Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meaning of Spake

It means spoke.

It is a verb and the past tense of speak. This form of the verb is archaic, that is, older form. It has been used to give a conservative touch to the blog title. For us it is just the next one in the series: Qalallah (Allah Most High Said), QalaRasullah (Prophet (PBUH) Said) and UnAbuHuraira (Narrated by Abu Huraira (RA)) and resonates well with the subject matter.
The word spake has puzzled some of our readers. Why should we use an archaic word? One reason has been given above. Apart from that this word is not uncommon to find in current writing. There are already many blogs that are using a similar title. Then there is some historical relevance also. There was a famous nineteenth century German thinker who wrote a very famous book whose title begins with words Also sprach, in German. Its famous English translation begins with the words Thus Spake. In all probability the translation of above book is responsible for the current use of the word spake. It is mostly used in the context of wise sayings.

Here is a very recent use of this word, from a few days back.

Those with lexicographic appetite may cater to their palate here.
And yes, the dictionary gadget on the left margin will be banished, Lord Most High willing,  for it spake not of spake.