Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mufti Usama Seizes the Opportunity

Urdu newspapers had been reporting about the recent visit of Shaikh Awwama from Saudia for last few days. It is Shaikh Awwama whom Hazrat Shaikh (DB) had met during Haj. It is Shaikh Awwama who had said that Arabic literature on Islam has two things less as compared to Urdu: Letters (maktoobaat) and Sayings (malfoozat). Mufti Usama had an interesting encounter with the Arabian Shaikh yesterday on February 16, 2011AC. He gets a phone call that Shaikh Awwama is about to reach Firangi Mahal and the caller is going to meet the Shaikh. "Where are you?", asked the caller. "In Lucknow", was the reply. "Very lucky of you". Thus Mufti Usama too reached Firangi Mahal, presented himself and recited the Traditions to the Shaikh. And he got his Certificate (Sanad) from the Shaikh.

Now that is what we shall call real quick. The Shaikh later on took his flight to Jeddah from Lucknow at 5PM.