Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brief Round (Wazifah)

In his era of shortage of time Hazrat Shaikh (DB) has suggested a brief round of remembrance after each Compulsory (fard) Prayer. Its name itself is the Brief Round (mukhtsar wazifah). After every compulsory prayer recite:
(1) Repentance (atagh firullaha rabbi minkulli zambinw wa tubu ilaihi), 20 times,
(2) Blessings (darood sharif), ten times and
(3) Surah Ikhlas, ten times.

This has included the remembrance of Lord Almighty, blessings on His Beloved Prophet (PBUH) as well as recitation of the Holy Qura'n, that too in a short time.

(An oft repeated saying)