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Manifestation of Our Priorities

Today coaching centers are opening in the nook and corners but people find it difficult to spare even few rupees for Arabic tutorees. A blessing that is not valued is taken away by Lord Most High. That is when we start wondering as to what happened.
(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Praise My Recitation

Today that Reciter (Qari) is considered good who can indulge in vocal tricks-high pitch, long breath and all that. There is not much attention to Pronunciation (tajweed). Once Qari Niyaz Sahab (RA) (a famous Qari of Aligarh) was in Saudia. An Egyptian Qari made his recitation and asked him about it. Qari Niyaz Sahab said that it was good (theek hai, theek hai). The Egyptian Qari was angry. "You did not praise my Recitation enough", he complained. Finally the Recitation by these two people were recorded and were sent to a third Qari in Pakistan. This Qari, after listening to them both, declared that the voice of the Egyptian is very good while deliverywise the Recitation by Qari Niyaz Sahab (RA) is proper.
(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

"English is My First Language"

We speak very good language but our Surah Fatiha is not correct.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Ho hum! He Made It!!

When a person gets into IAS then there is distribution of sweets and celebrations. But there is no attention to religion (deen). These worldly things are for a rather short duration. When troubles are encountered then very soon we start crying that the Complete Generation (Ummat-e-Muslimah) is in bad shape.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Modern vs Religious Education Again

To study Science is only a social duty (farz-e-kafaya) and not a personal duty (farz-e-ain). Today even from centers of religious education one is hearing such statements that promote acquisition of worldly sciences to the level of personal duty. Nobody is forbidding the modern education but people's priorities should be right. Acquire modern education but keep religion on priority.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

The Art of Speaking

To be a good speaker is not an excellence if the person has not gone through self-correction. Thus Hakim Akhtar Sahab (DB) never made any speeches. He focused only on serving his Shaikhs. And when he was asked to start speaking then he did so well that he became world famous.
(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Meal on Airport

Once meal was delivered to Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA) on Jeddah airport. Since there was no tablespread there it was a problem. High Hazrat (RA) took out his kerchief and spread it out. Somebody said that it will be soiled. He said that it can be washed but a missed Sunnah can not be brought back.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Small Warnings

Because of our misdeeds different kinds of calamities are befalling us. We just got the news that it has been raining heavily in Jeddah and many lives have been lot. Usually there is no rain there and therefore there no system to drain out rain-water. Thus the rain water has no place to flow out.
(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Focus of Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA)

High Hazrat (Shah Hardoi (RA)) was very eager on two things: The Holy Qur'an and Sunnah.
(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

The Designated Chair

The holder stand (rahal) for the Holy Qur'an is specific and dedicated for it. Even religious books will not be kept on it. Even Tradition (hadees) books will not be kept on it.

(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Following Footsteps of Shaddad

Today disobedience is on peak. At the same time frugality is disappearing. At the slightest excuse we start resorting to revolt. Because of this only Allah Most High has said that very few of my servants are thankful.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Story of Shaddad

Allah Most High took away the life of Shaddad's mother in a boat where no one else was there but He sustained him even there. Later on Shaddad turned to transgression and made his own heaven on the earth. And when he entered it Allah got his soul captured when one of his feet was inside and another inside.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Character of Friends of Allah

When Prophets (AS) can fall s sick then why not the friends of Allah? The characteristic of the friends of Allah is that they are agreeable to Lord Most High in every condition. They are pleased with the pleasure of Allah.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Arrow That sas Left the Bow

An arrow that has left the bow does not return. This is the Habit of Allah Most High. But Supplications sometimes changes even this. Once a plane took off in time but many passengers were left behind. These were Haj pilgrims. After covering half the distance the pilot realized that the fuel will not be sufficient to cover the rest of the journey. He could have headed for Dubai or Karachi for refueling but  soon High Hazrat (RA) saw signs boards in Hindi on the ground. The plane was back to Bombay (now Mumbai). All the Haj pilgrims that were left behind were all accommodated. Moreover a passenger got down from the plane because of some reason and the plane took off without him-he could not take the flight again!

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Turn to Supplications

High Hazrat (Shah Hardoi (RA)) used to say that get busy with Supplications. There is lots of effectiveness in it. It makes possible even impossible things.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Shape of Things to Come

Till today no detector has been discovered that can tell us as to which disease we shall get caught -in next.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Remember This Rule

The rule is that the knowledge shines when you go to the people of action.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Best of Human Beings

Prophets (AS) have the highest stature among the people. No one has higher ranks than them. Even then they used to indulge in so much of Asking for Forgiveness.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Earth to Earth

There was a famous physician in Lucknow. He himself got TB. Similarly another famous doctor got bone marrow cancer. This is the reality of life. Those who treat diseases they too may fall sick. This is what was being talked with Shaikh Huzaifi (DB). He said that we are made of earth and will return to it.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Head Spinning

Whatever things are discovered by Science they all are created by Allah Most High. When one starts thinking about these creations of Allah then one's head goes into spin. Thinking about these things leads to God Consciousness (m'arifat). Whatever things will be discovered by Science till the Judgment Day they are all created by Allah Most High.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Where It all Ends Up

Whatever praise can be done in this world that all belongs to Allah Almighty.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

During Recitation

Before starting Recitation of Holy Qur'an we recite T'awuz (I seek refuge with Allah from Satan the cursed). If you end up doing human talk during your Recitation then recite T'awuz again.

(Sitting (majlis), Sunday, February 27, 2011AC)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Physical and Spiritual Diseases

To learn the knowledge of Religion is a Personal Duty (farz-e-ain). To learn worldly knowledge is Social Duty (farz-e-kafaya). Today we act upon merely preferable tasks (mustahabaat) but ignore the obligatory (wajibaat). How can one inculcate an urge to do the duties? For this one has to some Shaikh. If we have a physical disease then we immediately consult a physician. We get worried about the possibility of a serious illness. Then suppose their is disease of spiritual kind. We indulge in open disobedience of God. There is no concern about this in our hearts.

(Sitting (majlis), Wednesday, February 23, 2011AC)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mufti Usama Seizes the Opportunity

Urdu newspapers had been reporting about the recent visit of Shaikh Awwama from Saudia for last few days. It is Shaikh Awwama whom Hazrat Shaikh (DB) had met during Haj. It is Shaikh Awwama who had said that Arabic literature on Islam has two things less as compared to Urdu: Letters (maktoobaat) and Sayings (malfoozat). Mufti Usama had an interesting encounter with the Arabian Shaikh yesterday on February 16, 2011AC. He gets a phone call that Shaikh Awwama is about to reach Firangi Mahal and the caller is going to meet the Shaikh. "Where are you?", asked the caller. "In Lucknow", was the reply. "Very lucky of you". Thus Mufti Usama too reached Firangi Mahal, presented himself and recited the Traditions to the Shaikh. And he got his Certificate (Sanad) from the Shaikh.

Now that is what we shall call real quick. The Shaikh later on took his flight to Jeddah from Lucknow at 5PM.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lane by Lane

The Prayer is not forgiven but there is no attention to this but there are processions in lanes and by lanes (on twelfth of Rabi-ul-Awwal).

(Sitting (majlis), Wednesday, February 16, 2011AC)

Happy Birthday?

There used to be some rituals that were coming as traditions in the families. There will be preparations for weeks. That is how it was. There will be sweet preparation (balushahi). There will be lighting decoration. Some people are still doing these things. Where will they count? (How will you account for the money and effort put into them?)  Then there were two women (who visited the clinic) in completely green attire, head cover and all. It was explained to them that it would have been better to recite the Peace Incantation (darood shareef) for this much of duration. When it was explained to them with kindness and softness then they understood it. Today people act on those things that aggrandize the Baser Self.

(Sitting (majlis), Wednesday, February 16, 2011AC)

Monday, February 14, 2011

No Blind Following!

Not everything done by the Shaikh is to be followed blindly. Once a Shaikh of very pure stature kissed a child. The disciples followed him and they too kissed the child. The Shaikh went into a state of displeasure. He kissed a red hot iron. Seeing this the disciples retracted in fear. The Shaikh said you followed me earlier-why are you turning back now?

(Sitting (majlis), Monday, February 14, 2011AC)

Practical Lessons of the Day

At the tea time a guest asked another to pass biscuits. Latter made it sure that Hazrat Shaikh (DB) comes to know of it. On hearing this Hazrat Shaikh (DB) said that this is like a question. (In polite language question means to ask, to beg.)

(Tea time Monday, February 14, 2011AC)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back in Business

Fresh reporting as well as clearing of the backlog at Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh should resume soon. Apologies for the extended break.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Break and Break

It is acknowledged that the posting on Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh is legging behind. Moreover a break of a week in postings ensues tomorrow. May be it is time to catch up with the old posts. And not everybody has heard the audio recordings of the sermons.

Last of the Pious Predecessors

The news of the arrival of Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB) must have spread fast. He was in Anona House on Thursday and on Friday sitting (majlis) time it was near stampede situation-from the standards of regular attendance in sittings. Admonitions by Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB) are very brief. This is in deference to his Shaikh, that is, Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab (DB). It is said that outside of Anona House Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB) makes complete sermons. At the same time Hazrat Shaikh (DB) too makes proper consideration for the stature and age of Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB). As usual at the end of the sitting Hazrat Shaikh (DB) said to Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB), "Hazrat say something (make some admonitiions)."
And just like Thursday on Friday too Qari Sahab (DB) made very brief admonitions.

(Sitting (majlis), Friday, February 4, 2011AC)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Like Death

It is there in Traditions (hadees) that sleep is like death. It is quite a blessing that Allah gives life after this.
Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab Damatbarkatuhum (In Anona House on Thursday, February 3, 2011)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Electric Generator

(At the beginning of the sitting (majlis) Hazrat Shaikh (DB) asked for the electric generator to be shut down. The first admonition was related to that. This was the routine of Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA) to take up the happenings around and explain its aspects related to admonitions. Hazrat Shaikh (DB) reminded about this habit of Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA).)  We learn from this event that we could not hear anything in the noise of the generator. Now think about the hell as it will be brought on the Judgment Day in chains. It will be furious and its rattling sound will unsettle the hearts though it will be at a distance of five hundred years journey.

(Sitting (majlis), Wednesday, February 2, 2011AC)

Me Too Muhaddis

One regular irritation of modern times is the comment heard about the book Excellences of Actions (Faza-il-e-Aamal) by Hazrat Maulana Muhammed Zakaria Kandhalwi (RA). Too many people have been finding faults in it and for far too many times. "I have pointed out that this book contains week traditions", you'll often hear. An answer, in a figurative manner, can be given by a rough translation of an Urdu proverb: "The horse was being fitted with shoes, the froglet raised her leg!" In reality these people have pitted their pride, ignorance, arrogance and miserable attitude not against the said book but against the Prophetic Traditions themselves. Any way a scholarly answer is needed in this case and by the Grace of Lord Most High the scholars are doing their work. May Lord Most High fortify them. Here is an answer to above mentioned calumny.