Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Ant in Haj

(A long time associate came with a man from Thana Bhawan. He has considerable openness with Qari Sahab (DB) that following two couplets were extracted from him (Qari Sahab (DB).)

An ant got the desire to do Haj. Allah Almighty accepted it. How can an ant cross all the mountains, the rivers and the deserts? Well in the field around her the pigeons of Haram were picking up grains. She clung to the feather of one of them. The pigeon did not even notice the weight of the ant. In moments the Haram was there in front of her, in full view. This is what is implied in the back of the following couplet.

Like an ant, I am weak, And then I am fond of Haram!
Oh my good luck! I watch the foots of the pigeon!

(Misl-e-mor natwan hun, us pe shoq-e-haram,
Eh zah-e-qismat ki pa-e-kabootar dekhte hain!)

He has not tasted the taste of living,
Who has never seen the company of lovers!

(Lutf geene ka use hasil hi nahin,
Jisne dekhi hi nahin bazm-e-aashiqan!)

(After tea time on Tuesday, October 19, 2010)