Sunday, April 3, 2011

Earnest Supplication for Forgiveness

This post is place holder for the link to a thread on supplications at the Sunni Forum. For a sample a user called azhar123 posted there the Earnest Supplication for Forgiveness (Sayyid-al-Astaghfar). The Arabic Calligraphy is given below:
The Latin transliteration and English translation is here:

Allahumma anta rabbee la ilaha illa anta,
O Allah, You are my Lord, none has the right to be worshiped except You,
khalaqtanee wa-ana ‘abduka,
You created me and I am Your servant
wa-ana ‘alaa ‘ahdika wawa’dika mas-tata’tu,
and I abide to Your covenant and promise [to honor it] as best I can,
a’oothu bika min sharri ma sana’tu,
I take refuge in You from the evil of which I committed
aboo-o laka bini’matika ‘alaya,
I acknowledge Your favor upon me
wa-aboo-o bizambee, faghfir lee
and I acknowledge my sin, so forgive me,
fa-innahu la yaghfiruz-zunooba illa ant.
for verily none can forgive sins except You.
And the excellence and source is here:
"If somebody recites it during the day with firm faith in it and dies on the same day before the evening,
he will be from the people of Paradise and if somebody recites it at night with firm faith in it and
dies before the morning he will be from the people of Paradise."

Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 75, Number 318
The posting there also has an audio link.

When one thinks about it the usual calligraphy above is the best to read Arabic on the net. Allah Most High knows better.