Friday, November 12, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings-7

(While returning it was requested to make some admonitions to the students of (Madarsa) Ashraf-ul-Ulom. In response to it, as a gesture of love, accepting this request, Hazrat Shaikh (DB) delivered admonitions for few minutes, before Maghrib Prayers.)

Thus spake Hazrat Shaikh (DB):
(4) Here the activity of imparting and receiving education is continuing. This is a significant Recurring Charity. You have gathered here to get religious knowledge. Few things will be said. First of all think what you'll get by having religious education. As a blessing of religious education one gets Knowledge of Allah. And you realize the actions that please Allah and the ones that annoy Him. That is the object of education.

Another thing- you are particular about Prayers, be particular about the Purifying Declaration (takbir-e-tehrimah). This means be in Prayers at the time of Purifying Declaration of the Imam itself. This is a higher level. Some students are so busy in talking that there Purifying Declaration is missed. This is very bad thing.

Third thing is that from this time itself develop the habit of remembrance of Allah. Be punctual about any type Remembrance for one minute. This will lead to affinity with Remembrance. Remembrance leads to enlightenment and Light. Light (noor) leads to ecstasy.

The fourth thing-be particular about avoiding sins. Get attached to Person of Allah. Go in there service. Blessings of this will make it easy to avoid sins.

The fifth thing-adopt Sunnah way of doing each task.

And that is all, these few things have been requested. Act upon them, Lord Willing, you will draw religious and worldly benefit.