Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sayings of the Physician of the Generation - 2

                   Expressions of the Alchemical Company of 
Physician of the Generation, Reference of Scholars
Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab Damatbarkatuhum
in Service of the Readers of Dawat - ul - Haq 
(Now Readers of Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh)
(Compiled by Hazrat Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib Sahab Zeedmujdahum)

Dawat-ul-Haq, Vol.7 No.5, Shaban 1431 AH, July 2010 AC
Why is the Generation in misery today? The reason for that is the adoration of sins. Only those people will be granted peace in both worlds who are particular about two things: (1) to avoid sins and (2) to act upon Sunnah. In other words turning away from sins and following of Sunnah is the only solution to problems. That is why it is stressed time and again that save yourself from sins and bring Sunnah into your lives.
Knowledge is one thing and action another. Knowledge is gotten from books-intricacies  of knowledge are present in the books but action is gotten by  longing for action. Finally the creation of latter depends upon the endowment from Divine will. Since a servant tries to act by his own will and acts voluntarily therefore he gets the reward and he is relieved from the responsibility in his duties. But remember acceptance of these actions (in the Court of Lord Most High) requires together with solid action, a healthy and pure intention. This way an action becomes beautiful. By itself the acceptance is not dependent upon quality but the acceptance depend upon the (internal ) state of the doer. Whatever action is done with love of Allah with pure intention and according to Sunnah that is accepted. There are many people who do not know at all as to what are sins and what are Sunnah. They are  engulfed  in complete unawareness and far away from religion. On the other hand the dwellers of the seminaries and monasteries, workers of invitation and call are, by and large, aware of forbidden and desirable actions. But the responsibility does not stop at knowing but action too is necessary apart from knowing. The knowledge that is not acted upon is a proof against the knowlegeable. That is, such a knowledge will fetch not reward but punishment in the hereafter. On the judgment scholars will be asked about his own implementation also of the things he instructed others to act upon. Hazrat Rasoolullah, may Peace and Blessing be upon him, said Feet of a slave will not move on the Judgement day unless he accounts for five things. These are (1) how did you spend the
 life as a whole and (2) the youth in particular and (3) how did you earned your living  and  (4) how did you spend your money and finally (5) how much did you act on your knowledge.
It is narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Mas-ood (R.A).

Now you see - after knowing it is compulsory to act upon it! That is why on the day of accounting it will be asked how much you acted upon your knowledge. It is easy to become a scholar and Hafiz for this is among the prophetic knowledges and hence is best of all sciences but it is difficult to be man of action. Acquisition of knowledge of prophetic science devoid of action is the source of deprivation of the light of prophetic wisdom. By reading books knowledge will be acquired but not the action and hence the appropriate benefit would not be gained. You must have seen the case of Scholars who are also man of heart and have connection with Lord; there is an effectiveness in their speech and those who lack action their speech is too is ineffective. Same is true about company. By the company of a scholar of action heart is affected and one is motivated towards religion. In contrast this does not happen in the company of one who lacks action. Here one important thing said by Wise of the Generation Hazrat Thanwi(RA) must be kept in mind that it is the knowledge of  the scholar not the action that is a proof . For example a physician who does not act upon his own advice does not make his prescription ineffective and no sane person will say that you do not have to follow doctors advice because he himself is not following it.

By scholar it is not the technical Scholar that we are referring to. In fact any one who is aware of Sunnah but does not act upon them will be counted among those Scholars who shunned action. What ever fame is associated in our times with the titles Qasmi, Mazahiri and Nadwi it is really refers to actions. Today educated people have acquired to ailments - one they proudly declare these association to impress though a divine scholar must be humble and not proud, something that is done with pride is, without a shade of doubt, a sin. The other ailment is that even after certificates from such honorable seminaries they eye the degrees of worldly universities with greed and lust. These religious institution are the center of prophetic knowledge. After acquiring science of the Book and Sunnah from them the desire to get worldly degree is an insult to this blessed knowledge. This is not the glory of a divine scholar.Our elders have serious consternation (inqabas) because of these two ailments. May Allay Most High deal with us benignly and may He grant us a healthy thinking.

Shaikh is spiritual header and that is why he identifies various diseases and , God forbid such things , criticism and condemning is not intended here. Like saying that I am Qasmi, Mazahiri or Nadwi this is also becoming an ailment to say that I am a disciple of that Shaikh and I am Caliph of that Shaikh. I keep repeating that self correction is a duty while to make a Pledge is merely preferable. The real thing is to act upon the instruction of the Shaikh and not the mere act of association. If one had acted upon instructions of Shaikh then this blameworthy trait of pride, the real thing at the back of such boasting, would have gone away. And if the ailment is present till now then it only means that the instructions of the Shaikh have not been acted upon. Now if the blameworthy traits are present then what is the benefit of being a discipline or even a Caliph? One should not ignore one's own observation and self-correction whether one is a Scholar or a discipline or a Caliph of a Shaikh. No one is exempted from self correction . However competent a physician might be he does not treat himself because opinion of a sick person about himself is also sick. And mere friendship of a physician is of no benefit till action is taken upon his prescription. The same is the case of having a relationship with the people of Allah. What is the meaning of relationship with them and what is its objective? If the objective is not visible then you for sure will get the honor of meeting them and seeing them but your self- correction will not take place.