Monday, November 22, 2010

Second Friday Sermon

All Praise of all kind are for Allah, I seek help from Him only, and I seek forgiveness from Him only, and we declare faith in Him and only on Him do we rely.

And we seek His refuge from the mischief of our Baser Selves, and the bad consequences of our actions. Whom Allah Most High guides none can misguide him and whom He misguides none can guide him. And I also witness that there no one worthy of worship except Him, Who is alone and He has no partner. And I also witness that verily Muhammed (PBUH) is a servant and a Messenger of Allah. Allah Most High made Muhammed (PBUH) a bearer of Truth and a warner and a giver glad tidings and a warner of the things to appear at the doomsday. One who will follow Allah and His Messenger he, of certainty, will be successful. And one who will disobey Allah and His Messenger then indeed he will be causing loss to himself only, there shall be no loss of Lord Most High.

I seek refuge of Allah from Satan the cursed. Verily Allah and His Angels send Blessings on the Prophet(PBUH); so oh the believers send blessings upon the Prophet (PBUH) and do so in abundance. Oh Lord send Mercy on Muhammed (PBUH) who is a servant and Messenger of yours, and send your Mercy to believing men and believing women. And send abundance on Muhammed (SAW) and his pure wives and upon his progeny and lineage. And the Prophet (PBUH) said that most kind in my Generation is Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, and most particular in implementing the doctrinal commands in my Generation is Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, and shiest of the shy is Usman, may Allah be pleased with him, and most reliant among them is Ali, may Allah be pleased with him. And Fatima is the leader of the women of Heaven, may Allah be pleased with her. And Hassan and Hussain are the leaders of the youth in Heaven, may Allah be pleased with them. And Hamza is lion of Lord and His Messenger (PBUH), may Allah be pleased with him. Oh Lord grant forgiveness to Abbas and his son (RA), forgiveness external and internal, open and hidden till there sins cease. Fear Allah, fear Allah in the context of my Companions (RA) and after me do not make them targets of insinuation. If anyone will love them then it is as if he is loving them because of my love and the one who will have hatred for them it is as if he is doing so because of his hatred of me.

The best time of my Generation is my time and then the one after that and then the one after that.

And the Prophet (PBUH) said that bearers of Qur'an are the bearers of the flag of Islam who so ever will respect him he will be favoured by Allah Most High and who so ever will insult him on him is the curse of Allah.

Verily Allah Most High orders justice, favouring others (ihsan) and to be courteous to relatives. And stops from shamelessness, bad things and revolt. He admonishes you so that you be among the ones who accept admonitions. (Oh my slaves) remember me through your worship and I shall remember you through my benevolence and abundance and be thankful to me and be not thankless!

(Arabic to Urdu Translation : Hafiz Fahimuddin, amity be for him.)