Sunday, November 7, 2010

Permission Requested, Granted

In the Name of Allah Most High
Serviceable Hazrat-o-Aala Damatbarkatuhum,
May Peace be on you, and Mercy of Allah and Abundance.

With utmost regards it is requested that, owing to the utility and usefulness of the instructions delivered by Hazrat-o-Aala, humble servant had compiled them in the night itself. It is the desire of your humble servant and Mufti Abdul Mughni Sahab that Hazrat-o-Aala may grant the kind permission to publish these valuable sayings and oblige. Like us, Lord willing, other Muslims too will get an opportunity to benefit. We hope that the permission will be granted.

With Peace and Regards,
Muhammed Abdul Qawi, may he be forgiven,
14 Rabi-ul-Awwal, 28AH

Dear and Honoured, may you be Guided and Graced,
May Peace, Blessings and Abundance be on you too.

You have the right to publish the humble words of this humble self. The Comple Generation will, Lord willing, benefit.
Muhammed Kalimullah

(Translation of the back page of Al-Naf"a al 'Ameem Fi Aqwal Al Kalim. This was presented as a sample of the handwriting of Hazrat Shaikh (DB) here.)