Friday, September 24, 2010

Nazar Kardam, Nazar Kardam, Nazar Kardam

Repetition as a device of emphasis is not used in English. In eastern societies is a norm. For example the word for a book in Malay is buku. For books it is buku-buku. Similarly in Urdu  words are repeated for accentuating the feeling. In the title of the present post Shaikh Sultan Najmuddin Kubra (RA) is reassuring, in Persian,  Hafiz Shirazi that he (the Shaikh) as cast his glances, that is spiritual attention, on Hafiz to calm down his (Hafiz's) inner turmoil.

The story can be gleamed from two booklets of Hakim Akhtar Sahab (DB). These are What is the Reality of Tasawwuf and the other is Connection with Allah. The summary is as follows. Hafiz Shirazi is one of seven sons of a businessman. Other brothers pay attention to business and Hafiz is preoccupied with spiritual matters. He is already in spiritual turmoil. He has left for jungle. Father does not like it and says that Hafiz is not worthy of being his son. Shaikh Kubra gets the inspiration to search for and mentor Hafiz in his search for Lord Most High. even the face of Hafiz is shown in a dream. The Shaikh arrives in Shiraz and the businessman is asked to call his sons to present themselves to the Shaikh. All six of them are there. The Shaikh says that I not looking for anyone of them. Is there any other son? Yes, the unworthy one. The Shaikh goes to the jungle and finds Hafiz. Next it is Hafiz's turn to speak of his state. "If my sighs have any effect, my beloved is sure to come my way." On seeing the Shaikh Hafiz cried out for casting a soothing glance on his miserable condition. And The Shaikh (RA) assures him, "I have cast a glance, I have cast a glance, I have cast a glance".