Friday, October 29, 2010

Thought of the Day

This should give you the jitters, make you nervous and anxious.

This is the diet served to young impressionable minds, in schools. Thought of the day. Child upbringing  is parents duty. It includes a supervision of what is being taught to them. Handing over them to convent seems to be the one stroke solution to the upbringing problem, or responsibility. And these thoughts of the day are part of that package.

After absorbing these thoughts for more or less two decades the person is ready to reject any other idea. And belief. And faith. Including Islam. "Do not pester me you Mullah".

"God helps those who help themselves." That is a day a thought of the day, to give an example.

That is not what Lord Most High has told us. He says that He helps those who help Him.

The two things are not quite the same. They are far apart.

Let us get another headline out of the way. Lord Most High does not need our help. We are in deed helpless. It is His very subtle gesture that he gives an opportunity to help Him. Exalted is He. He is Most High. Everybody needs His help. He needs nobody's help.

So the doctrinal thing is that God helps those who help Him. And the other thing that is perpetuated is a falsehood.

And it is not a matter of  minor change of words. It is a serious thing. Lord Most High does not like deviation in the least bit.

Only if we'll take heed!

And this is just one example of the thought of the day. There are many more. In fact there is a constant supply of them. A person who has absorbed a critical amount of these thoughts will need at least five years even in the company of an Expert (kamil) Shaikh to come out of this daze. This will happen only if the person realizes his mistake.

Only if we'll take heed!

And Allah Most High knows the best.