Friday, November 5, 2010

An Active and Spiritual Relation

The world is not a mere  mechanical system created by Lord Most High and left to its own whims. Two things can be sited immediately in this connection. The abrogation of the verses of the Holy Qura'n. This is the topic that analyzes as to which later verses supersede which earlier verses and in what way and up to what extent. See this article by Shah Waliullah (QS) at regarding this topic. Our western brothers usually have a field day discussing this topic. What kind of God is He who has to modify his injunctions, they wonder. And this is where they miss the point. The simple answer to the objection is that He, and Exalted is He, changes is injunctions because that is what He preferred. He preferred not to leave us in a mechanical world. He is running this world and He is not tired of that. When we praise Him He happily communicates to the angels that did you see my slave praised me? He could have chosen to tell the angels that watch out my servant is going to praise me. But He did not. He is the Lord. Objections of those who deny Him or attribute partners to Him make no difference to Him. He is All-Pure.

And here we get an idea of the honour bestowed by Most Merciful of all merciful on his caliph in the world. He is with us and very close to us and deals with us in an active and  spiritual and not mechanical way. He is actively running the world and is no passive observer. Just because He does not punish us immediately for our failings creates a curtain for us.

The other thing which indicates an active dealing by Lord Most High with us is the incident in which beloved Prophet (PBUH)  got an order to go out and sit in the company of those who are remembering Him, Exalted is He. It was very easy for Lord Most High to have instructed beloved Prophet (PBUH) to be present with those Companions (RA) who were going to indulge in remembrance of Lord at such and such a time and place. But He choose otherwise. Lord Most High liked the remembrance done by those Companions (RA) so much that He then and there asked beloved Prophet (PBUH) to present himself in their company. And we also know that beloved Prophet (PBUH) thanked Allah Most High for giving him such a company in which he was ordered to sit.

Lord Most High is Most Merciful of all merciful. If we dirty people also indulge in His remembrance then He will be pleased with us too. Even if we hear no drums or announcements to that effect.