Monday, February 28, 2011

Praise My Recitation

Today that Reciter (Qari) is considered good who can indulge in vocal tricks-high pitch, long breath and all that. There is not much attention to Pronunciation (tajweed). Once Qari Niyaz Sahab (RA) (a famous Qari of Aligarh) was in Saudia. An Egyptian Qari made his recitation and asked him about it. Qari Niyaz Sahab said that it was good (theek hai, theek hai). The Egyptian Qari was angry. "You did not praise my Recitation enough", he complained. Finally the Recitation by these two people were recorded and were sent to a third Qari in Pakistan. This Qari, after listening to them both, declared that the voice of the Egyptian is very good while deliverywise the Recitation by Qari Niyaz Sahab (RA) is proper.
(Sitting (majlis) on Thursday, January 27, 2011)