Monday, August 23, 2010

Hazrat Qari Muhammed Ilyas Sahab (DB)

Hazrat Qari Muhammed Ilyas Sahab (DB) is the Imam and Khateeb (who delivers the Juma Prayer address) of the Anona House Mosque. He has a natural talent for the Qura'nic recitation style (tarteel). He is a majaaz-i-sohbat  (caliph permitted for company) of Hazrat Shah Hardoi (NM). Earlier he used to teach qirat at the Conference Compound mosque, behind Muslim University Market (Shamshad Market) after fajr prayers. Now he does the same at the Anona House mosque. Kids as well as other people of all ages keep coming to him for corrections in their recitations and for improving their Prayer Call (azaan), even from distant places. May Allah Almighty increase his stature and provide his blessings for a long time to come.