Monday, November 15, 2010

Talking About Death

Lecture by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA) on 1 Jamadi-u-Aula, 1330H at Jhanjhana

Summary : Each person needs Self Correction and to this end remembrance of death should be used. When this observation is perfected then, Lord Willing, sins will not occur even unintentionally.

 (Titles and Margins : Maulana Khalil Ahmed Thanwi)

(1) The Real Cause of Disobedience is Negligence (ghaflat)
(2) Cure for Negligence
(3) It is not Difficult to Act on Religion
(4) Reality of Religion
(5) Muzaribat ( A Particular Partnership : Money by One Person and Work by Other)
(6) Object of Increasing the Money
(7) Easiness in the Injunctions of the Doctrine
(8) Law of the Doctrine is easiest of All the Laws of the World
(9) There is Unadulterated Profit and Comfort in the Doctrine
(10) The Least Amount of Dower
(11) How Will Marriage Lead to Riches
(12) Thanklessness Towards Husband
(13) Consequences of Putting the Doctrine on the Backburner
(14) Sublime Law of the Doctrine in Sorrow
(15) Calamity of Interest
(16) Two Elements for Curing Negligence
(17) Death is the Destroyer of Enjoyments
(18) Death  Destroys Every Enjoyment
(19) Two Prefaces of Death
(20) Wisdom of Short Visit at the Time of Sorrow
(21) Object of Feeding
(22) Youth Gone, Life Gone
(23) Curse on Three People
(24) Old Age is the Message of Death
(25) Reward of Remembering death Forty Times a day
(26) Plague is a Mercy from Allah
(27) Effect of Sin
(28) Effect of the Obedience of Lord Most High
(29) Anecdote of Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza Sahab Majzoob (RA)
(30) Anecdotes of Some Elders Endowed with Premonition (Kashf)
(31) Premonition (Kashf) is not a Big Charisma
(32) Fruits of Obedience in This World
(33) Seven People in the Shade of the Divine Throne
(34) Story of a King and a Fakir
(35) Hazrat Farid-ud-Deen Attar (RA) Cures the Worldly Love of His Disciple
(36) Hazrat Maroof Karkhi (RA)'s Anger on a Backbiter
(37) Signs of Remembering Death

 Source: Ashrafia