Monday, October 18, 2010

Born : Daughter of Daughter of Daughter

Of Ali Miyan (RA). Her name has been proposed to be Amat-ur-Rehman by Hazrat Qari Sahab Damatbarkatuhum. (Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB) has left Aligarh.) Date of birth of the young one, May Allah Most High make her a pious Muslimah, will be October 17. Interestingly that is also the date of birth of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (RA). And of Mufti Muhammed Usama. More interestingly he too became a father of a daughter yesterday, on October 17. And her name too is Amat-ur-Rehman. She too was named by Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB).

Alright we are talking about the same bundle of joy.