Thursday, August 26, 2010

Imam Ghazali (RA) on Worship

Worship is one of the departments of religion. First  volume of the Revival of Religious Sciences (Ahya-al-Uloom-id-Din) by Imam Ghazali, may the Mercy of Allah Almighty be upon him, has a thorough and easy going discussion on all the aspects of worship. He discusses the following things.

(1) Acquisition of Knowledge
(2) Foundations of Belief
(3) Mysteries of Cleanliness
(4) Secrets of Prayer
(5) Secrets of Zakat and Charity
(6)  Secrets of Fasting
(7) Secrets of Pilgrimage
(8) Excellence of Qura'n
(9) Zikr and Invocation
(10) Action After Division of Time

To go further than a technical knowledge of worship, to acquire it in our life the best and most efficient method is to adopt the company of the pious elders.