Monday, September 20, 2010


Meteorology is derived from Greek words. Meteoros means high in the sky and logia is for study. Basically it is about weather studies and short term predictions. The related field of climatology is concerned with time averages of weather phenomena. Both have become relevant for our blog because we are concerned with the circumstances of our beloved Shaikh (DB). Professor Abdul Wasay Usmani said that I have not seen such rains fifty years. News regarding floods in Pakistan remains painful. Just before sitting (majlis) time the scene at Anona House was strange, as it has been earlier too. Water was flowing into rather than out of Anona House. From outside you feel that you are alone to adventure inside. That is not so. Sitting (majlis) is on. There are enough people around. Who can deter the people of Lord Most High? And all praise is for Lord Almighty for that. Moreover there are two relatively senior functionaries of Jama't in the sitting (majlis). May Lord Most High provide us their blessings for all times to come. Accept O Lord merely by your Grace and Mercy.

(About Sunday Evening, September 19, 2010)