Friday, November 19, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings-10

(7) What is the benefit of Relationship with Elders and worrying about correcting personal condition? I shall give an example to illustrate the benefits drawn in the company of the Elders and by their admonitions. There is a professor at the Muslim university who has achieved international fame. Though not a (religious) Scholar but he is very religious and a man of scruples. He told that the periods in our place are of fifty five minutes duration. I am particular about it that, by the Grace of Allah Most High, I never taught even for fifty four minutes-I teach full fifty five minutes, this too with a fear that my earnings should not be impious. Moreover in the class room I only talk about the subject matter and not at all about the extraneous matters-for fear of dereliction of duty and contaminating my earnings.

You see. Such scrupulousness is rare even in the religious seminaries but because the blessings of the company of the People of Allah it is found in the university.