Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings-4

With the Name of Allah Most High

All Praise is for Allah Sustainer of worlds and Peace and Blessings be on the Leader and Seal of Prophets.

Serviceable Hazrat Hakim Kalimullah Sahab Damatbarkatuhum came to Hyderabad for a short visit, one day and two nights, on April 2. He had a rather busy schedule. Today he arrived at the house of respected brother Mufti Abdul Mughni Sahab Mudzillahu to visit our father, may Allah cure and preserve him. At this time following things were said, through the curtain, to the women folk gathered in the house.

(1) By and large the Sunnah of miswak is out of vogue. Adopt the Sunnah of miswak. Everybody has a brush but nobody has a miswak, though the adoption of miswak is a matter of reward too. It is also good for health. This is reward upon reward. A brush will cost you at least fifteen to eighteen rupees bu miswak only five rupees. It is cheaper than a brush but has more advantages. And it fetches greater rewards. But we do not perceive that. Keep three miswaks. One in your purse so that you have it with you, where ever you go. Keep the second one at the place of Ablution. Keep the third one as a reminder at the head side of your bed. Everybody should follow these.