Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maulana Abdul Rauf Sahab (DB)

Maulana Abdul Rauf Sahab (DB) is a caliph of Muhi-us-Sunnah (RA). He is also the Deputy Manager of  Jamia Ashraf-ul-Madaris Hardoi. Manager (muhtamim) is Hazrat Shaikh (DB). Usually Hazrat Shaikh (DB) makes visits to Hardoi to look after the matters related to the Saminary (Madarsa) but many times Maulana Abdul Rauf comes to Aligarh. The visits are usually extremely short. People of Allah waste no time. A few years ago Hazrat Shaikh (DB) was ill and could not hold the sitting (majlis) but requested Maulana to do his proxy. Maulana told the following sobering story.

Once upon a time there was a man who happened to meet the Prophet Hazrat Khidr (AS). Among the things that are special to this Prophet (AS) is the fact that his supplications have a extremely high level of acceptance in the Court of Lord Most High. This man decided to make the best of it.

"Make supplications for me", he made a request to the Prophet (AS).
"What supplication?"
"Make me the happiest person on the earth."
"Tell me who is the happiest person on the earth."
"I have to look around for that."
"Alright. Go and look around and come back quickly."

The person was looking around and came across a person who was sitting among a very respectable company, as if holding a court of his own. There were signs of opulence all around. Lots of children playing happily in the compound. "This must be it. He is the happiest man man on the earth", he concluded and turned back to return to Hazrat Khidr (AS) who was waiting for him.

The people sitting there became curious. There is a man who comes and observes the things and turns back without even greeting anybody. He is called back. The nobleman asks his the reason for his arrival and mysterious retreat.

"I was looking for the happiest person on the earth and I have found him. It is you."
"Why were you looking for me?"
"I have met Hazrat Khidr(AS) and now I shall request him to supplicate so that I become like you."
"We got to talk in private", said the nobleman.

Later on the nobleman asked, "So you are impressed with my riches, my orchards, my children and my company?"
"You must listen to my story before you take your next step."
"Tell me."
"Well these children, though attributed to me, are not really mine."
"What do you mean? Whose children are they?"
"Leave that aside. I was in love with the Lady who is my wife. Once she became very sick and lost her luster. She feared that I shall leave her for someone else for I too was a dashing young man at that time."
"Then I chopped off my special body part. Just to assure her of my attachment to her."
"What happened then?"
"Later on she recovered completely. After sometime she also desired to have children."
"Then what happened?"
"Dear friend you are about to request Hazrat Khidr(AS) to make you like me-and if he supplicates then you for sure will become like me, Lord Willing. But these children are not really mine", he said. "Now you are free to make your own decision", he concluded.