Tuesday, April 12, 2011

May Lord Reward You

Sunni Forum has been following the India visit programme of Hazrat Maulana Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed sahab Naqshbandi (DB) here ( go to the last page of the thread). Various options have been provided by the associates to listen to live Sermons. But some time such things do not work out for you. The player at some place was showing around eighty users logged in. That is not large but still the streaming was completely erratic. Window Media Player and the Real Player too did not work out at others sites. What worked? Students of Mufti Muhammed Usama (ZM) and others. So may Allah Most High reward Dawood and Hamzah. And Arif Siddiqui Sahab. And Abdul Baqi Sahab for all they did. And apologies for all the inconvenience caused to all of you.

So was did the beloved Elder say? Well it belongs to listening. The associates are expected to upload the Sermon soon somewhere. Some things are best said in mother tongue and this Sermon was one of them. Who knows in what dark allies we would have been wandering if it was not for Deoband? May Allah accept this institution for future too.

Accept O Lord merely by your Mercy.