Monday, November 8, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings-2

(Title Page)
In the Name of Most High
Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings 
(Al-Naf"a al 'Ameem Fi Aqwal Al Kalim)
 That is the Sayings of Serviceable Hazrat Hakim Kalimullah Sahab Mudzillahul Aali
Succesor to Muhi-us-Sunnah Hazrat Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahab
Compiler : Maulana Abdul Qawi, Deputy Manager, Majlis-e-Dawat-ul-Haq, Hyderabad
Publisher: Local Majlis-e-Dawat-ul-Haq, Hyderabad

I the Name of Allah Most High
I had faith and confidence in Beloved and Adorable Hazrat Hakim Kalimullah sahab Mudzillahu from student days. In return he too has been very loving and affectionate and kind to this unworthy being from those days. Even today his love and affection continues unabated. When I came to know that he is coming to Hyderabad then I welcomed him at the airport. There, on first sight, he smiled in the same old fashioned way-it left the heart elevated. During his stay I kept attending his sittings.  When he came to our home to visit our elderly father then it was requested to deliver some admonitions to the women folk that had gathered there. By the Praise of Allah very beneficial things were said. There such a strange attraction in the sayings that immediately the thought came to the heart that these sayings must be printed and published for public benefit. When this was brought to the notice of the beloved brother Maulvi Abdul Qawi then, all Praise be to Allah, he collected and compiled most of the sayings and orations of this visit in an attractive style. The sayings are very useful and beneficial both for common people as well as the cognoscenti. This is being published, after written permission by Hazrat Kalimullah Sahab Mudzillahu, by Local Majlis-e-Dawat-ul-Haq, Hyderabad.

May Allah Most High accept it and give us the ability to benefit from it.
Muhammed Abdul Mughni Mazahiri,
(be he safe) 1 Jamadi-us-Sani, 28AH