Friday, November 5, 2010

A Soothing Sight

Friday Morning Scene. As you come out into the street around ten AM in the morning you see a very soothing sight. There is a Jama-at leaving. A senior resident of the locality, few senior students and the rest young students.

Q: What is the direction?
A: Chherra. (This is a place nearby Aligarh. If you have heard the title Sherwani in names then you can call this place as the capital of Sherwanis.)

The university is closed for two days for festival and the third day is a Sunday. The Gathering (ijtima) on a Sunday, in the University Mosque, when the coming week end has a pair of holidays is a must attend one. The Constitution (tashkeel) on that day is mind blowing. Many times a single hall of residence will declare ten teams (Jama-ats). This is all done by students. To sum up, in few years, two, three or four, they have learned enough to plan, arrange and declare so many teams on their own. No small achievement. If you have the sight of a seer then you can see them gliding like angels. May Lord of Hounour provide these blessings till the final day. Accept oh Lord merely by your Mercy.