Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Seven Phrases

I advice recitation of seven phrases (kalimat-e-sab-aa)  at the time of very late night prayer (tahajjud) that are as follows. (1) Allahu Akbar, ten times, (2) Alhamdulillahi, ten times, (3) Subhanallahi wa bi hamdihi, ten times, (4) Subhanal malikil quddos, ten times, (5) Astaghfirullah, ten times, (6) Laa ilaha ilallah, ten  times and (7) Allhumma inni a-oozubika min zaiqid dunya wa zaiqi yaumal qiyamah, ten times. In these seven phrases we have expressed Greatness of Allah, then His Praise, then His Purity and Divinity, our repentance, His Unity and finally we have made our supplications too.

(An oft repeated saying.  Both the Seven Phrases (kalimat-e-sab-aa) as well as the Brief Round (Wazifa) are many times distributed in printed form.)