Monday, October 18, 2010

Signs of Allah : Mandelbrot Set

Benoît B. Mandelbrot was a mathematician born in Poland in 1924 and expired last week on October 14, 2010 in United States of America. He had French and American citizenship. He became famous for his work on fractal geometry. Apart from his research work he put considerable work into popularizing it. He held positions, among other famous places of mathematical research, at the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, USA and the National Center for Scientific Research, France. A remarkable thing that he investigated and popularized is called the Mandelbrot Set. Mathematically it is a rather simple thing to introduce. One is just talking about complex quadratic maps. Complex means that we are talking about complex numbers that have a real and an imaginary part. Quadratic is even simpler concept. We are just talking about multiplying the number with itself. Plus adding another constant complex number to it. Finally some suitable computer is needed to do a bit large amount of computation and graphics. Here is what you get.
 Isn't it beautiful! Verily our Lord is beautiful and he loves beauty. Now let us magnify the area around the joining of the sideways heart and the smaller circular part. This is how it looks. Again beautiful and intricate!
 If we further magnify above picture then this is what we get. Certainly it looks like a border design that will put an expert designer to shame.
 Let us now further magnify one of the leaves above.
 This has an intricate design of its own that is exquisite too. In case we decide to magnify the upper curvy tendril.
 We see the same (and at the same time different) intricate and exquisite design! Let us further magnify one of the links of this tendril.
 Doesn't our gaze return to us, dazzled, aweary? Now if we look carefully then we see that two of the links above are just touching each other, rather delicately, with their respective tendrils. Let us focus on that and magnify that part. This is what we get:
 What do we see? Looks as if Allah Most High has asked an expert Persian carpet designer to get down to work! Let us see what has been put by Lord Most High at the center of above picture.
 Well it looks as if the whole Mandelbrot Set has been fitted in there, at an angle!Let us again focus on the heart joining circle area.
 Yes it is just like earlier joint. But may be not quite. Let us magnify further. This is what we see this time.
It looks similar but different too.

And when a fruit will be given to them to eat they will say," But we ate the same just a few moments ago?"
But when they will eat it they will find that it has,  in deed, a different taste.

We have used our microscope only ten times to view the design of Al-Lateef. Exalted is He. If we prepare an animation of it then it will be over in a few seconds. How long does it continue? Well infinitely. A fifteen minutes animation is easily available.

When it was told to people that on the Day of Judgment our words will be reproduced letter by letter byte by byte on that day then it was very difficult to believe it. Once a sound is made it dissipates and how can you recreate it?

Allah Most High told the story of Hazrat Uzair (AS). His hundred years sleep. His waking up. Recreation of his donkey. Just in front of his eyes. Is it difficult to recreate a thing? Particularly for the Exalted Being of Lord Most High? But then we took them to be stories of old people.

When audio recording came we knew that sound can be reproduced. But soon we switched to another sophisticated thinking. We started taking it for granted.

We did the same thing about video recording and a demonstration of the fact that our other actions too can be reproduced exactly.

Then our Scholars told us that Allah Most High, on the Day of Judgment will call the Scholars for a special meeting. In that He will open up such knowledge's to them that they will be left amazed.

For we illiterate people Allah Most High has given a glimpse into that.

Verily there are Signs of Allah in the creation around us for those who see.

These images above are from Wikipedia and carry Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.