Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Evening Scene

On Sunday evenings Hazrat Shaikh (DB)'s clinic (matab) is closed. At tea time on Sunday, September 19, 2010 two people are planning to go to the railway station in their respective cars. These are Advocate Muhammed Yusuf and Professor Abdul Wasay Usmani. A husband-wife family and an Elder with a helper are arriving by Shatabdi Express coming from Lucknow. Yusuf Sahab seeks permission for one more person to accompany them to the station. Hazrat Shaikh(DB) gives the permission but inquires as to who will sit in which car. (Even minute details does not escape the watchful eyes of the People of Allah.) Car occupents are fixed by Hazrat Shaikh (DB). You leave Anona House and there is water every where. Inside Anona House and on roads. From Tibbia College to Clock Tower there is even more water. No possibility of reaching station by Anoop Shahar Road. Take the route from the other side of Jawahar Bhawan, the Tibbia College Hospital side.

Bye my platform ticket too, Professor Usmani shouts, I am following you. Hazrat Muhi-us-Sunnah (QS) had very strict instructions about platform tickets. It has rained all day and the chances are that the train might be delayed. The helper traveling with the Elder was asked, in Anona House, as to where the train was at that time. He can not identify the location. How can you? It is all cloudy and evening. You reach the station and find out that the train is on time. All Praise is for Lord Most High.

The train enters the platform half an hour late. Shatabdi's are great trains and this one is even better. Just like European trains. The hosts scramble to reach the C4 compartment gate but the guests are already on the platform by the time they reach. The Elder who has landed on the platform is the Remainder of the Pious Hazrat Qari Amir Hasan Sahab (DB). He walks with personal support, that is, with help of some helper. One stairs up and another to stairs down is to be covered to come out of the railway station. The helper traveling with the Shaikh notices that the local person supporting the Shaikh is not used to it. He takes over as soon as the Shaikh descends from the stairs.

By the time all are in the cars it is just two minutes to Isha Prayers. In spite of flooded roads Professor Usmani plans to land the Shaikh directly in the mosque. By the time the cars reach the mosque the Congregation is already in progress and in no way it can be availed for the Shaikh has to perform Ablution too. Let us go inside the house, you have made your effort to reach the congregation.

On the way, when rains were mentioned, the Shaikh told that this is all punishment from Lord Most High. People of Allah can see that. We, the dirty people, can not. We shall get caught in the web of monsoon, cyclone, depression and erratic weather and all that. We do not, or more appropriately, can not see beyond means.

Qari Sahab (DB) will leave on Tuesday morning for Hardoi.