Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Before it Gets Burried

(1) It was very reassuring to note, before starting the present blog, that there are already people who are doing similar things and, so to say, have already prepared the ground and paved the way. Links to some of them are there on the main panel of the blog and many others on the our links page.

(2) It is also gratifying when similar ideas or common things appear at those places. In the context of self-correction, and indeed in general, among the most enjoyable, reliable, effective and touching things are the answers by the Elders, in the letters written to them by the Seekers. Bringing Up the Seeker (Tarbiat-us-Salik) by Hazrat Thanwi (NM) and Upbringing the Seekers (Tarbiat-us-Salikeen) by Hazrat Maulana Muhammed Zakaria (RA) are two multi-volume books that contain such letters and answers.

(3) Right at hand is a post at Ashrafia in which the blogger brother presents excerpts about his father's letters to Hazrat Arifi (RA) and the answers. Have a look at that before it gets burried in the posts. That post is in Urdu.