Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Islamic, Really?

Q: Do you have a Mosque here?
A: No.
Q: Do you Pray?
A: No.
Q: Fridays?
A: Not even that.
Q: How do you call yourself a Muslim?
A: Don't assume us to be plain deniers! We eat meat!

Another story is a few years old one. A man became Muslim.

And all Praise is for Lord Most High for that.

He was concerned for his wife because she was not ready to follow him. The man was in a quandary. The prospect to separate from her was rather horrifying for him. And it was tough on his conscience to go on living with a relation that had lost its approval in the Doctrine. Following solution was found, in consultations with friends. She should spend some time with his Muslim friend's wife-may be she will get inclined towards Islam by observing it from close quarters.

In few days both of the man were called at Muslim friends house in emergency. The Muslim lady though that shortest route to motivate the other lady is to feed her meat. Thus at lunch time she tried to push a piece of meat in her mouth. The latter lady gave her a slap-powerful enough to render her unconscious. That was the emergency.

And there is the rub. We have reduced Islam to meat eating.

And this is not the point of the post.

We assign superiority to ourselves. We are modern Muslims, we do not commit such silly mistakes.

Then what silly mistakes do we commit?

We commit other kind of silly mistakes. We make Islamic institutions where everything is borrowed from other sources, lock stock and barrel (ignore the cliche), and call it Islamic.

What can we do when we come to the realization that we must run back to Allah Most High?

To begin with- the very idea that one wants to run back to Allah Most High is a blessed one. One must thank Lord Most High for that. Second step is to contact the People of Allah. By our misdeeds they have become rare but they, all Praise to Lord Most High, are not extinct. 

One institution that should be developed to make our life less miserable in these regards is to have magazines that are really Islamic, in English. In Urdu the situation is much better. And all Praise for Lord Most High for that. Monthly Dawat-ul-Haq has been introduces earlier. Next post will list contents of another similar magazine called Nida-e-Shahi. This name has occurred in our posts earlier too. But these are already there. May Allah have Mercy on our Pious Predecessors who preserved our religion for us.

The thing that is required is to replicate the style and content of these periodicals in English.