Thursday, August 26, 2010

Preferred Habits

Like the harmful tendencies of our baser self (nafs) the preferred habits too are discussed at many places. Just like the harmful tendencies the most succinct description of preferred habits is in the book Education of Religion (ta-alim-ud-din) by Hazrat Ashraf Ali Thanwi, a leisurely  discussion is there in Character of The Prophet (PBUH) (Serat-un-Nabi) by Syed Sulaiman Nadwi while the following list is prepared from Revival of Religious Sciences (Ahya-al-Uloom-id-Din) by Imam Ghazali, may Allah Almighty fill their tombs with light.

(1) Repentance (tauba)
(2) Patience
(3) Gratefulness
(4) Fear of Allah Almighty
(5) Hope from Allah Almighty
(6) Poverty and Renunciation
(7) Unity of Allah Almighty (tauheed)
(8) God Reliance (tawakkul)
(9) Love and Attachment
(10) Will and Intention
(11) Truthfulness
(12) Meditation and Introspection
(13) Pondering over Good
(14) Death and Subsequent Events

Like  cleansing of destructive evils cultivation of the above habits is done in the company of pious Elders.
Utmost care is required in this regard for spirituality in modern society is taken as a fashion, some thing to be flaunted while even in the conservative society there is no dearth of unscrupulous people ready to take undue advantage of the unwary.