Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Taki, Dear Sal Mar

Dear Taki, dear Sal Mar,
Like Shafeeq Rehman, Abdul Salih, Amna, H. and Afifa Kaleemullah you are valued followers of Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh. In fact the blog is for people like you only. It is about absorbing Islam into our life. To take it from the realm of ideas to practicality. One of the tenets of Islam is not to use pictures when you can avoid them. It was with considerable trepidation that permission to start this blog was sought from Hazrat Shaikh (DB). If we do not follow Sunnah then in all probability the permission will be withdrawn. Honourable Mufti Muhammed Usama (ZM) has already advised the removal of photographs appearing in the Followers Gadget. Thus it will be very nice if you both can change to Islamic icons as the so called internet avatar. (Even this concept is unacceptable but that is a different point.)

We hope you understand the exigency of the matter. We also hope that you'll take an appropriate action at the earliest.

With requests for supplications for our Shaikh (DB), his family, our family and for all of us,
Yours Affectionately,
Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh