Monday, October 18, 2010

Forgetting the Duties

We have the habit of forgetting the duties and indulging visibly in optional religious services. Whenever Prayer is mentioned in the Holy Qura'n then Charity (zakat) too is mentioned at most of the places. It is a duty to act upon that. We must act upon that but we do not bother about that. Thus whosoever qualifies for it must pay it. Earlier people used to be rather particular about it. If we do that then it protects our property. Beloved mother used to say that if you get hundred rupees then spare two rupees fifty paise immediately. Assume that you got only ninety seven rupees and fifty paise only. In other cases whenever money is involved then inquire with a scholar about Charity status of that earning. Today we are not getting motivated for good deeds because dirty diet is entering our stomach. It is our responsibility that our Charity (zakat) reaches the deserving. We are getting distracted from acts of obedience. We are turning towards sins. This is because of unholy diet entering our body. When we miss a fast in Ramadan then we become complacent, happy and pleased by paying an indemnity for that. This is ignorance. If we can fast then we must replace a fast by a fast. Indemnity is not sufficient for that. Discharge your duties first. Be it fasting or Prayers and then indulge in the Optional good deeds.

(Sitting (majlis) on Monday, October 18, 2010)