Saturday, December 11, 2010

Public Benefit by Kalim's Sayings - 26

(28)  Today when Hazrat Qari Sahab (DB) was telling the following thing in the sitting (majlis) that we are Hanafi but even then many people, including knowledgeable ones, do not implement the act of holding hands below belly button. The need is to implement this Sunnah. At that time Allah Most High put this thing into the heart that the investigation of scholars have lead to the conclusion that the hands should be held either below or above the belly button. For Hanafis below and for Shafei and others above the belly button. In any case the hands are held around the belly button - either above or below. So the reason for it is that the condemnable ideas go up to the heart from below. After purifying declaration (takbir-e-tehrima) this external act will have the following real benefit that damaging thoughts and whisperings will stop there. They will not move towards the heart. Thus state of concentration and communion (khushu-khuzu) will be achieved. This thought, Lord Willing, will give lots of benefits and the heart will be protected from dangers and doubts during the prayers.

(The reporter says that this was a gathering of scholars and the elite. On hearing this everybody impulsively said that Allah is Pure (Sub-han Allah). This was a strange point of wisdom that was heard for the first time. Following oration of Hazrat Kashmiri (RA) can be presented as an example of this that once while describing the hidden great wisdom of external actions of Prayers he said that while raising hands at the time of Forbidding Declaration (takbir-e-tehrima) one should think that I am pushing everyone else back and turning completely towards Allah Most High. This means external physical actions have a direct effect on heart and it helps in achieving concentration. From these two orations of Hazrat Kashmiri (RA) and Hazrat Hakim Sahab (DB) this too becomes apparent that even if one is not a (religious) scholar but because of connection with Allah and the blessings of His Remembrance the heart becomes so enlighten that it is capable and competent to perceive the truth and strange revealings and events occur on hearts.)