Saturday, November 13, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings-8

(After Maghrib Prayers a few things were narrated with utmost pain and love to the humble reporter at his place of stay, that is, Madarsa Faiz-ul-Uloom. This happened while resting on his cot. When it became known that many people are gathered around then, in spite of being tired, he sat up and delivered admonitions to the people present. These are recorded below.)

(5) Work with purity of intent, Madarsa should not be the object of desire, Pleasure of Allah should be the object of desire. Always worry about your Self Correction. Collect the teachers of the Madarsa and instruct them too for the same. In fact display in writing that whatever scholarship (stipend) the Madarsa is paying that is not a salary. The other thing is that every teacher, every worker of the Madarsa must have a Self Correction related relationship with someone. This is very useful. This purifies the intentions, improves the work, leads to protection from misappropriation. There are many advantages of this. And there are many blessings (barakat) in that. Next, it is not sufficient to have a Relationship. Also keep an eye on letter writing and correspondence for correctional reporting and implement it with regularity. Also make a checking once in a while.