Monday, September 20, 2010

Feedback Times

Well wishers have reported a few things.
(1) Typos and grammar problems.

We keep going back to older posts to catch and fix them.

(2) Loading takes time.

The mosque photograph will, Lord willing, be  shifted to a page and a smaller photograph should appear just below Assalamualaikum. The masthead banner may end up with only English title and subtitle. Arabic title and Urdu subtitle should end up in the description. Most of the gadgets too should end up in a page. The shocking red colour rose background too is slated for a sack.

(3) When we click on a post title then the page disappears and then appears again. This should not be so.

Yes it it is so and yes it should not be so. Above measures should improve the situation in this regard too. Though because of the watermark template of the blogs the leverage, at least at the moment, is not enough to address the disappearance-appearance problem completely but it should, Lord willing, become tolerable.

(4) When we listen to the posts there is music in the beginning.

This is a third party service we are using. The rendering in English by odiogo is excellent. They are giving a free service, that too with a feed. We are thankful to them. The music that is heard before the post is just the sign-in ring. Just like the telephone ring. For the moment this service provider does not have the option of giving a choice of sign-in and sign-off rings. As soon as they provide that we shall, Lord willing, request them for duff sound rings.