Friday, December 3, 2010

Sayings of the Physician of the Generation - 3

        Expressions of the Alchemical Company of 

Physician of the Generation, Reference of Scholars
Hazrat Shaikh Hakim Muhammed Kalimullah Sahab Damatbarkatuhum
in Service of the Readers of Dawat - ul - Haq 
(Now Readers of Thus Spake Hazrat Shaikh)
(Compiled by Hazrat Mufti Khwaja Masoom Saqib Sahab Zeedmujdahum)

Dawat-ul-Haq, February 2010AC, p.16-17

Islam and the teachings of Islam can be summarized in two points. (1) Rights of Allah and (2) Rights of His Servants. These are two  basic and central points of Islam. Leave alone the common people, even the elite are being lax about delivering the rights. In general only few of the Rights of Allah and few from the rights of the people are ever heard. In earlier times the People of Allah used to watch their associates regarding these two things only. This is what was taught and this too was the training. Incantations, rounds of Remembrance and extra optional prayers and other means of hard struggle were meant to reinforce the deliverance these two type of rights only. Excellence (ihsan) and Seeking (sulook) is the name of personal relational ship with Allah and to act upon the injunction of the Doctrine with love-that is gnosticism and mysticism too.

Religion should not be taken as a burden but it should be taken as a blessing and it should be acted upon with love-only then is Allah All-Pure pleased. This property can not manifest in man without training and training can not take place without adopting the company of the People of Allah. The Shaikh is a cherisher and the charisma of the Shaikh is that his company has the effect of training. People search and look for various charisma and then they give their description-that their Shaikh has this and that charisma. I say the following-by the charisma it is proved that the Shaikh is acceptable to Allah but did you get from it? You require training and for that you need the company of the Shaikh and its real basis is Sunnah. I say that to make a Pledge is merely nice (mustahab) while self correction is must. One should not be oblivious to one's reformation.

A Shaikh worries not only about the reformation of his disciples but his own reformation too. You can make an observation of this at any time that the People of Allah are never ignorant regarding their own reformation. If there is even slightest failing in delivering the Rights of Allah and the rights of people they immediately repent for it. They modify their actions and accept their mistakes. Acceptance of guilt is the source of reformation.

Allama Ghazali (RA) had written his journal The Quartet (Arbaeen) to admonish about the laxity in delivering the Rights of Allah and the rights of the people. That is an essential element of the training of the self and cultivation of character. That is the gist of mysticism. In this context Imam Ghazali had collected many articles in his journal. May Allah Most High provide suitable rewards to Maulana Aashiq Ilahi Bulandshahari (RA), to act upon the desire of Hazrat Healer of the Generation (RA) compiled it in Urdu under the title Spreading the Religion (Tabligh-e-Deen). This is a very beneficial book and the people of knowledge should keep it in their perusal.

In general Imam Ghazali (RA) has tried comprehensively to reform the short comings that are found regarding non-deliverance of the Rights of Allah and the rights of the people. The content of the book has been divided into three parts such that in the first part there are ten rules for external actions and in the second part there are ten rules for removing blameworthy traits and for cleansing the heart and the third part has ten rules for acquiring the praiseworthy traits and reformation of the heart. These three sets of rules can be said to be the most comprehensive summary of the teachings of Islam.

This servant too keeps repeating the gist of the Spreading of Islam in his sittings (majalis) with the title External and Internal Lights and External and Internal Darkness. For the believer the shaping of the External and Internal (personality, behaviour, appearance, habits) both are necessary. The appearance of the actions must be corrected and it is necessary to correct the spirit of the actions. There is inter dependence between external and internal - external decay reaches inner quarters and at the same time reformation of the external depends upon reformation of the inner self, the internal. Establishment, battlement of external can not take place without reformation of the internal.